Sanada Wonder Child Challenge

The Sanada Wonder Child Challenge:

Do These Genes Make My Butt Look Big?

This story is based on Pinstar’s Wonder Child Challenge, which I completed in April of 2016.
As a result, this is a pre-toddlers attempt at this challenge.
Part of me wants to try this challenge again with toddlers. I would be more motivated if there were some challenge out there for the new Wonder Child, besides the Apocalypse and Immigrant challenges.

Sanada WCC: Prologue

1. Sowing Genetic Excellence (Week 1/Day 1)

2. Let the Skilling Begin! (Week 1/Day 2)

3. And Then There Were Five (Week 2/Day 9)

4. Boys, Be Ambitious (Week 3/Day 16)

5. Twins for the Win (Week 4/Day 22)

6. Nearing the End of Teendom (Week 5/Day 29)

7. Mission Accomplie (Week 5/Day 34)