The Sanada Apocalypse

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

This is a challenge that I completed in the summer of 2016. It’s my third-ever challenge and sim story, which explains why it’s so rough around the edges. Still, I love a number of the sims that came out of this challenge.

Family Tree

The family tree contains spoilers. I especially recommend that you don’t look at it until you’ve read Chapter 3.16 “Return of the Shadow.”

Clicking here will take you to the family tree on the Family Echo website.
If the photos and/or careers aren’t showing, go to the “Show” box at bottom center and click “Show Profession” and/or “Show photos.”

Chapter Index

Dystopian Dearth: Intro

Gen 1: Satoru Sanada
1.1 (Week 1/Day 1): You Again?
1.2 (Week 1/Day 4): My Boo’s Nooboo
1.3 (Week 2/Day 9): Lookin’ Good in the Neighborhood
1.4 (Week 3/Day 16): The Tricer is Watching You
1.5 (Week 4/Day 22): An Eyesore No More, Eeyore!
1.6 (Week 4/Day 23): Yuki Is Workin’ It
1.7 (Week 5/Day 25): Business Tycoon!!!
1.8 (Week 5/Day 29): Trick or Traits

Gen 2: Tatsuya Sanada
2.9 (Week 6/Day 36): Bad Hair Daze
2.10 (Week 7/Day 43): Penthouse Crib!?
2.11 (Week 8/Day 50): Stranger in the Night
2.12 (Week 9/Day 57): Jade’s Final Journey
2.13 (Week 9/Day 62): Welcome to the Family!

Gen 3: Daia Sanada
3.14 (Week 10/Day 64): Console Cowgirl in Da House!
3.15 (Week 11/Day 71): Even the Swiftest Cheetah
3.16 (Week 12/Day 78): Return of “The Shadow”
3.17 (Week 13/Day 85): A Very Grim Proposal
3.18 (Week 13/Day 91): Restarting from Scratch-ish
3.19 (Week 15/Day 99): Two Cakes, Three Moves
3.20 (Week 16/Day 106): Let Them Eat Cake!
3.21 (Week 16/Day 111): A New Home

Gen 4: Go Sanada
4.22 (Week 18/Day 120): Why So Mean?
4.23 (Week 18/Day 122): Letting Go
4.24 (Week 18/Day 124): Daddy’s Dirty Dancing
4.25 (Week 19/Day 127): Sometimes I Feel Like a Fatherless Child
4.26 (Week 19/Day 130): Naoto’s Lady Friend
4.27 (Week 19/Day 131): Love Is Everywhere
4.28 (Week 20/Day 134): Bro to the Fourth Power?
4.29 (Week 20/Day 137): First Comes Love, Next Comes Marriage
4.30 (Week 21/Day 141): Stork Bait
4.31 (Week 21/Day 144): Stork Watch, Part I
4.32 (Week 21/Day 144): Stork Watch, Part II
4.33 (Week 22/Day 148): The Last Generation
4.34 (Week 22/Day 149): It Happened in the Hot Tub
4.35 (Week 22/Day 152): Shirtless in Seattle
4.36 (Week 23/Day 155): Introducing Izaiah Landgraab
4.37 (Week 23/Day 158): The Force Is Strong in This One

Gen 5: Jade Sanada
5.38 (Week 23/Day 161): The Fifth Generation Teens
5.39 (Week 24/Day 162): Something Old, Something New
5.40 (Week 24/Day 167): Not Quite a Vacation
5.41 (Week 25/Day 171): Remember Us?
5.42 (Week 26/Day 176): Farewell to an Angel
5.43 (Week 26/Day 179): Work, Work, Work, Work, Work
5.44 (Week 27/Day 183): Support Your Local Barista
5.45 (Week 27/Day 185): B.I.L.T.
5.46 (Week 27/Day 187): If a T-Rex Attacks You
5.47 (Week 28/Day 190): Can’t Touch

Restrictions Lifted

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