Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest

This Sims 4 Rival Dynasties Challenge pits three bloodlines in a race to  own the most lots in Newcrest. Each dynasty founder places a museum on their lot, housing portraits and items contributed by the founder and subsequent heirs of that bloodline. After all 15 Newcrest lots are bought, if the rivals own the same number of lots, the dynasty with the highest museum value wins.
This  challenge is a creation of the Challenges Team on Carl’s Forum. For detailed guidelines and rules, click The Rival Dynasties Challenge.

Prologue: Even Cowfolks Get Dem Blues
Week 1/Day 1: What Horse? (All 3 bloodlines)

Stats for Each Bloodline
* Meet the Contenders: Dinero (The Mansion Barons)
* Meet the Contenders: Soma (The Restauranteurs)
* Meet the Contenders: Zanna (The Vampires)

And here we go, playing an in-game week with each “dynasty.”

1.1  What Rolling Stones Don’t Gather (Founder/Daniela Dinero)
1.2  Much-Needed Renovations (Daniela)
1.3  Last-Minute Hustling (Daniela)
1.4  Well, Hello Bradly! (Founder/Yukio Soma)
1.5  Every Day Is Like Survival (Yukio)
1.6  So Not Narcissistic (Yukio)
1.7  1 + 1 = 3  (Real Math!) (Yukio)
1.8  Getty Ready to Rumble (Founder/Serena Zanna)
1.9  Penny Pizzazz and Her Razzamatazz (Serena)
1.10  Penny’s Cheesy Razzamatazz (Serena)
1.11  Aspirational Exasperations (Serena)

2.12: Daichi, da Real MVP (G1/Daniela Dinero)
2.13: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No! (Daniela)
2.14: Daichi’s Floral Pants (Daniela)
2.15: Moss on Fire (Daniela)
2.16: I’m a Sim without Conviction (G1/Yukio Soma)
2.17: I’m a Sim Who Doesn’t Know (Yukio)
2.18: Drop It Like It’s Samosa (Yukio)
2.19: Reaching for the (5) Stars (Yukio)
2.20: You’re Hawt, Gnomesayin’? (G1/Serena Zanna)
2.21: Up in Smoke (Serena)
2.22: Gathering Moss (Serena)
2.23: Them There Eyes (Serena)

3.24: Portraits Are a Pain! (G1/Daniela Dinero)
3.25: Moss Gathers Momentum (Daniela)
3.26: Moss Moves Out (G2/Moss Dinero)
3.27: Aaradhya Articulates (Moss)
3.28: Braddon’s Blues (G1/Yukio Soma)
3.29: Houston, We Haz Problems (Yukio)
3.30: Where’s the Novelty? (Yukio)
3.31: Fruitcake Fraud (G2/Megumi Soma)
3.32: Serena and Reddit (G1/Serena Zanna)
3.33: A Grotto Unforgettable (Serena)
3.34: Yukio’s Swimwear (Serena)
3.35: Couplin’ in da Coffin (G2/Massimo Zanna)

4.36: I Need a Bad Girl (G2/Moss Dinero)
4.37: A House Full of Win (Moss)
4.38: The Mythical Guide (Moss)
4.39: Birthday Bonanza (Moss)
4.40: A New Nosherie (G2/Megumi Soma)
4.41: The Rise of Nacho Mama (Megumi)
4.42: Erina and Akira (Megumi)
4.43: Nacho Mama Goes South (Megumi)
4.44: Just Friends (G2/Massimo Zanna)
4.45: She’s Off and Running! (Massimo)

5.46: Gonna Send Ya Back to Schoolin’ (G2/Moss Dinero)
5.47: Boys with No Life (G2/Moss)
5.48: A Last-Minute Move (G3/Mina Dinero)
5.49: Seriously Serial (G2/Yukio Soma)
5.50: Takin’ Care of Bizness (G2/Yukio)
5.51: Massimo’s Bait and Switch (G2/Massimo Zanna)
5.52: Mixology Takes Forever (G3/Vitoria Zanna)
5.53: Vying for Victory (G3/Vitoria)