A Sharebear Legacy (Completed 03/2020)

After reading MeggSims’ Collab Legacy on her blog, I and two friends at Carl’s Forum have started our own version which we call the Sharebear Legacy.
We are each choosing our own lifespan and succession law settings.

Prologue: Thrill-Seekers Represent!

1.1: Meeting the Council
1.2: A Tragic Miscalculation
1.3: A Full House
1.4: Gen2 Heir Vote!
1.5: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go
1.6: The Founder’s Farewell

2.7: The Boy Has No Patience!
2.8: The Good-Luck Toolbelt
2.9: Selvadorada Lite
2.10: Toddlers No More!
2.11: What’s That Spot?
2.12: Gen3 Jive
2.13: It’s a Sicilian Message (+Heir Vote)
2.14: Hustle & Bustle
2.15: Sofia’s Choice
2.16: Never Can Say Goodbye
2.17: Results of the Gen3 Heir Vote

3.18: A Chivalrous Champion
3.19: Earth to Elektro
3.20: Notice Me, Perry Senpai!
3.21: Slower Than Snails
3.22: My Hammy Vice
3.23. CSI: My Hammy
3.24: Peaches, Fish Eggs, and Potatoes
3.25: Outdoor Antagonist
3.26: Outdoor Enthusiast/Fail
3.27: Toddler Pandemonium
3.28: Taler du Engelsk?
3.29: Our Chief Concern
3.30: Maja Moves On (G4 Heir Vote)
3.31: Gone to the Dogs (Heir Vote Outcome)

4:32 In the Black Mt. Hills of Dakota
4.33: Shake a Tail Feather
4.34: The Matching Headband
4.35: Party People
4.36: Monsoon Season
4.37: I Can’t Stop the Rain
4.38: To Bee or not to Bee?
4.39: Wacky Weather + Gen5 Heir Vote
4.40: Veterinary Victory (+ Heir Vote)
4.41: ‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night
4.42: Nobody But You
4.43: A Time Slip for Real (Watcher’s Note)
4.44: Remembering

5.45: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman
5.46: Winter Wonderland
5.47: Tripping the Light Fangtastic
5.48: I Will Survive
5.49: If There’s a Cure for This
5.50: Fangtasia
5.51: Granite (Epic) Fails
5.52: Indoor Retreat
5.53: Our Own Fairytale
5.54: Orange U Glad to See Us?
5.55: The Summer of Our DisconTENT
5.57: Princess Purin
5.58: Head ‘Em Up! Move ‘Em Out!

6.59: Eating for Three?
6.60: Two, Too Adorable
6.61: Last-Chance Toddlers
6.62: Home Schooling, for Sure!
6.63: Holiday Overdose
6.64: Oh, Well!
6.65: Finders Keepers
6.66: Never Gonna Give You Up
6.67: Who Wants to Live Forever? (Heir vote)
6.68: The Spousal Sprint
6.69: Going Postal
6.70: Downsizing

7.71: Size Matters (Heir reveal)
7.72: Outgoing, Incoming
7.73: Toddler Daze
7.74: Another Drastic Decision
7.75: One Tiny Secret
7.76: The Winterfest Experiments
7.77: The Teens Are Truckin’
7.78: One BIG Secret
7.79: The Boys Are Eggs-hausted!
7.80: Avast Ye, It’s an Heir Vote!
7.81: Gnome Is Where the Heart Is
7.82: Coming Up for Heir

8.83: A Breath of Fresh Air
8.84: Tarlock Steps Up
8.85: Festival Fetish
8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote
8.87: So, Where Were We?
8.88: You Better Shop Around
8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice8
8.90: A Little Legacy Maintenance

9.91: Get Lamous
9.92: Upstaged by Papa!
9.93: Buckling Down
9.94: The End of This Journey

Legacy score: 106

Sharebear Family Tree (Link to Family Echo website)
Meet the Sharebears, G1-G3 (Household deets by generation)
Meet the Sharebears, G4-G5
Legacy Score (Succession laws and this legacy’s score)
House Tour (Third-Generation House)