Lot Info: San Myshuno

This set of maps and charts provides information about the 24 lots in the four residential neighborhoods of San Myshuno:
Spice Market (7 lots), Fashion District (6 lots), Arts Quarter (6 lots) and Uptown (5 lots).

Spice Market

Community venues: Waterside Warble (Party Place)
Amenities: Basketball court & hoop x1, Bench x1, Fishing spot x2, Fountain x1, Monkey bars x1, Picnic table x2, Public restroom x1, Trashcan x4
Festivals: Spice Festival, Flea Market

Culpepper House Apartments

Lot traits:
• 17 Culpepper: Gremlins
• 18 Culpepper: Historical, Haunted
• 19 Culpepper: Needs TLC
• 20 Culpepper: Chef’s Kitchen

Jasmine Suites Apartments

Lot traits:
• 2A Jasmine Suites: Good Schools, Romantic Aura
• 2B Jasmine Suites: Good Schools, On Ley Line

Residential Lot

Lot traits: Convivial

Fashion District

Community venues: Planet Honey Pop! (Great Acoustics)
Amenities: Bench x6, Picnic table x2, Public restroom x2, Trashcan x4
Festivals: Romance Festival, GeekCon

21 Chic Street Apartments

Lot traits:
• 1310 21 Chic Street: Lively Neighbors
• 1312 21 Chic Street: Lively Neighbors
• 1313 21 Chic Street: Needs TLC

ZenView Apartments

Lot traits:
• 701 ZenView: Quake Zone, Party Place
• 702 ZenView: Quake Zone


Lot traits: Party Place, Sunny Aspect

Arts Quarters

Community venues: Casbah Gallery (Great Acoustics, Natural Light)
Amenities: Come & Get It Street Store x1, Easel x2, Picnic table x2, Public restroom x1, Trashcan x1
Festivals: Humor and Hijinks Festival

Medina Studios Apartments

Lot traits:
• 910 Medina Studios: Quiet, Haunted
• 920 Medina Studios: Needs TLC
• 930 Medina Studios: Gnomes, Penny Pixels

Hakim House Apartments

Lot traits:
• 121 Hakim House: Home Studio
• 122 Hakim House: Historical


Lot traits: Great Soil, Natural Light



Community venues: Skye Fitness (Bracing Breezes), Stargazer Lounge (Romantic Aura)
Amenities: Bench x1, Bubble blower x1, Loveseat x4, Picnic table x2, Public restroom x2, Public speaking area x1 (Podium + 10 chairs)
Festivals: none

Alto Apartments

Lot traits:
• 1010 Alto: Chef’s Kitchen
• 1020 Alto: Romantic Fireplace

Landgraab Apartments

Lot traits:
• VIII Landgraab: Great View, Serviced Apartment
• IX Landgraab: Great View

Spire Apartments

Lot traits: Great View

Dream big! Happy simming!

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