7. Mission Accomplie

Week 5: Day 34 (Fri)

Satoru: Since yesterday morning, nothing worth reporting has happened.
Today, everyone except Tomomi is taking a vacation day from school.
Tomomi wanted to take the day off as well, but she needs to attend school today to get her A grade and complete Whiz Kid.
Dad’s age bar has been bubbling since Tuesday afternoon, but he’s been going strong.
We all deeply hope he lives to witness the end of this challenge.
Dad’s been keeping me company in the Inspired Room as I continue to work on the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Mitsuo: Now that Satoru has finished skilling, Mom has some time to mentor me in piano.
With nothing better to do until he’s an adult, Satoru’s twin Shinji is practicing yoga.
W: Technically, this isn’t “a shirtless shot,” since Shinji has his back turned, right?

Misa: It’s nice to have time to help all of our children grow. Mitsuo and Tomomi are our youngest and received the least attention.
Ever since she completed the Bodybuilder aspiration last night, Aya has been complaining about how muscular her legs are!
She’s on her way to upgrade the telescope, her last upgrade for earning the Handy trait from Nerd Brain.

Jin: Tomomi, our Cheerful fifth child, comes home from school today with her A grade. Good job, Tomomi!
She’s completed three aspirations but, like Mitsuo, won’t be working on Social Butterfly.

Shinji: First of all, I’d like to blow a kiss to @wfgodot for the compliment! As a spare, it feels so nice to be noticed!
Soooo, Watchette was rereading the Wonder Child rules just now and discovered that we’re allowed to age up whenever we want.
That is, ageing can’t be delayed but it can be advanced.

Watchette: I can’t believe I could have just skipped the baby stage for all of you! And Jin would be three days younger now!

Shinji: Anyway, I’m tired of being a teenager and Mitsuo has done as much as he wants to as a child, so we both decide to age up tonight.
Hey, Mitsuo, what’s with the guyliner!
Mitsuo: Shut it, Shinji! I told Watchette she could take a screenshot of us right after I aged up! These pink earrings are so not me!

Jin: Mitsuo, why don’t you start by working on Renaissance Sim since you maxed so many skills as a child?
Mitsuo: Can do, Dad. I love sitting up in the Focused Room, looking out at the ocean!

Day 35 (Sat)

Misa: I’m done mentoring you on the piano, Tomomi. Why don’t you go make a wish on your birthday cake and age up to a teenager?
Tomomi: I’d like to earn some levels in fishing first. I’d also like to get some levels in Charisma, too.
I still have eight days until I become a teenager, so I don’t need to rush, do I?
W: You’re right, Tomomi! When this challenge ends, you’ll still have another week left as a child.

Mitsuo: I aged up too late to join the Manual Laborer job, so I’m forced to go babysitting.

Watchette: In retrospect, I’m glad to have ended up with a household of seven sims.
Not only could I confirm that Jin and Misa produce nice-looking children, but the larger household has helped me avoid screenshot after screenshot focusing only on the Wonder Child.
For the past two days, all Satoru has done is write. I can only post so many screenshots of him writing.
Oh look! Another shot of him typing!

Day 36 (Sun)

Jin: I definitely won’t finish the Bestselling Author aspiration before this challenge ends this evening.
It’s just past 10 a.m. so Dad and I just got paid our royalties. I’ve only $20,485/$25,000 so far and only have two bestsellers.
Oh well, since I’ve completed Renaissance Sim, I’ll still be able to write skill books and that’s what really matters!

Tomomi: Since yesterday morning, I’ve leveled my fishing, Social, and Charisma skills enough. I want to become a teenager.
Aya bakes me a cake and cheered me on while I blow out the candles.
Before this challenge ends, we both wanted you to see the outfit that the aliens had nicked from us, so here’s a screenshot of me in that dress and Mitsuo.
Notice that Watchette gave me Mom’s hairstyle and dyed my hair black.
W: It’s hard to believe that you’re only a teenager, Tomomi. Why do you look like a young adult already?
Mitsuo: Thanks for the makeover, Watchette, but why am I still wearing guyliner?

Satoru: I finish writing my third bestseller around 7:30 p.m. and then phone in my birthday party.
Only one of the guests I invited arrives, so I blow out my candles and do my little birthday leap.  I’m a young adult at last!

Satoru: For some reason, hardly anyone comes to our parties and this one started at 8 p.m.!
Oh well, at least the family’s all here, alive and well.
I’m so glad Mom and Dad could be here to celebrate the end of the challenge with us!
Dad’s looking fly as always.

Satoru: The whole family and our single guest (in front center) had a fabulous time at my gold-metal birthday party.

Shinji: Hey, bro, life won’t be the same without my twin brother.
Satoru: I feel exactly the same, man. I’m going to miss the whole family, but you the most.
I’m just glad that Dad made it! His age bar’s been bubbling for five days now…
*whispers: this cute shot of Shinji is fan service for @wfgodot

Jin: Misa, you and I did a great job raising Satoru as the Wonder Child as well as our four other children.
Misa: Darn straight we did. Time for us to retire, for real.

Shinji: Hey, Satoru! Dad tells us you’re moving to Oasis Springs into the neighborhood that Dad’s from!
Satoru: I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! So Dad, you ever gonna tell me what I’ll be doing there?
Dad: Sure, son, it’s time now. *whisper, whisper


Closing Words


This concludes the Sanada Wonder Child Challenge.
Although most challenges begin with creating a brand-new sim in CAS, Pinstar’s rules permit the use of a pre-skilled Wonder Child as the founder of a multi-generational legacy in his Apocalypse Challenge for Sims 4.
From this point, Satoru alone will move back to Jin’s old neighborhood (but not the same house) to start a new life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Thanks so much for reading! This is a short grind-centered challenge that doesn’t really lend itself to much of a story.
However, I wanted to share with you the parents, birth, and early years of my Wonder Child as well as the life he and his family lived on this very lovely beachfront lot.
I for one will miss their idyllic life on the beach and dearly wish someone would design a Sims 4 challenge that allowed my sims household to continue living on the beach!

Anyway…..we hope you’ll drop in on Satoru and his brood once he founds his new Apocalypse Challenge here!

In hindsight
Don’t bother sending a parent to the Scientist career for a cloning machine. The Sanadas ended up never using it; “Rally the Troops” worked just fine, especially since they were always taking mood-boosting showers anyway.
In preparation for the Apocalypse Challenge, start the Bestselling Author aspiration early. My Wonder Child started too late and didn’t earn enough publishing income to complete this aspiration.   In my Apocalypse Challenge, Satoru eventually quit his Chef job as an elder to join the Author career and writes skill books. If he’d completed Bestselling Author, he could have provided his family with Books of Life, too. Huge missed opportunity.

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