SB 9.94: The End of This Journey

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen9, Urchin

Week 30/Tuesday (Summer/Day 3)

As soon as I’ve quit my Acting career, I head inside to share today’s plans with Noel.
Then, I help my sister Ume age up her twins.
Here they are, fresh out of their bassinets.

Isn’t black hair genetically dominant over red hair?
Not for Ume’s twins!

And then Ume and her toddlers are ready to move in with Andy.
She doesn’t even wait to give them makeovers first.
They’re living in that little beach house between here and Chateau Frise.

Noel can’t wait for us to start our own family!
Among his former roomies at the Orphanage, he was the first to move out and get married.
But then he’s been watching with envy as they all became fathers first, even Andy!

Perhaps a sim discovering that they’re eating for two is nothing special to you.
But for our household, it means everything!
Nine generations of Sharebears have been working hard toward this moment!

What a long, long day this had been.
It started with Ume and Andy getting married followed by my last acting gig.
And it ends with the four of us celebrating the Summer Solstice.


Papa completed Big Happy Family after th birth of my sister’s twins.
Yes, due to some youthful indiscretions, Papa has two other grandkids out there somewhere.
I read a Parenting book, thinking to benefit from his Patriarch trait.

But then I realize that Noel and I will not be raising our offspring.
Extremely sad, really, so we shall try not to dwell on it.

Noel and I consider the various ways we might enjoy our last day together.
Noel suggests skinny dipping in the hot tub.
Ironically, now that we have the free time, my pregnancy prevents me from all of the fun stuff.
Just one more day!


The time has come!
Noel shows his support by running around in pre-natal panic.
We have optimistically placed two bassinets.

And I give birth to triplets instead!

You can’t see him at all, but our firstborn is a boy, Sunny, our 10th-generation Sharebear heir!
We name his two sisters Care and Cher.

And this marks the official end of the journey for this Sharegears legacy.

For your viewing pleasure, however, we have illegally aged up the triplets.
That’s the heir Sunny in the center.
Care (left) is the middle child and Cher (right) is the youngest.
Both Sunny and Care have my red hair and green eyes.
Cher, on the other hand, has Noel’s blond hair and grey eyes.

And….that’s all, folks!

Final Legacy Score: 106 points

Some Last Remarks
*A big thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey: those who started their own Sharebear Legacy, those who generously shared their sims, and those who have occasionally stopped by to see what’s going on with these Sharebears.
*These Sharebears’ legacy is over, but one or two of these triplets will no doubt reappear in a future Sims 4 project. ;)

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