A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

This story is based on the Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty (TGTD) Challenge, created by the Challenges Team at Carl’s Forum. In a nutshell, it combines ISBI-style gameplay throughout a ten-generation dynasty in which, most of the time, the Watcher can only control the active heir. For detailed rules, click here.

Prologue: In the Words of Patrick Henry…
Meet the Lees (Dynasty Stats)

1.1: Liberty’s Pursuit of Happiness
1.2: Hello Unexpected, Meet Unprepared
1.3: To the Shores of Triple-Lee
1.4: Triple Threat
1.5: Timing Is Everything
1.6: Liberty’s Liberation

2.7: Seriously Tedious Teendom
2.8: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back
2.9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
2.10: Step Nimbly, Young Lad!
2.11: He’s Just a Love Machine
2.12: Good Things Come in Threes
2.13: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary
2.14: The Romance Festival Goes South

3.15: Waiting for GoDo(t)ldrums
3.16: Proud Merri Moves Out
3.17: Merri’s Muchachos
3.18: Merri Mucks Along
3.19: Assets and Liabilities
3.20: Cuz This Is How She Rolls
3.21: Tempora-Lee Displaced
3.22: The Wind Cries Merri

4.23: Jet Propulsion
4.24: Lee-thal Weapon
4.25: Scamp the Scalliwag
4.26: Hello Kitteh
4.27: A Gentleman and a Skedaddler
4.28: Born Under a Bad Sign
4.29: Oh, Puh-Lees
4.30: It’s a P Thang
4.31: An Annoying Alien
4.32: Doncha?
4.33: Fifty Shades of Spay

5.34: I’m Not in Love
5.35: Gasping in Granada
5.36: Picking Up the Pieces
5.37: What’s Wrong with Me?
5.38: Scamp the Divo
5.39: His Secret Service
5.40: Iconically Free!

6.41: Jungle Dawg
6.42: Fresh Heir of Bel Prince
6.43: Whose Yo Daddy?
6.44: Guacamo Es Guapo?
6.45: Infalli-Bull
6.46: How I’m Da Boss
6.47: Ferdinand?

7.48: These Boots Are Made for Guac’ing
7.49: My Name Is Not Salsa
7.50: It’s Only Guac n Roll
7.51: Guaca Wants a Wok
7.52: The Jabber-Guac
7.53: Virtually Bubbly
7.54: Guaca Regains His Mojo

8.55: Knowing When to Stop
8.56: Jungle Noob
8.57: Banana Muffins
8.58: That Is Our Kismet
8.59: A Typical Week
8.60: Scamp and the Skunks
8.61: Virtually Free

9.62: Kissing Sagely
9.63: Oddly Enough
9.64: The Last Heir, Finally!
9.65: Nothing Could Be Faina
9.66: Faina the Fairest
9.67: Decisions, Decisions
9.68: Points Begone!

10.69: Ain’t Misbehavin’
10.70: Faina Lee, Finished!