SB 9.92: Upstaged by Papa!

Today is Winterfest!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen9, Urchin

Week 28/Wednesday (Winter, Day 11)

Urchin: When it comes to being naughty or nice, Noel has been the very nicest!
For some reason, though, Father Winter offers Noel no option to ask for a present.
I tell Noel that Father Winter’s just jealous because Noel is so fiiiiine!

Lately, I’ve started working on building a positive reputation.
Inviting our butler to enjoy the Grand Meal I prepared doesn’t improve my rep.
I’m going to spend all my free time socializing down at the beach, I guess.

After Father Winter leaves, we visit Aaron’s lady friend and their twins.
While Aaron plays with them, Noel and I take turns holding them, too.

Look at Noel cuddling the nooboo. He’s going to be such a great father!


You’re probably wondering why I’m doing a sink upgrade at the filming studio.
I’ve done both prep tasks twice already, but they reset to “Not Started” whenever I travel.
It’s so upsetting. And that “anger research” lowered my Rep back to Neutral.

I earn gold for my guest appearance in the Growing Up Crumplebottom TV series.
You can see I’m cutting it a little close, time-wise.

Finally, I earn my first promotion to Level 5 Supporting Actress!
I choose a Western as my next gig, since it requires the guitar skill.
When I leave for the shoot, I’ll take my guitar and do that prep task at the studio.

In other news, Noel earns his Level 8 promotion this evening, while Ume remains at Level 6.

After nightfall, Papa attends the placement ceremony for his celebrity tile.
Ever since he became a Global Superstar, Papa’s been acting so weird.
Whenever he meets anyone, he “Reacts in Disgust.” He also hates to be touched.

*whispers: Small wonder that nobody asks to take a selfie with him.


I’m close to becoming a three-star B-Lister so I’ve been doing all I can to gain fame.
Mostly painting and vlogging.
I only vlog when beauty or fashion tips are trending. No product reviews for me!

I’ve returned from passing the audition.
For the record, please note that two of my prep tasks auto-complete!

Aaron’s children are toddlers now so Aaron decides to move out.
It’s only right that he spends his last days with his lady love and their children.
Papa quits his job today, too, so it’s not as if Mama will be left home alone.


I’m not sure what the deal is, but my sister Ume has the worst luck!
Her performance drops from Average to OK after writing a few fashion columns.
She’ll need to work extra hard for her next promotion!
And she should stop trying to write fashion columns! That only works for Noel!

That’s right! You are now looking at two Global Superstars!
Once I earned my third Fame rank, maxing my Fame and Rep was just a hop, skip, and jump.
Let’s hope my new fame perks will speed up my career advancement!

And, yeah, we’re sitting here in hope that some fans will ask Papa for a selfie…
(Don’t tell Papa but I got asked for a selfie while he was off chatting up a fan.)

Week 29/Sunday (Spring, Day 1)

Today’s the anniversary of our legacy’s founding by Sherilee Sharebear.
Our garden is practically non-existent now, but we’ve saved a few plants just for me, just for today.
By harvesting them, I earn gold status on this Legacy Holiday..

Here I am, performing the first dance scene in Last Town in the West.
I’ve skipped costume and make-up, ending up on stage in what looks like my retail career uniform.
Despite having to redo all my prep task at the Studio, I earn a promotion from this one gig!

Sadly, even without auditions, the interval between gigs remains the same.
My next gig is three days from today.

Papa’s been sad about nobody asking him for selfies, though all his fans disgust him.
That’s why I invite him along with me to the Starlight Accolades tonight.
You will not believe who won an award for Best Video. Hint: not me!

Next time, I’ll be attending the awards ceremony alone. *sighs


Today, I decide to hold the placement ceremony for my celebrity tile.
Who knows? Maybe  that will increase my chances of earning an award.
I ask only Papa to come with me because…selfies.

At Orchid-A-Go-Go, I host a no-goals Fan Meet & Greet and invite Papa as a non-guest.
Though I’m the celebrity of the Meet & Greet, Papa is asked by four fans for selfies.
You know if he’d hosted that Meet & Greet, they would have asked me instead!

When my Meet & Greet ends, Papa hosts another.
And before it’s over, he’s become a World-Famous Celebrity!
Nice work, Papa! Now, let me receive an award next time, okay?

Pssst, do you see Uncle Tristan’s father, Orfeu Garrido, standing behind Papa?
Everyone’s gossiping about how Holly Alto moved in with him immediately after his wife died.
I wonder how long Holly’s had her eye on my great-uncle! What a hussy!


Noel brings home  his Level 9 promotion this evening.
We have no idea why he fares so much better with fashion columns than Ume.
Check out his performance bar after he submits three fashion articles!

As for Ume, I’ve locked her out of all the computers. It’s for her own good!


I feel bad performing out of costume, but I need the extra time for those prep tasks.
At least I don’t stand around looking bored when I’m not in a scene.
My costar is completing ruining the mood of my death scene!
Regardless, I earn gold for my starring role in Apocalypse Rising!

And now, I have two bits of great news and one piece of bad news.
On the positive side, I’ve received not only my Level 7 promotion but also an award nomination!
Unfortunately, my next gig isn’t until Saturday (in three days).
Unless I get lucky with the Wishing Well, my last 3 promotions wiIl take at least 9 days.

Due to my active gig, Noel isn’t in his ideal mood (Very Inpsired) at work today.
He still manages to max the Trandsetter career branch.
And Ume brings home her Level 8 promotion.
Looks like Ume and I could be finished with our careers next week!

Anyway, wish me luck at the next Starlight Accolades award ceremony!


Legacy Score: 103 points (102+1)
Bonus (+1): Have an heir reach Gold status for a 5-tradition legacy holiday
Nature (0): Reach top of every career track (missing: Actor)
Nature (0): Reach top of every career branch (missing: Stylist)
Athletic (0): Complete all aspirations (missing: Master Actress)

The Household Status
Teagan Sharebear: completed World-Famous Celebrity
Urchin Sharebear: Master Actress 3/4 (needs award); Actress 7
Noel Sharebear: Trendsetter 10 (maxed)
Ume Sharebear: Stylist 8

Watcher’s Notes
*Lifespan: I’ve played the first eight generations of this legacy on Short lifespan.
But I’ve switched it to Normal because the Acting career takes so long.
I don’t want Urchin’s parents to pass away before meeting the last heir.
*The prep task glitch: I’m using a workaround to redo he prep tasks at the Studio.
Urchin can keep a guitar in her inventory but not fitness equipment.
If a prep task requires developing fitness, I add a the Studio in Build mode. It’s cheesy but whatever.
*Earn gold for the gig, anyway: If she can’t complete a prep task on set, she saves the related stage scene until the very last.
Urchin can usually earn gold before completing the last scene. Acting is so bugged!

Next: SB 9.93: Buckling Down

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