SB 8.87: So, Where Were We?

From left to right: Gen9 Urchin, Gen8 heir Teagan and his wife Dianna,
Grandpa Ronan and Gen7 heir Grandma Shiso, Uncle Tristan, and Gen9 Ume8.87: So, Where Were We?

Week 26/Thursday (Fall, Day 5)

Vaguely familiar redhead: Hey, watcher! Remember me?
You changed your hairstyle, Ume!
Redhead: Eh, get our name’s straight, watcher! I’m Urchin. Ume’s my twin!
Anyway, I look pretty cool, right? A little more like our founder now.

True, true. Sooooo, where were we? I haven’t seen you in over 2 real-life weeks.
Urchin: I believe the last time you logged in was soon after my teen birthday.
Yeah, I gave makeovers to those teen ophanage boys. They’re dazzlingly handsome!
I almost caved and thought about having Gen9 complete the three new careers…

Urchin: But you didn’t update and you’ve disabled Get Famous for now?
That’s right. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all that.
Oh and, by the way, congratulations on winning the Gen9 heir vote.

Urchin: My sister is gorgeous but she never stood a chance.

A big thank you to those of you who voted! 💖

Urchin: It’s Founder’s Love Day today, the anniversary of our founder’s passing.
That’s Papa Teagan. He’s the current heir until my young adult birthday next week.
Mama Dianna is a descendant of Jaxton Faust. I get my green eyes and red hair from her.
Hey, watcher, are you having me introduce them to remind yourself who they are?
Um, busted? But some of the readers might have forgotten, too?

That’s Grandma Shiso. I’ve heard some rather unsavory rumors about her.
Apparently, she had a child with three different men, around the same time.
But Papa says Grandpa Ronan is the only one Grandma’s ever loved.
Sounds complicated.

Ume: Feels great to be a teen, eh, sis?
Urchin: I don’t know. I mean, what are we ‘sposed to do for a week?
Ume: What do you mean?
Urchin: Only three more things need to happen now.
One, Papa maxes his career. Two, I move in a spouse with 3 unique traits.
Three, I give birth to a son. That’s when the fat lady sings.

Ume: So, we don’t need to get good grades or finish our aspirations?
Urchin: Exactly.

Urchin: I’ve been hearing words about some Positivity Challenge, so I phone the coordinator.
Huh, a new Positivity Challenge aspiration? That’s no good for Ume and me!
Just a sec! Lemme summon the rest of the household.

Ronan: It’s nice to have something new to do for the rest of the week.
But what are we supposed to do with these packages?
Dianna: Who knows? All I can do is put it in inventory or place it in the world.
Teagan: Eh, my first priority is completing the last career: Internet Personality!

Urchin: So I’ve decided to drag along everything with me here to Selvadorada.
What are my options? Sleep at triple speed until next Thursday?
Nah, I’d rather play around with my Jungle Explorer aspiration.

Might as well take advantage of the fact that Ume and I have the day off!
Dem teen boys aren’t going anywhere. We can always meet them on Sunday!

Ume: Obviously, I stay home to read my three books for Nerd Brain. *sighs

Urchin: I seem to recall that Uncle Tristan married Mama’s twin sister, Louise.
Auntie Louise is pregnant (again).
Uncle Tristan, couldn’t you pick a nicer spot to ask to feel the baby?
Looks like a fight’s about to break out behind you!

Despite my lack of preparation, I’ve passed every gate obstacle successfully so far.


By the time I’m done exploring the temple, it’s 8:05 am.
Quick, let’s head home, folks. Ume and I still have time to attend school today!

By the way, I manage to bring home three rare Omiscan treasures!

We arrive home at 8:25 am, but Ume and I can’t leave for school. Darn!
I was so lucky in Selvadorada during my recent trip!
The temple traps didn’t give me any problems at all.
Somewhere, though, I picked up the three-day Curse of the Food Mirage.

Papa comes home with a promotion to Reality Show Contestant.
In other words, he’s now a Level 9 Internet Personality.
Thing is, he’s short about 13.3 million followers for his last promotion.

Urchin: I’m not going to even try to finish my Jungle Explorer aspiration.
Just for kicks, though, I buy that Madre statue to max my Selvadorada Culture skill.
Don’t bother, people! It’s faster to socialize with the vendors at Selvadorada.

After Papa completes his daily task, he jogs over to the Wishing Well.
A big smile breaks out on the hooded Well’s face at Papa’s generous offering.
We’re all relieved when Papa gets a full promotion to Internet Superstar!
Papa is officially done with grubbing for followers!

Tristan: Congrats on maxing the legacy’s final career, Teagan!
How great that we’re dining out tonight to celebrate your success.
(Even though I didn’t rate a celebratory dinner when I maxed Musician last week…)
Teagan: Thanks, Tristan, but it’s not just about me.

Urchin: Uncle Tristan, I chose this restaurant because it serves Selvadoradan cuisine.
I’m trying to cure my Curse of the Food Mirage!
Teagan: Aren’t we returning to Selvadorada tomorrow?
Urchin: I’d rather not, Papa. Completing Jungle Explorer is too much work!
Why should I spend so much time on an aspiration that’s already been completed?

Teagan: So what’s your plan until next Thursday, Urchin? Sleep?
Urchin: Hardly! Ume and I are going to go meet those boys we met as children.
Each of us will pick the one we fancy the most.
Then we’re going to date every day until our next birthday.
Ain’t that right, Ume?

Ume: I’m merely the Spare-in-Waiting, Urchin, so thanks for thinking of me.
It’s sad to think that our time with this legacy will be so short. *sniff, sniff
But we’re going to have a blast until it’s over!
*whispers: May I move in someone and have a nooboo, too, sis?

When Papa goes to pay the check, the restaurant comps our meal.
The manager says it’s because Papa’s a star.
We’re assuming it’s because he’s an Internet Superstar.
That has to be it. I couldn’t avoid downloading Get Famous so I’ve disabled it.

Urchin: After all the time we spent in the Arts Quarter, what happened with Zombie Carl?
Teagan: Well, the Humor & Hijinks Festival finally despawned.
But afterward, the two food stalls spawned on the other size of the plaza.
Instead of facing the Casbah Gallery, they’re facing the other way kinda.

Urchin: But we’re still gonna keep checking, right?
Teagan: Might as well. *sighs

Ume: Hey, sis, I thought you didn’t want to return to Selvadorada anymore!
Urchin: Believe me, I didn’t. But just eating Selvadoradan food didn’t cure my curse.
I don’t want be dazed for the next days!
Don’t worry, Ume. We’ll be leaving right away. I just need to check one thing…

Ume: Check what?
Urchin: Remember how our founder married the cantina’s bartender Jose?
I thought that it would be cool if maybe…
Ume: Nope.
Urchin: Right. Visit those guys in Oasis Springs tomorrow?
Ume: Finally!


Legacy Score: +1 (99 points)
Nature (+1): Completed Internet Personality career; 37/37 careers maxed)

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