The Mori Legacy: A Frenzy of Forests

Based on Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, this story was written from August 3, 2016, to January 20, 2017.

Family Tree

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Chapter Index

Mori Legacy: Intro

1.1 The Mori Legacy: Impoverished
1.2 An Almost House
1.3 Double Trouble
1.4 4 Kids Be Like…
1.5 Who Will Become the Gen2 Heir?
1.6  Toils and Troubles of Gen2 Teens
1.07 An Ideal Hazubando
1.08 What the Heart Desires, Part I

2.09. What the Heart Desires, Part II
2.10 Who’s Your Daddy?
2.11: A Wildly Improbable Romance
2.12: Love, At Last
2.13: Shame on You!
2.14: The Birth of a Patriarch
2.15: A Gluttonous Gal
2.16: Party Poopers
2.17: Operation “Storm The Lighthouse”
2.18: The Glutton Strikes Again
2.19: Collectors No More
2.20: Who’ll Be the Gen3 Heir?
2.21: I’ve Only One Itching Desire

3.22: A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fal
3.23: The NooBoomers
3.24: High Five, Low Five
3.25: Can There Be Another Fabio? (Part I)
3.26: Can There Be Another Fabio? (Part II)
3.27: 2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?
3.28: The Ninth Nooboo
3.29: 10th Child & Gen4 Heir Vote
3:30: A Napkin Memento
3.31: The Hot Banana
3.32: Joy Ephemeral
3.33: Honoring the Dead
3.34: Retail Fail
3.35: “Stressed” Spelled Backwards
3.36: Banana and the Prune

4.37: Breathless in Windenberg
4.38: Beware of Geeks
4.39: Dag Dag, Nooboo!
4.40: Put de Lime in de Coconut
4.41: Strawberry Fields Forever
4.42: Name Dat Song
4.43: Bye Bye, Bananas!
4.44: Dulce Sweetens Up (G5 Heir Vote)
4.45: Ranma’s Stalldar and San Myshuno
4.46: Chopstick Dexterity and More Food Stalls

5.47: Marriage, Death, and the New Heir
5..48: The Electrifying Dr. Bethany May
5.49: The Girl Can’t Help It
5.50: It’s Hard to Find a Good Man in the City
5.51: A Big Welcome for Danny!
5.52: Hustlin’ to Be Heir
5.53: She All Hiphop!
5.54: Teens at Last/The G6 Heir Vote
5.55: Unleashing the Party Animal
5.56: Boy X Comes “Home”
5.57: Tell Mama All About It

6.58: The Scandinavian Feline
6.59: So Hot in Here! Oh!!!
6.60: The Bodacious Gen7 Boyz…Holla!
6.61: “There’s Only One Truth!,” Sez Conan
6.62: Spooks and Weenies
6.63: Doctor in Da House
6.64: Nerdy Conan Grows Up & The G7 Heir Vote
6.65: The G7 Heir Candidates
6.66: Everyday We’re Shufflin’

7.67: A Breath of Fresh Heir
7.68: All Hail Hinata!
7.69: In Homage to Vocaloids
7.70: Rock n’ Roll n’ Rukia
7.71: Geek Girlz, Unite!
7.72: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
7.73: Every Day I Haz the Blues
7.74: Miku, Say Cheese!
7.75: Save a Horse (& G8 Heir Vote)
7.76: The Mori Household Downsizes
7.77:  The Gardening Geeks
7.78:  It’s Your Move, Miku

8.79: A New Year, A New Heir
8.80: News About Nooboos!
8.81: Almost Intolerably Adorable
8.82: Skillin’ wit da Chillun
8.83: Dem Shoes, Though
8.84: Karaoke Kitsch (& Gen9 Heir Vote)
8.85: Gah, Lag in My A-Game!
8.86: No Waifu, No Laifu (Part I)
8.87: No Waifu, No Laifu (Part II)
8.88: Pwned by the Pranksters
8.89: King of Smirks

9.90: All That Plus Chopstick Savvy
9.91: She’s Having Mah Baby

10.92: A Not-So-Grand Finale