SB 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up

The ninth generation has arrived!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 18/Saturday (Spring, Day 7)

Teagan: We all bring home promotions to Level 5 today.
While Tristan’s at work, Mama suddenly completes Big Happy Family.
That’s how we know that Tristan’s wife Louise has given birth to twins.

Papa is waiting for my fling, Rita, to give birth.
Hopefully, she’ll have twins as well.
On second thought, why does Papa think he needs the Patriarch trait?
Mama’s Matriarch trait affects Tristan, Tarlock, and I.
But Papa’s Patriarch trait would only affect me. *shrugs

After Nerd Brain, my wife Dianna has started on Renaissance Sim.
Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking will be two of her needed Level 8 skills.

Look! Tarlock has had a change of heart about fathering children!
Apparently, he doesn’t mind the making-of-babies stage.
It’s everything afterwards that he dislikes. Or so he says now.

I’m just biding my time until Dianna is ready to be mentored in painting.
My online fanbase is slightly more than two million followers.

A shocking notice arrives about Rita, who’s pregnant with my children.
In her 3rd trimester, she’s wed some dude and moved to Windenburg!
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Week 25/Sunday (Summer, Day 1)

The girls aged up this morning and they’re both sweethearts!
Identical, green-eyed twins! Only their hair color distinguishes them.
Since they won’t need to hold careers, they’ll be fine as Happy Toddlers.
By the way, we’ll be calling our ginger “Urchin” instead of “Uni.”
Less risk of mispronunciation of her name later in life.

Today we’re celebrating New Skill Day for the first time in our legacy.
It says that “toddlers ignore this tradition.”
But they reached Imagination 4 before I’d read to them for 2 hours!

Count me in as a big fan of New Skill Day!
My Dianna’s been getting mentored in various useful skills.
And the toddlers qualified for the Happy Toddler trait by evening.


Rita gave birth to triplets last night
I’m glad to note that their last name’s become Price like Rita’s husband.
It’s good Rita found someone but, dang, she got married quick.
(I wonder if Price believes those kids are his?)

Well, I guess I should go find some use for Papa’s Patriarch trait.

Great-Grandma Kirsten and Great-Grandpa Takuya passed away this morning.
We hadn’t invited them over for quite a while.
Whenever we went out, though, we’d always run into them.
I wonder if they ever regretted curing their vampirism.

With Great-Grandma’s demise, we can add another holiday tradition to our legacy holiday.
She was a music lover, an insider, and a foodie.
To honor her memory, I’ve added the Art & Music Spirit tradition.
Will I still be heir when Sharebear Day comes around again?

Teagan: Hey, I’m sorry to hear that Annabel Amor got married.
Tarlock: I know, man! I’d planned to propose today after work.
But she married some guy the very next day after we hooked up.

Teagan: Yeah, I hear she moved him into the former School for Girls with her.
And with that timing, her husband will think your kids are his.
Tarlock: I can deal with her not wanting to marry me.
But I wish she’d stop calling me up for dates! Sheesh!

Teagan: You’re not really just going to let her go, are you?
Tarlock: You’re right, Teagan! Annabel and I belong together!
How did another guy come between us so quickly? Did she know him already?

Tarlock: I can’t believe you married someone else, Annabelle!
Annabel: Really? I thought I was just a one-night stand for you.
Tarlock: I was waiting to get off work today to propose so you wouldn’t reject me.
Be honest, Annabel. I’m the one you really love, right?
Annabel (sighs): I didn’t know. I was worried about being a single parent…

Tarlock: You wouldn’t be alone. My father could help out at first.
He’s dying to become a grandfather!
Then, I’d move in with you as soon I’ve maxed my career.
Leave that other guy, Annabel. You know I’m the one who really loves you!

And so they marry, after which Annabel’s ex moves out.
Then, Elvain moves in with his daughter-in-law, happy as a lark.


Today, we celebrate the Summer Solstice on a hot, sunny day.
By nightfall, we’ve all reached gold holiday status.
Not only that, but the girls have maxed all their skills already.
Have I already mentioned that I love New Skills Day?

Mama celebrates her adult birthday for the second time in her life.
No Potion of Youth this time around, though.


Teagan: Tristan and Tarlock have the day off from work today.
But I leave for work in three more hours.
I’ve already had two moodlet solvers this morning due to death notices.
The second one was for my primary spouse, Aaradhya Kumar.
I guess living in our house for that short while robbed her of immortality.

It’s hard to believe our little girls age up tomorrow!

Tarlock: I’m still angry about that guy who tried to steal my girlfriend.
I hear he’s been badmouthing Annabelle and me around town.
When I invite him over, he arrives tense and angry.

He gloats. Says he knew he was proposing to a pregnant Annabelle.
I pretend as if I don’t care, even though I’m seething inside.
It’s a heatwave but I ask to see his cold-weather outfit before we play chess.
He won’t die of overheating, darn it, but he does donate to my charity.

Now that we’re good friends, he lets down his guard.
He confides that convincing Annabelle I’d never marry her was too easy.
I’m not letting him off the hook for that, not ever!

The first Scent of Death gift I give him isn’t fatal.
Instead, he ages from a young adult to an adult.
I give him another and he ages up to an elder.
One more gift for you, sleazeball!

Grim: That pathetic fool!
First, he proposes to the pregnant love interest of a Sharebear!
Then, he decides to go around bragging about it?
Anyone could have warned him that it would end badly.


In the early morning, our girls age up with their mother’s big green eyes.
Ume is self-assured, while Urchin is a music lover.
Both Top-Notch Toddlers, they start out together as Artistic Prodigies.

I’m closing this update here.
As you can see, however, the girls are raring to go.
Make way for the ninth generation!

Legacy Score: +1 (98 points)
Seasons (1): Have 1 legacy holiday with 5 traditions

Household Stats
Shiso (Gen7 heir): 11 days to elder
Ronan: 12 days to elder
Tristan (5 days to adult): Entertainer/Musician 7
Tarlock (5 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer 6
Teagan (5 days to adult): Social Media/Internet Personality 6
Dianna (6 days to adult): full-time caregiver
Ume & Uni (7 days to teen): Scouting 1

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