Murky 1.14: Still Waiting

• oshizu visits the Engine Family’s Bunker and Mad Mud’s Abode for the first time, falling in love with little Diesel;
• She explores the Mystical Tree’s portal, which opened at 10 am sharp, but only finds 4 crystals;
• Eager to rid her lot of the huge tree, she plants the Forbidden Fruit instead of consuming it;
• She spends the day considering possible temporary lodging options if she ever becomes a PlantSim; then
• She drifts off to sleep, wishing her little tree sprout will grow quickly.

Week 4/Tuesday

I wake up at the ungodly hour of 4:20 am. Normally, I’d go back to sleep, but…
My Forbidden Fruit tree is all grown up!

I chat with her (the tree’s awesome so it must be a “she,” right?) for a while.
Somehow, we get on the topics of sports cars, which I know very little about.

My tree and trash plants don’t need me yet today, so I do some fire dancing.
Unluckily, things don’t go as well this morning as they did last night!

Last week, I bought a meditation stool at the Murkland Mercantile Co. store.
So, after attending to my burns, I place my new meditation stool!

Meditation doesn’t affect my hygiene like yoga does; my needs deplete more slowly.
Also, I don’t need the mood boosts provided by yoga these days, anyway.

I’m gonna meditate until my garden needs tending…

I just had to go and burn my right arm, didn’t I?
So inconvenient for tending my garden!
And whenever I crouch down to weed or evolve a plant, my leg wounds bleed through.

Suddenly I hear the familiar sound of the mail being delivered!
You know, one thing nice about Murkland is that I’ve stopped getting all that junk mail.

Ooh, it’s a second letter from the mysterious W, whoever that is.

Huh, she could have included a little more praise for me, you know?
It’s not like I broke those rules on purpose–I just forgot or didn’t understand them correctly.

I’m a little bit wiser now, but I’ll no doubt still continue to make mistakes. *sighs

I’m determined to stay home today. My tree might bear fruit tomorrow, I’m thinking.
Inviting Jin along, I make a very quick trip to the Murkland Mercantile Co.

I just want to buy some skill books, though I give a sidelong glance to the toddler beds…

Before we leave, I try again to convince Jin that I also “need” a portable bar.
Jin disagrees.

Jin: The last time, we both concluded that a portable bar’s a luxury item, right?
Now, we’re not even sure it’s “legal” for you to own one.

oshizu:  True, true. And if I really want a drink, I can visit several venues to order or mix drinks.
You’re right, as usual, Jin. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

Jin: I’d like to stick around while oshizu spends the day at home, waiting on that tree.
After spraying the garden’s bugs, I don’t have anything to do so oshizu lends me her violin.

Gah, I make such awful, screechy sounds that I move to the far corner of the lot.
My playing won’t improve unless I practice, but I don’t want to disrupt oshizu’s reading.

oshizu: Around 10 pm, I round up old and new friends to visit the PufferDome for the first time.
Wow, it looks like a completely different place at night!

This is that sketchy restaurant, owned by Mad Mud, that I told you about before.
It only serves water and the worst-quality pufferfish nigiri-zushi.

As soon as we arrive, Charlii Mai rushes downstairs and I assume she’ll wash her hands.

Nope! Teach that can who’s boss, Charlii Mai! No one likes a can that talks trash!

One look at the green-eyed host and you know this is a questionable establishment!

Hello, Don!? You think no one recognizes you and your Assassin Creed cosplay?

The real reason we’re here tonight is to celebrate Mercy Skies (left, aka kreepsymusic) and Valeda Tivona (right, aka Euphorial Queen).
They both completed the Murkland Starter Challenge this afternoon!

Mercy and Valeda are both recent acquaintances of mine. Very cool sims, very cool!
I’d also like to consider Charlii Mai as not only a new neighbor but also a new friend.

Look at her sitting there, all chill! Our vampire waitress don’t be fazing her one bit!

Valeda: Hey, Mercy! Can you believe oshizu inviting us to this deadly place to celebrate?
Mercy: I know, right? What was she thinking?

oshizu: All I ordered for us is water, ladies, cuz I just want to check this place out.
I thought we could chug our water then visit that new bar in Nukecrest, yeah?

(You can’t see his face, but that’s Mercy’s friend Fen van Zandt seated in front of her.)

Charlii: You’re such a chicken, oshizu, just ordering water here!
oshizu: I know. But I’m not dying until I get my 16 perfect trash plants, dagnabbit!

Valeda: Hey, for water, doesn’t this liquid look awfully murky? It’s not poisoned, is it?


When we arrive at the Nuclear Nectar, it’s just past midnight.
This fantastic bar, which recently opened in eastern Nukecrest, is anchesenamon’s creation.

I order drinks for the group then go upstairs to hire a DJ.
That’s when I notice the cutie-pie Fen slinking around like a vampire.

I immediately check if there’s a vampire break-in going on, but there isn’t.
So Fen’s cool. Guess he just walks like that. Huh.

Everyone’s having a blast but I’m ready to go home to my tree.
Would you believe it? This time, there is a vampire break-in so we can’t go home!

It’s that lady in the red skirt! How utterly annoying!

I follow her downstairs and ask her politely to leave.
When that doesn’t work, I pick a fight with her. Oh yeah!

I win, natch!
Everyone knows I’m at What’s Left of the Gym several times a week.
I always shoot some hoops before or after every yard sale, so that’s a lot of hoops!

Caterina arrived without my noticing. She looks rather horrified.
Maybe she’s never seen this part of me yet?

And that is how I came to be despised by a Grand Master vampire. Just great.
Oh well, you’re welcome, everybody. We can finally all go home now!

Vampire: You will regret this, ignorant mortal!

The next day, I stay home all day, reading and gardening.
At 10 pm, I give up on the tree bearing fruit today and visit the Hot Springs with Jin.

Because of the scare I gave Caterina at the bar, I invite her and Forest Tree along, too.

If only I were making as much progress with my tree as Caterina seems to be making with Forest Tree!

The Forbidden Fruit Tree will flower on Thursday, for sure!

Murky 1.15:  PlantSlumming

7 thoughts on “Murky 1.14: Still Waiting

  1. Lol oh now we know what would happen should you feel the need to trash talk to Charlii Mai and with that out of her system she ignored all warnings about drinking that Murky water, Tut Tut. XD

    Loved the Update ❤ Thanks for including my Sim-self. I particularly enjoyed the Letter from the Watcher (This is Murkland, Not breaking bad) Your updates have me giggling. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, Charlii Mai wasn’t even in an angry mood and she punished that trash can good! Thanks for your giggles. It’s been so fun having other players’ simselves in my game. Maybe you could create a new challenge that requires the simselves of other challengers?

      Liked by 1 person

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