SB 8.90: A Little Legacy Maintenance

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 27/Tuesday (Winter, Day 3)

Teagan: After being away for 15 real-life months, Watcher has returned to our legacy at last!
In late November 2018, when our legacy was about 10 sim-days from finishing, the Powers-that-Be released:
*3 new careers, 2 new aspirations, and 2 new skills.

And that’s what made Watcher abandon our legacy. at the time.
Anyway, she’s finally enabled the Get Famous pack and will give that new stuff a go.
Like Watcher, you’ve probably forgotten who we are and what we’re doing.
So this is a short update to refresh everyone’s memory, including our Watcher.

First of all, we’re still living in our villa at Hound’s Head in Brindleton Bay’s Cavalier Cove district.

Except, presently, we’re in the middle of the winter season. Brrrr!

I’m Teagan, the eighth-generation Sharebear heir.
During our remaining days, I’m in charge of maxing the new Media Production skill.

Though I quit my Internet Personality career last week, I rejoined it today.
With my millions of followers, I might have the easiest time earning Fame.
I’ll try to complete the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration.

Apparently, I’ve lost my portraits of Urchin and her boyfriend Noel.
My wife Dianna volunteers to paint new ones.

Our daughter, Urchin, will be the next heir.
She’d been planning to simply age up, marry Noel then pop out the last heir.
Now’s she frantically preparing to ace the Acting skill and career.
It’s also her role to complete the Master Actress aspiration.

Her sister Ume will join the Style Influencer’s Stylist branch.
She had cultivated no skills that career requires, so she’s scrambling now.
My wife is the painting mentor of our household.

It’s time for my mother Shiso (the 7th-generation Sharebear heir) to move out.
She and my father Ronan will live at Chateau Frise on the other side of Cavalier Cove.

Their departure makes room for two new arrivals to our household.
Urchin met Aaron Delgado during her last trip to Selvadorada.
She moves him in as her future primary spouse.

And, to nobody’s surprise, she also moves in her boyfriend Noel Harris.
After his birthday, he plans to join the Style Influencer career like Ume.
We’re all hoping he can earn the Responsible trait before he ages up.

Tristan’s my half-brother. His father is my mother’s primary spouse.
Yeah, I know. Confusing, right?
He’s married to my wife’s twin sister, and they have four lovely kids.
Though he’s stayed on to mentor Guitar and Writing, he’s eager to join his own family..

And last but not least, we’re ecstatic to get back our butler, Tetsu Ishikawa!
He’s been with our legacy since the very first generation.
Did you know we never need to assign Tetsu any tasks?
He takes care of everything before we even realize things need tending!

And that’s everyone in our household for now!
There are nine possible points we have yet to earn.
We’ll do our very best, but we’ll be quite happy with any score over 100 points!
Please come back and join us as we take this Sharebear Legacy home!

Current Legacy Score: 98 points

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