Rivals 1.3: Last-Minute Hustling

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Dinero, Part III)


Krishna: Sheesh, we’re finally able to walk and we have only one full day before the end of the week!
Arun: At least you’re not stuck in the bassinets for two weeks!

Moss: Uncle Arun, why does Watchette keep asking me to pout!?
My winning smile isn’t good enough?


Salim: It’s an outing for the guys of the house! Let’s go fishing!
Arun: We have the great idea to take the boys with us, then realize there’s nothing for them to do at the fishing spot.
Plus the dock’s too far from any potty facilities.

Daniela: Mamas to the rescue!
Jesminder: We bring blocks, toys, and toddler books!

Salim: Hey, Arun! You know what?
Arun: No, what?
Salim: Did you know we also wear the same type of pants?
Arun: Wow, fancy that…
Salim: You know what else, Arun?
Arun: No, what else?
Salim: You and I spend more time together than we spend with our wives. Strange, right?
Arun: It’s rather depressing, now that you mention it…

Moss (sighs): Mama’s so serious about reading to us that she’s ruining the story!
Krishna (whispers): Hey, Moss! Is it okay that we sit inside without ordering anything to drink?

Daniela and the boys are at a café, so why are you grilling fruit, Jesminder?
Jesminder: The boys need to start out eating properly. I don’t want them eating pastries and cakes!

Krishna: Did we get kicked out of the café, Moss?
Moss: I don’t think so. We probably came over here to eat. Krishna, your mum’s very pretty and her stories are fun!

Salim: How long do we need to keep fishing, anyway? It was kinda fun at first, but…Hey, look! My first cowberry!
Arun: And I just caught my second dragonfruit. Salim, my friend, I believe we are done here!

Jesminder: The little boys got really sleepy while waiting for Salim and Arun to stop fishing.
Moss: Grrrrrrr…
Salim: I’m going to pretend not to notice how mad Moss is and hope the storm passes.

Jesminder: Krishna is so tired that he’s beyond angry and just feels sad.

Arun: What? Only a distant shot of my back? Where’s the shot of me and the fabulous work I’ve done in the garden?

Moss: What!? No bedtime story, Papa?

Daniela: Tonight’s the night we switch houses, but it’s been a great day for me!
At work, I get promoted to Level 6 Imaginative Imagist (Painter)
At home, I continue working on Painter Extraordinaire while I finish my daily work task.
Then, voila! Maxing the painting skill nets me enough points to buy my fourth trait, Frugal.

Arun: It’s very close to the time for switching households.
Since I’m getting the garden in shape, however, I talk everyone into a quick trip to Granite Falls.
Salim: We stay at Forest Manor (by MaxisCreator_01) for the toddlers’ sake.
Jesminder: Thank Carl for that. I worked tonight and don’t really feel like roughing it.

Arun: Wow, look how close our rental villa is to that fishing spot!
Daniela: We’re definitely coming back here to spend a few days when the boys are older!
Salim: And don’t forget about that ashram in the Deep Woods!

Moss: Who needs to pout when you ooze charm like I do?

Salim: It’s been wonderful to have Arun living with us, Watchette! He’s such an asset!
Yes, I agree. He’s already at the last tier of both Bestselling Author and Freelance Botanist.
Salim: Let’s think of some way to show the Bheedas how much they’re appreciated!

Salim: Come here, you lovely little rainbow fireflies!
Daniela: My husband might not have the versatility of Arun but he’s done very well, too.
He’s written his three bestsellers and just waiting for enough publishing income to unleash some Books of Life.

Daniela: And let’s not forget our incredible Jesminder!
She’s already completed Master Mixologist and, after one more promotion, will complete Master Chef, too.
Jesminder: Thanks for throwing those parties this week, Daniela. They really helped out!
Daniela: And since you’re also at the last tier of Painter Extraordinaire, I want to mentor you in Painting in Week 2.

Red ghost: I’m absolutely livid! Why can’t I catch a crab? It’s the only item missing from my fish collection!
Forest Ranger: Have you tried placing crab pots at the northern fishing spot in the National Park?
Ghost: Oh, please! I’m dead, not stupid! Even I know that I can only use crab pots in Stardew Valley!

Daniela: At this point, I’ve completed two out of Mansion Baron’s four tiers.
In the hope of boosting our home’s value, I’ve used only the most expensive flooring.
Besides the basics, we haven’t started on the interior décor yet. And we’ll eventually remodel part of the painting area for toddler/child skilling.

It’s a truly odd-looking house on the outside, but very spacious and comfortable on the inside.

Daniela: We have three main objectives for next week:
• Help Moss max all his toddler skills
• Complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration
• Reach Level 9 in the Patron of the Arts career (we can dream, right?)

Once Jesminder reaches Level 8 Chef, she’ll quit her mixologist job and paint full-time.
Combined with Salim and Arun’s publishing income, we hope to earn enough for more renovations and a Dinero Museum.

And now we bid farewell to the Dineros. See you in two weeks!


Week 1 Status: Dinero Line

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
Mansion Baron: Tiers I and II

*Incomplete Requirements
Gold-medal parties: Dinner party, House party (need one more party)
Portrait: Not yet.
Mansion Baron: Tiers III and IV
Career: Patron of Arts (6)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
Toddler skills: Potty L2, Thinking L2

Up next: Week 1 with Yukio Soma, Restauranteur

Rivals 1.4: Well, Hello Bradly!

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