SB 8.83: A Breath of Fresh Air

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 24/Thursday

Teagan: Well, this is the first full post for our eighth generation!
As you might recall, my beautiful Dianna is now eating for two.
And never fear, my friends. She’s since had a makeover as well.

Tarlock, who hates children, has opted out of fathering.
Unflirty Tristan, on the other hand, has been pursuing his mission with a passion.
We’re all as astonished as Louise Faust looks here, believe me.

My parents had gone to the second nicest bedroom after our birthdays.
They’ve been thinking of becoming Soulmates.
When I checked on them, however, they’re standing outside.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the bedroom door…

Yep, that’s Tristan and Louise. I guess they got tired of the hot tub?
Between the two of them, I’m not sure who’s encouraging who.
But they sure to seem to have a lot of chemistry!

Around the same time, I successfully propose to Dianna.
It’s great that Dianna and are on the same page about getting married.
Since nobody’s working tonight, we’ll wed before the arrival of our kid(s)!

Tristan’s eager to get put a ring on Louise’s finger, too.
Seriously, folks, nobody would believe that he’s unflirty.
He’s been romancing my future sister-in-law like there’s no tomorrow!

I briefly take the whole gang with me to Spice Market for my daily task.
Once that’s done, my job performance rises one whole tick. Nice!

I’ve invited as much close and extended kin as possible to our double wedding.
Mercifully, the musician I hired arrives late.
None of that dancing-in-the-aisle nonsense during the ceremony!

Unlike Grandpa Omu with his wife, I’m wild about Dianna.
If it weren’t for my parents, Dianna and I could have the perfect relationship!
More on that later…

Everyone’s a little surprised at Louise Faust’s choice of wedding gown.
And see what happens when you let the bride wear 4-inch heels?
She’s towering over poor Tristan!
But nothing fazes Tristan today. He’s too blissed out to sweat the details.

One gold-medal social event for an entire generation doesn’t help much.
Maybe our generation will get motivated and go on 37 gold-medal dates.
Hah! That’s highly unlikely!

Ronan: I hate to ask this of you on your wedding night, son.
But you know Tristan’s kids won’t count toward my 4 grandkids.
Teagan: It’s not my fault that Mama decided to have three baby-daddies!
Ronan: Nobody will think any less of you, Teagan.
You know the ole saying: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”

Teagan: Okay, Rita, the coast is clear!
And to avoid any misunderstanding, we’re just friends!
*mutters: Why does Papa even need Big Happy Family if Mama does it?


Teagan: The next day, Tristan and Tarlock continue their aspirations.
One can never have too many satisfaction points!

While I’m at work, Uncle Elvain helps mentor Dianne in Logic.
She’s an aspiring Nerd Brain but can’t go on space missions for now.

Tarlock: Your last day of work at last, eh?
Elvain: Yeah, finally! By the way, son, do me a favor?
Tarlock: What?
Elvain: I know you dislike children, but I’d sure like to see some grandkids.
You’re a handsome lad, you know. The world could use some mini-Tarlocks!
Tarlock: Okay, I’ll think about it.

Tristan: Tonight, I earn a promotion to Level 4 Entertainer.
Teagan: Level 4? Didn’t you start at Level 4?
Tristan: Um no. “Someone” forgot to buy me Connections. Ahem!
Darn it, sorry! I got so distracted by that glitched Humor & Hijinks Festival.


It’s just past midnight when we see the splash!
Uncle Elvain hasn’t even arrived home yet.

Elvain: Took me a week longer than everyone else to max my career.
And now I can finally move out!
I’m really looking forward to living in Forgotten Hollow again.

Teagan: Can I feel the baby once more, Dianna?
Dianna: Of course, you can. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Teagan: Exactly! You look noticeably bigger after Uncle Elvain moved out.
Dianna: Do you think….?

Mama was deeply shaken by that whole fiasco with Grandpa Omu and Papa.
She wants to make sure Papa knows that he isn’t just a token spouse.
That’s why the two of them completed Soulmates together.
They’d been asking each other on dates non-stop since Friday morning.

When Dianna goes into labor, we see a pink-and-blue mark near the bassinets.
What is that? Do other watchers see that symbol, too?
Is it related to the On Ley Line lot trait?

Thanks to strawberries, Pop music, and a fertility massage, Dianna has twins.
Two beautiful little girls!

We name our firstborn Ume, which means plum.
It’s pronounced “U” as in “hula, and “me” as in “met.”

We reluctantly name our second daughter “Uni,” which means sea urchin.
That’s “U” as in “hula,” and “ni” as in “money.”
I argued with our watcher that it’s not the sort of name one gives to a child.
But our watcher insists that being named after her favorite food is an honor.

Up next: The Gen9 girls as toddlers! Will they be brunettes or redheads?


Legacy Score: +1 (97 points)
Nature (+1): completed Entertainer/Comedian career;
Maxed all 23 career tracks and 34/37 career branches
Popularity (0): 316 gold medal points

Household Stats
Shiso (Gen7 heir): 2 days to adult (drank Potion of Youth already)
Ronan: 4 days to adult (drank Potion of Youth already)
Tristan (9 days to adult): Entertainer/Musician 4
Tarlock (9 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer 4
Teagan (9 days to adult): Social Media/Internet Personality 4
Dianna (9 days to adult): full-time caregiver
Ume & Uni (1 day to toddler)

Chapter Notes

Bassinet target: Does this appear in your game, too?

Generation 9: I have two options for this penultimate generation.
Option A: The two girls become YAs after Get Famous comes out.
– In this case, they and a spouse will need to complete the 3 new careers.
Option B: Ume and Uni become YAs before Get Famous comes out.
– In this case, I finish this legacy challenge before November 16.
This means my Sharebears don’t need to max the 3 new careers.
Decisions, decisions. If I finish earlier, I can start the new dynasty challenge in Del Sol Valley. *coughs

SB 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up

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