The Sanada Wonder Child Challenge:
Do These Genes Make My Butt Look Big?

Hello folks!

This story consist of my gameplay (from April 3 to April 17, 2016) while playing Pinstar’s Wonder Child Challenge for Sims 4. Please note this time period precedes the arrival of the City Living lot traits and toddlers.

In spring of 2015, I’d completed this challenge once while playing for points.  Sadly, that Wonder Child is ill-equipped to handle the rigors of Pinstar’s Apocalypse Challenge for Sims 4.

This time around, therefore, I’ll be cultivating a Wonder Child for the primary purpose of using him as the founder of an Apocalypse Challenge.

The Wonder Child Challenge rules can be found here.

Its creator, Pinstar, also recorded his gameplay of the challenge, from start to finish. If you like watching gameplay videos, you can watch his videos with commentary on Youtube from that same webpage.

This is a very short challenge, starting with two unacquainted “Day 1” adults and ending when the Wonder Child ages up into a Young Adult.

Exactly because it’s so short, I thought I’d use this challenge to play around with custom content, which I’d never used before. Nettlejuice has been kind enough to share her abundant knowledge about using and organizing cc; the tacky fashion choices appearing within my story are entirely my own.

To conclude my “trailer” post, here’s a preview shot of the future Wonder Child’s parents-to-be. As the story begins, they are strangers so this is obviously a later shot. (Pose by kiruluvnst)

In case you’re wondering, the male sim is a spare in my recent Immortal Dynasty and is my all-time favorite sim. The female sim was born into one of my failed dynasty attempts and she sometimes joins my for-fun games. I made “twins” of both sims in my library, so these two “bin clones” begin without any skills or reward traits.

1. Sowing Genetic Excellence

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