Makin’ It in Murkland

This story is based on Post-Apocalyptic Murkland: The Starter Challenge.
The challenge itself as well as all of the Murkland lots and Murkland premade townies are creations of the highly talented Brennachan.
Read all about the rules of this challenge here

Chapter Index

1. 1  Where Am I?
1.2  Grunge, Filth, and Trash Plants
1.3  The Hermit’s Hug Pillow
1.4:  Pining for Parsley
1.5:  She’s a Mutant Muchacha
1.6:  The Plumber’s…Back
1.7:  Unflirty Rex
1.8: Foray to the North
1.9 Climbing the Cliff
1.10  The Magic Bean Moocher
1.11: Forbidden Fruit
1.12: The Tree Taunts Me
1.13: PlantSimming Postponed
1.14: Still Waiting
1.15:  PlantSlumming
1.16: Going M.I.A. in Murkland