SB 9.91: Get Lamous

Our perfect butler, tending the garden all on his own.

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen9, Urchin

Week 27/Wednesday (Winter, Day 4)

Teagan: Toddlers are better with their tablets than Dianna and Tristan are with their sketchpads!
Toddlers usually leave their tablets on an end table when they’re done.

When grown-ups finish with their sketchpads, they leave them in odd places.
Watcher had to buy these two new ones, because she never found their first sketchpads.
(A day later, we find Dianna’s on the bar and Tristan’s on the nursery floor. So random!)

Hello? Can’t you just put your sketchpad in your inventory when you finish?

Nobody except Tristan can mentor guitar in our household.
He promises to stay until Urchin maxes her guitar skill.


Noel ages up and joins the Style Influencer career as planned.

He’s not much impressed by the Photo Impression process.

He does enjoy recording fashion vlogs, but learns that toys are what’s trending.
Perhaps he should stick to fashion tips in the future…

That evening, I host a Fan Meet & Greet at Orchid-A-Go-Go.
This is when I realize that I don’t go out enough to have fans.

Our butler Tetsu betrays me by gushing over that musician, Thorne Bailey.  Hmmph!

My immediately family disses me at this social event.
Look at my wife, daughters, and Noel doing homework together! Gah!

Oh whatever, I earn a gold medal for my Meet & Greet.
Even though nobody asked me for an autograph and I couldn’t offer to sign any. *sighs


This morning before work, I max the Media Production skill.

At work, I receive a chance card that earns me a promotion to Internet Superstar (Level 10), again.
When I get home, I become a Global Superstar and earn a celebrity tile.
So far, so good.

After school, it’s time for Urchin and Ume to age up!
Urchin joins the Well-Suited Talent Agency and sets up her first audition for Sunday.
Meanwhile, Ume joins the Style Influencer career, according to plan.

Urchin: As a young adult, I’ve officially become the ninth-generation Sharebear heir!
And, by the way, now that I’m the active heir, I’m taking over the narration, too!

My mother Dianna has has painted portraits to immortalize me and my primary spouse Aaron.
And there’s a bonus portrait of Noel!

Later that evening, Papa tries hosting another Meet & Greet.
When it ends, he decides to abandon the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration.
I’m in an active career while Noel and Ume will join different Style Influencer branches.
We don’t have time to hang out at hotspots, waiting for fans to ask Papa for a selfie.

Also, this means the I don’t need to complete Master Actress, either! Hallelujah!


We’ve been suffering a rather severe lag lately.
We spend a lot of time just standing around with paused action queues.
By the time I finally accept Noel’s, it’s already late afternoon.

Beware of couples who both wear their hair parted on the same side.
Let’s take the case of Noel and me as an example.
From the side, it’s impossible to see both our faces at the same time.

Oh, and yay! We’re officially married now!

Dianna: Long time, no see, Louise. How have you been?
Louise: Well, sis, my life has not been easy. Don’t you think it’s time, Dianna?

Dianna: Time? Time for what?
Louise: Time to let go of my husband Tristan.
You have no idea how hard it’s been raising the children on my own!

When we arrive home from the wedding, Uncle Tristan is ready.
He packs up and moves to It’s a Good House in the Bay’s Sable Square district.

Why didn’t tell us that he and Louise had four children?
I feel bad that Tristan saw so little of his children while he helped raise Ume and me.

Aaron is certainly taking the Grim Reaper’s first message to heart!
He’s definitely “making the most of these final days.”
Let’s hope he doesn’t overexert himself, you know?

Week 28/Sunday (Winter, Day 8 )

Of course, I ace my audition this morning.
I maxed the Acting skill yesterday so I was sure I’d pass the audition.


During the actual shoot, I’m so ahead of my game and I haven’t even finished promoting the product!.
No surprise that I earn gold for this gig.
Surprisingly, though, I didn’t earn a career promotion!

I look for another gig. The audition’s tomorrow!

Urchin: Since I’m a rising star, I decide to show Papa how to host a proper Fan Meet & Greet.
Look at me go, signing autographs and all that!
Teagan: Uh huh, whatever!

Urchin: Papa made earning gold for his Meet & Greet look so easy! I only earn a silver. :(

I immediately host a second Fan Meet & Greet, but choose Papa as the celebrity this time.
He can do his star stuff while I run around telling stories and jokes.

Nope, that doesn’t work. The celebrity must complete all the event goals.
My second attempt ends with a bronze medal.
Papa, are you stifling a laugh?
Maybe we could go to a festival to see if fans ask you for selfies? *sighs


I pass this evening’s audition but, to my dismay, my next gig isn’t until Thursday.
It’s absolutely outrageous!
I start the Acting career at Level 4, but require SIX whole days to earn a single promotion!
(Ignore the screenshot caption; our Watcher miscalculated.)
“Negotiate a Bonus” isn’t even an option for the Acting career, either.

I know, I know. If I raise my fame, I can earn a perk that lets me skip auditions.
Eh, perhaps I’m just too eager to be done with it all. I mean, we are on Short lifespan.
Wah, wah, wah.

In other news, dear Aaron Delgado received his second message today from the Grim Reaper.
His soulmate, June Kay, also phoned him today.
Aaron and June have twins: a son Vincenzo and a daughter Lilith.
I’d like us all to visit them tomorrow after my gig!


Current Legacy Score: 102 (98+4)
Family (+1): Gen 9 heir ages up to a young adult.
Creative (+1): Gen 9 heir + spouse are memorialized by portraits
Love (+1): Aaron Delgado adds 3 unique traits (Active, Dog-Lover, and Romantic)
Knowledge (+1): Maxed all skills at least once (Media Production and Acting)

The Household Status
Teagan Sharebear: World-Famous Celebrity aspiration 3/4
Urchin Sharebear: Master Actress aspiration 3/4, Actress 4
Noel (Harris) Sharebear: Style Influencer/Trendsetter 6
Ume Sharebear: Style Influencer 5

Next: SB 9.92: Upstaged by Papa!

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