SB 9.93: Buckling Down

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen9, Urchin

Week 29/Wednesday (Spring, Day 4)

Urchin: My sister, Ume, is a Level 8 Stylist now.
She successfully negotiates a bonus, but her performance bar barely budges.


With her dark hair and green eyes, Ume is a gorgeous sim.
I feel bad she’s stuck helping me with the Stylist career.
I’m sure there are other things she’d rather be doing with her life.

This morning, I give her a pre-work aromatherapy massage for good luck.
She doesn’t earn a promotion today but she’s incredibly close.


Ume easily earns her Level 9 promotion this evening.
Since I work tomorrow from 9 a.m., Ume hopes the Well will guarantee her last promotion.
But the Well goes one better and grants her a full promotion.
Even the Well looks happy for my sister!

Today’s Love Day but Ume’s the only one who hasn’t enjoyed this holiday.
I invite one of Noel’s former roommates over. Do you remember Andy?
I’m hoping the two of them will hit it off for Love Day.
Wow, do they ever!

When Andy agrees to be her boyfriend, Ume jumps at least a foot off the ground.
And Andy also looks really happy. He lets out a manly squee, even.
She quits her job and decides she wants to embark on a new life with Andy.

As the spare, Ume’s done more than enough to support me already.
She’s always wanted to have a family.
Now that she’s maxed her career, there’s nothing keeping her here anymore.
I just hope that, when she moves out, she’ll be living nearby.

I cannot wait to be finished with my Acting career.
All the fans and paparazzi constantly invade our privacy.
Papa shoos away an unknown fan watching Ume and Andy outside their bedroom.
So creepy!


We’d all thought that Ume would want a big wedding.
But she and Andy get married quietly this morning at our home wedding arch.
Awww, look at her little baby bump!
Oh, I need to finish getting ready for today’s gig!

Apparently, I have a guest appearance in a TV medical series.
I’m a highly professional doctor who yells at her patients and hits on an intern.
Since I can’t rehearse the flirty emotion at the Studio, the Flirt and Kiss scenes worry me.

Luckily, the director seems to love my smooch scenes.
I earn a gold rating and the most money I’ve ever earned in one gig.
And what’s matters most of all, I get a promotion to Level 8!

Back home, I’m feeling lucky about using my once-in–a-lifetime wish.
I visit our Wishing Well, who looks pleased with my generous offering.
So far, so goo!

I am beyond ecstatic!
The well grants me a full promotion to Level 9 Superstar!

Teagan: How’s everything going with your career, Urchin?
Urchin: Thanks to today’s gig and the Wishing Well, I only need one more promotion!
My next gig’s on Tuesday, Papa.

Teagan: Does that mean you’ll be done with Acting on Tuesday?
Urchin: I doubt it. I’ll probably need two more gigs to earn my last promotion.
I’m thinking that I’ll be done by next Friday, with luck.

Teagan: Well, don’t forget we’re all going to the Starlight Accolades tomorrow.
Urchin: Oh no, we are not!  I have to go alone, Papa!
I can’t even take Noel along for fear he’ll win the Best Video award!

Teagan: It’s no big deal, Urchin. If you get an award, that’s great.
If you don’t, that’s not the end of the world.
Urchin: I agree! I’ll be happy just to max the Acting career!

Week 30/Sunday (Summer, Day 1)

Our Watcher completely panics to see me looking very pregnant today.
How? I’m certain Noel and I didn’t try for baby on Love Day!
Luckily, Watcher resets me and I’m back to my slender self again.

At the Starlight Accolades, I’m the first award recipient of the evening.
I’m so busy reacting in disgust to the presenter, I almost don’t get to accept my award.
Ahem, thank you, one and all. I’m very grateful for this recognition of my work!

Watcher has been a nervous wreck all day, after reading a Watcher’s post on reddit.
Apparently, that Watcher’s sim has yet to receive an award after 2 sim-years!

Before leaving BPB Studio, I become good friends with Brytani Cho.
She is a stunning sim, don’t you think?
If I hadn’t already met Noel….


Today, I’m starring in the film Treasures of Aarbyville.
As usual, I spend half my time on the prep tasks but manage to squeeze in costume.
I wonder what my hair should have looked like.

I finish the shoot a little early so I flatter the Director a bit.
Does that even help?

Regardless, I earn gold for this movie gig and earn $9,985.
And that means I have completed my Master Actress aspiration.

Arriving home, I receive another wonderful surprise.
I’ve maxed the Actress career!

Ume’s already packed up and ready to move in with Andy.
Where is Noel? I need to tell him we can try for baby tonight.

Up next: Come and meet the last Sharebear heir!


Legacy Score: 106 points (103+3)
Nature (+1): Reach top of every career branch (Stylist)
Athletic (+1): Complete all aspirations (Master Actress)
Nature (+1): Reach top of every career track (Acting)

The Household Status
Teagan Sharebear: completed World-Famous Celebrity
Urchin Sharebear: Completed Master Actress; Actress 10
Noel Sharebear: Trendsetter 10
Ume Sharebear: Stylist 10

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