SB 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 26/Tuesday

Teagan: Are you ready to drink your Potion of Youth, Dianna?
Tristan: Isn’t she a day younger than us, Teagan?
Dianna: Oops, maybe, but it’s too late now!

Tarlock drinks his potion sitting on the bench on the front porch.
He’s off to Cavalier Cove, collecting donations as usual.

Ume (right): Uncle Tristan, does the grind never end?
Urchin (center): Yeah, when does the fun begin?
Tristan: Well, I happen to be fishing for fun, girls.
Actually, I’m fishing to spend time with the both of you.

Teagan: Hearing about my follower fiasco, Tarlock checks his requirements.

Tarlock: I need $20,000 in donations for my Level 9 promotion.
Since I’m at $16,300 right now, I only need 4 more victims, I mean, donors.
I can take care of that tonight!


Tarlock: Well, this is it, folks!
I’ve made an offering and the Well glows white then smiles.
Wish me luck!

Good thing I cleared my inventory and packed up before work this morning.

Take on last look at my gorgeous face, people, cuz I’m outta here!
I hope the Well’s hood doesn’t bring bad luck to Teagan!
Maybe buy him a brand-new Wishing Well?

My family awaits me over by Dachshund Creek!
Did I tell you that Annabelle and I have two sons and two daughters?
Come on by for a visit, Teagan, but don’t bring your kids!

See you around, you handsome, children-hating devil, Tarlock!

Teagan: Everyone’s been working so hard! Let’s go out for dinner!
Omu: Thanks for inviting me along, grandson! Your mom never invites me because…
Ronan: Hush! *elbows Omu

Ume: Isn’t this only so Papa can do a shout-out to gain followers?
Urchin: Who cares? This is our very first no-skilling-involved outing!

Shiso: Pssst, Teagan? Isn’t that Rita, your former…
Teagan (hisses quietly): Eyes forward, Mama. Our table’s this way.
You trying to stir up trouble between me and Dianna?
Tristan: I know, right? This is why we don’t go out much!

Teagan: I invited you with us tonight, Grandpa Omu, to share the news.
Our legacy will be ending soon.
Omu: And you’ve accomplished everything you need to do, grandson?
Teagan: Our score won’t be perfect but it will be high enough.
And no, we didn’t complete all the collections or achieve all the death types.
We’re on short lifespan after all. We needed some slack to keep it fun!

Omu: So what’s left?
Teagan: I need to max Internet Personality, which is the last career left.
Then, either Ume or Urchin become the heir on their young adult birthday.
Once the heir gives birth to a son, this legacy will be done.

Ume: Hey, Urchin! You’re not spamming friendly socials on our no-skilling outing, are you?
Urchin: Erm, I’m just filling the time until our food comes, y’know?
Besides talking with folks is better than yakking at the mirror!

Ume: True dat. But, still, we don’t even need Charisma!
It’s not like we’ll ever have to negotiate for a bonus, right?
Urchin: Isn’t higher charisma better for getting a boyfriend?


Ume: Why are we eating Selvadoradan food at home, Papa?
Teagan: Because we waited until 2 am but the restaurant never served us.
Urchin: Why is everyone else sitting over there to eat, Papa?
Teagan: Why else? Because they’re rude idiots!
Shiso: I heard that!

Teagan: Just a few more hours until the girls’ birthdays!
Well, I managed to reach 10 million followers before my next work day tomorrow!
But my final promotion requires 25 million followers. *sighs

Ume: Almost everybody ignores me when I blow out my candles!
Papa continues chatting with Grandpa.
Grandma and Great-Gramps Omu can’t even be bothered to look over.
Soooo sad!

Ume: Of course, everyone gets into party mode when Urchin cakes up.
It’s like I was just there as warm-up for Urchin! Grrrr.

Ume (left): Whatever, we’re both teens now!
Urchin (right): You shoulda known they’d be lame like that!
Remember earlier, how they wouldn’t sit with us to eat?
Ume (shouts): It’s time for our makeovers yo!

Urchin: Here we are in our everyday and formal outfits.
Hah, you know we’re gonna spend all our time in our cold-weather garb!

And here are our traits and our first aspirations.
We won’t get our third traits, though, until our young adult birthday. That’s one week from now.

Please vote!

This will be the very last heir vote for this legacy.
To go to an external website to cast your vote, click the link below:

IMPORTANT: This vote closes on Sunday evening.


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature: completed Charity Organizer career; 36/37 careers maxed.

Gallery Downloads
“Jungle Restaurant” by ladyloial (30×20): edited to include a table for 8.

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