SB 8.88: You Better Shop Around

8.88: You Better Shop Around

Week 26/Saturday (Summer, Day 7)

Urchin: What are we doing here at Nacho Mama, watcher?
I thought Ume and I were on our way to visit the boys.
You just bought that restaurant, Urchin.
Urchin: Now? This late in the game?

Your household funds have almost reached the $9,999,999 limit.
To avoid possible lag, you can transfer some of that over to Nacho Mama now.

Urchin: Hey, I can’t manage this restaurant at all, not even to transfer funds!
Eh, I guess it’s because we’ve ignored the last two updates. Let’s move on.

Ume: Well, here we are over at the orphanage again!
Urchin: Do you remember the boys from our visit during the Summer Solstice holiday?
Ume: I barely remember them, sis.
Urchin: That’s because our childhood whizzed by in such a blur. But I remember Laurent and Noel…

Ume: So, do you know what you’re looking for in a husband, Urchin?
Urchin: Well, Zef has two unique traits currently while Kade has only one unique trait.
But I’m going to pass on these two because I want our last heir to have red hair.

Ume: Are you talking primary spouse material? Because Zef might be…
Urchin: Nope, I’m strictly talking “future baby daddy.”
Grandma says she’s already found a young adult with three unique traits.

Urchin: Out of these six guys, I’ve narrowed my choice down to three.
Ume: What’s wrong with Jesse?
Urchin: Sis, nothing’s wrong with any of the six–they’re all sweet and charming.
It’s just that I have three other favorites, okay?

Urchin: This is Laurent Ernst. He is so stylish.
Our watcher might be in sim-love with Laurent.
Ume: He has awful traits, though.
Urchin: There’s always re-traiting potion. But we’re Gen9, girl.
At this point in our legacy, traits don’t matter for a secondary spouse.

Urchin: The likelihood of Andy and I having redhaired kids is 100%. ‘Nuff said.
Ume: And he’s so cute with good traits! How could you hope to find a better match?

Urchin: In grade school, I had a major crush on both Laurent and Noel.
Oddly, they both have the Clumsy trait.
I don’t know. If red hair wasn’t a factor, I’d pick Noel! Or Laurent…
Ume: And what? I get your dregs?

Ume: I don’t understand Laurent’s appeal, Urchin.
His dark hair will probably dominate your redhead gene. And he has lousy traits, too.
What do you even see in Laurent.
Urchin: Um, I don’t know. I’ve always admired guys who can cook, you know?

Urchin: So, I decide to invite my three faves, my sister, and Jessie (for my sister) to Chez Llama.
When I reach the table, my sister has seated herself right in the middle of the boys.
I mean, that’s where I was planning to sit! And she’s chatting them all up. Sheesh!

Urchin: A little help here, watcher, please?
Sure, I’ll just make sure that Ume chats only with Jesse.
Urchin: Thanks! I was having trouble focusing on ordering the food.

Urchin: Don’t tell Papa, but I’m starting to understand how Grandma Shiso felt.
I wonder…

Urchin: Sis, I’ve narrowed my choice down to Noel and Andy.
Ume: Does that mean the other four guys are all fair game?
Urchin: Why are you in such a rush? You don’t even need to have children before our legacy ends.
I’m thinking I might try for twins or triplets, even.

As much as I like Noel, Andy and I make such a handsome couple, don’t you think?

Week 27/Sunday (Winter, Day 1)

Turns out that I have hours and hours to chat with my guests.
Our meal doesn’t arrive until 3 a.m., though we must have ordered around 8 pm last night.

After our unforgivably delayed meal, I invite everyone to Narwhal Arms.
It’s a pleasure to boogie down after being seated for so many hours.

There’s just something about Laurent…

Ume: I’d initially considered Jesse like a hand-me-down and didn’t take him seriously.
But I’ve since learned that we get along really well.
That is, I think we’ll be great friends. I’m not really into… *looks over at her sister

Urchin: After watching Laurent dance, I find myself drifting toward him again.
He has an undeniable attraction. I can’t put my finger on it.
I’m not convinced he’s the man I should marry, yet I can’t let him go.

I didn’t realize you’d have so much trouble choosing, Urchin!
Urchin: All three of them have their appeal.
What if it didn’t matter if your children had red hair?
Urchin: Then I’d choose between Laurent and Noel.

What if I said you could marry without having children right away?
Of course, in that case, three new careers would need to be completed.

Urchin: So I would become an actress while my husband and sister become stylists?
Then, based on their fashion sense, I would choose Noel.
Would you really let me enjoy life with a family, extending the legacy for several more weeks?

Of course not! I’m just trying to help you choose!
Urchin: Oh…

Ume: I hear Urchin tell our watcher that she chooses Noel.
Does that mean Laurent has become a free agent?
I leave Jesse in mid-sentence to sidle up to Laurent.
Moth, flame, singed wings, the whole works. That man should be wearing a fire alarm!

Urchin: I guess you’ll become a young adult before I do, Noel.
Noel: Just two days before your birthday, it seems.
Urchin: Well, what do you think about hanging out with me 24/7 until my birthday?
Of course, I have to attend school on Monday, but…
Noel: My pleasure, Urchin. Let’s go someplace warm and romantic. What about Selvadorada?

Ume: Even though my sister claims to have chosen Noel, I have a nagging suspicion she’s not over Laurent.
So I’ll just sit over here by myself and wait for Jesse to return from the men’s room…

Gallery Downloads

The six orphanage boys are not random NPCs spawned by the game.
They are sims I downloaded from the gallery, ageing them down to toddlers before adding them to the game.
Therefore, I cherry-picked their genetics but ensure that their traits are randomized.
Both Laurent and Zef came as pre-skilled sims, so I cloned them, then aged down the clones to toddlers to add to my game.

“Cute Guy” (Noel Parris) by Rhisk
“Raggedy Ann & Andy Today” (Andy Raggedy) by Rhisk
“Ernst♥” (Lauren Ernst) by 12mich06 (cloned to avoid pre-existing skills)
“Zef Legand” by 12mich06 (cloned to avoid pre-existing skills)
“Kade Lamar” by Lenti299
“Jesse* nocc” (Jesse Cassleberry) by 96LangerLui99

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