SB 8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 27/Sunday (Winter, Day 1)

Noel: I thought you’d invited me on a trip to Selvadorada?
Urchin: Yes, but we just learned that my Great-Grandpa Omu passed away yesterday.
Papa wants to collect his urn. It won’t take long.

Teagan: I’m still the current heir, you know!
I’m just letting Urchin narrate early, since she won’t spend long in our legacy.

Anyway, I obviously haven’t visited Chateau Frise for quite a while.
I find the urns of  my great-grandparents Kirsten and Takuya and Grandpa Omu.
The fourth urn belongs to my primary spouse, that ex-nanny.

My daughter’s eager to be off but I take the time to offer comfort to Grandma Amanda.
She’ll surely be joining Grandpa Omu soon.

With the passing of Grandpa Omu, our Gen6 heir, we can add tradition to a legacy holiday.
Founder’s Love Day commemorates the anniversary of our founder Sherilee’s demise.

Party Animal was Grandpa Omu’s first aspiration, so the Party Spirit tradition makes a good match.

Urchin: Papa, why did the whole household come with us to Selvadorada?
Teagan: I have no idea, Urchin. I only invited you and your young man.
Urchin: Please send everyone home, okay? Especially Mama! She’s making eyes at Noel!

Urchin (to herself): We’re good friends, so I thought he’d be easier to seduce than this.
But he keeps going upstairs to get a book and even rejected a few of my advances at first.
Maybe he’s nervous because my father’s with us?

Teagan: I’m painting as fast as I can, daughter dear.
As soon as I finish Noel’s portrait, I’m going home.
You might be wondering why I’m painting Noel’s portrait already.
According to our tradition, the heir’s marriage partner always gets the large portrait.

With Noel’s traits, he can only become the secondary spouse.
But my daughter seems to have her heart set on Noel.
Mark my words. He’ll be down one knee proposing to Urchin before this week is over!

Noel: Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, your father…
Urchin: I heard my father pack his easel and phone for a taxi.
It’s just you and me now.

I casually ask Noel to show me his sleepwear.
Um, Laurent who?

I don’t want Noel to think I’m easy, so I invite him out on a date.
Two dates, in fact.
For our first date, we visit the Archaeological Museum.

It turns out to be a rather small museum with only one bench out front.
As soon as we arrive, it becomes packed with tourists.
What a surprise to see Grandma Shiso’s sister, Raichi, there.
She starts chatting up a storm, so I quickly invite Noel on another date.

The cantina is also crowded so we give up on enjoying a romantic, secluded date.
By this time, we’re also famished so we sample some of the local delicacies.

Noel: I should have known Selvadorada would be crawling with tourists in winter!

Noel (whispers): Let’s go back to our place, Urchin.

Urchin: Do you think maybe we should wait until my young adult birthday, Noel?
Noel: Don’t worry. We’re just messing around! Look, we’re both fully dressed!

All I know, readers, is tonight with Noel has been THE highlight of my short life!

I am not my Grandma Shiso, though I briefly considered keeping Laurent on the side.
But now I’m absolutely sure. Noel is all I want.


Ume: How could you go to Selvadorada without me?
Urchin: Because it was the only time I could spend some private time with Noel.
But the boys should be ageing up to young adult soon.
Let’s go visit them once they’re young adults, k?
Ume (sighs): Sure. Well, off to our first day of high school!

Jesse: Why did Urchin invite us to go temple exploring, Noel? Weren’t you just here?
Noel: Uh, we didn’t explore the temple much yesterday. *looks nervously at Teagan
Teagan: Ahem, my daughter wants to make a little more progress on Jungle Explorer.
And she invited you both along because she believed the temple might intrigue you.

Jesse: You’re right, sir. Noel and I could never have visited Selvadorada otherwise!
Noel: Hush, Jesse, just be real.

Urchin: We get home late that night.
When I start tidying my inventory, I find that limestone I dug up during my first trip with Noel.
And what do you know? It’s our missing fossil!
Better late than never, right?


Noel and I decide to do an all-nighter before his young adult birthday.
It takes us some while to finally locate a skating rink.
The smaller adjacent ice skating rink is closed, so we try roller skating.

I’d envisioned Noel and I performing dazzling figure skating routines.
Truth is, we can barely skate round in circles. Plus, I completely forgot Noel is clumsy.

Once Noel leaves for school, I’m suddenly able to practice tricks and a routine!
Can you spot Uncle Elvain behind me, watching from afar?

I discover the ice skating rink is open, so I phone the family to join me.
Since Ume and I take the day off from school and none of the adults work, we can do what we want.

Maybe later, we’ll hang out at the GeekCon for a little bit.
I wonder if Noel will invite me to his birthday party later.


Legacy score: Unchanged
Nature (0): maxed Fossils collection; completed 21/25 collections

My apologies if you feel like this legacy is dragging to a close.
I’m feeling sentimental about it ending and somewhat bad for Urchin, our Gen9 heir, because her time as heir will be cut short.
So, I’m stretching out the time until she does what she needs to do to produce a male heir.

Gallery downloads
“Cute Guy” (Noel Parris) by Rhisk
“Jesse* nocc” (Jesse Cassleberry) by 96LangerLui99

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