DD 1.7: Business Tycoon!!!

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 4/Day 25 (Wednesday) 

Jade: Tuesday after work, I socialized with every passerby and when it got dark, I continued to socializing with my children.
I met Nancy Landgraab for the first time. She’s a sharp dresser. I like her.
At this point, my Charisma is at 87%.  I’m feeling a tad desperate…

Jade: It’s 1 a.m. now on Wednesday and the kids should all be in bed.
But in my obsession with Charisma skilling, I completely forgot to check whether they’d done their homework.
It’s never too late. I feel so proud seeing them all sitting there, working hard!
The middle boy on the left is Phillip Winkler. He seems have taken a fancy to our Erika, but their romance is doomed.
Phillip’s a not-in-the-world sim and we can only move in one sim per generation (Comedian restriction).
For Gen2, that sim is Yuki.

Satoru: Meanwhile, I go out for a late night jog and run into one of the new neighbors.
It seems they just moved in a few hours ago.
Hi, my name’s Satoru Sanada. My family and I live in that little house facing yours.

New neighbor: Oh, nice to meet you. My name’s Christy Markham. I’m a high school student.
W: Hey you two, get out of the street! Can’t you see a tram is coming?
Sheesh, what did I tell you?

Christy: Nice to meet you, Mr. Sanada. My mom, little brother, and I just moved in tonight.
Satoru: It’s nice to get to know you. (Gah, she has the Evil and Kleptomaniac traits!)
*fumbles to click “Goodbye” asap
Whew! Watchette, I couldn’t get away from her fast enough!
W: Let’s just hope she doesn’t follow you home. You got your all your stuff nailed down?

Satoru: After the sun rises, I glance outside to notice that yet another new teenage girl has moved to town.
I imagine Tatsuya and Yuki will meet her at school soon enough.

Jade: An hour before the kids have to leave for school, I finally max Charisma! What a great feeling!
I suffered a large performance loss yesterday due a bad business decision, but my final promotion is just a matter of time!
Also, 10 minutes before my achievement, little Sasuke completes his Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
All our hard work is really starting to pay off.

Sasuke: Hey, Kenta! Let’s take a picture before school yo!
Satoru: It’s so fascinating to see how much Sasuke favors me, while Kenta favors his mum.

Satoru: Oh, I see the new neighbors over at the park!
New neighbor: Hello there, handsome! My name is Traci Markham.
I hear you met my daughter last night.  This is my Goofball son, Declan Markham.

Satoru: Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m a chef and my wife is the CEO over at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe Inc.
You live in that fabulous Bahama Breeze across the way from ours, so you must have a fabulous career to match. What kind of work are you in?

Traci: I work as a massage therapist at Civic Cliffs in the eastern part of Newcrest, but my late husband left me a considerable inheritance so….
And did I tell you that I’m Jealous and Evil with the Music Lover trait?

Satoru: Oh hey, I think I hear the phone in the kitchen ringing.  I’ll see you around, then! Nice to meet you both!
W: You don’t even have a phone in the kitchen.
Satoru: Ssshhhh *tries to walk quickly away without looking as if he’s trying to resist running

Tatsuya: The gang is home from school—we’re all doing well, I think.
Erika and I are A students.  And based on their School Performance bars, Yuki, Sasuke, and Kenta will definitely become A students tomorrow.
Since Yuki joined our family with only Level 6 Video Gaming, I appreciate Dad helping her with homework so she’ll have more time for skilling.
But now that Yuki lives here, I wish he’d remember to put some clothes on. Sheesh, Dad!

Jade: Arrgggh, Watchette, how could you have forgotten about me?
Why didn’t you remember to switch my work mode from Word Hard to Normal before the end of my shift?
W: Oh, I’m so sorry! Erika brought her friend Maximilliano Persons home after school.
I had trouble getting everyone to sit down and finish their homework and extra credit.

Jade: Well, I’m super stressed out from trying to max my career today. I’m only one-third of a tick away!
W: Great job, Jade! Oh look! There’s our savior to the rescue. 
Satoru: Awww, you’re so tense, sweetheart. Here, let me “share detox secrets” with you. Feel better now!

Jade: Oh, look! Erika and Maximilliano are taking a photo together! Poor Erika! Like Phillip, Maximiliiano is also a not-in-world sim. Poor thing!
Satoru: Well, I don’t think Watchette’s going to let our little Erika be with Paolo, either.
Jade: Seriously?
Satoru: Yeah, something about waiting for a later generation and moving him in as a spouse or something.
Jade: Well, just don’t let Erika get wind of that!

Yuki: Tatsuya and I have finished building the rocket ship kit on the roof. It’s pretty amazing!
We stay in the kitchen chatting after dinner, when I notice that Tatsuya has a thought bubble of a blazing heart. I wonder what that means?

Yuki: Oh, so that’s what that means…

The Tricer: Among the four second-generation children, Tatsuya is considered “the heir” and the only one who can move in a spouse.
Sasuke’s training is also crucial, however, because he will also be responsible for clearing an adult career.
The family-oriented father is always diligently mentoring the younger generation.
The Tricer approves, especially when said father is dressed.

W: Explain to us again why you refer to yourself in the third person?

The Tricer: Explain to me again why I should care whether you want me to explain?

Day 26 (Thu)

Satoru: I’m off on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On those weekdays, I have time to myself while everyone else is out.
No matter how I spend the day, I always make sure there’s food for the crew when they get home.

Satoru: When the kids come home from school at 3, each and every one is an A student, including Yuki. I’m so proud of them all!
But lately, I’ve been wondering if Tatsuya is really the best choice as the heir.
Because of his kleptomaniac trait, he’s tense all through school with the “Need to swipe” moodlet.
And today’s the second day in a row that he’s come home angry.
W: I’ve been wondering the same thing lately, Satoru.
If he can’t maintain a good mood even for a seven-hour school day, maybe he simply should do a teen career instead.

Satoru: I feel bad for him, because it’s not all his fault. He didn’t choose to become a kleptomaniac.
And unfortunately, there’s nothing to swipe in this neighborhood. But we can’t travel, so there’s no way to satisfy his “Need to swipe” before he leaves for school.

W: And yet when I see him like this at home with Satoru, he’s so happy and pleasant.
The Tricer: The Tricer likes him the best among the children!
I’ve investigated the possibility of making him a Criminal/Boss since he already has Mischief and Handiness skills, but he’s really a gentle soul.
Jade: For now, it might be best to move Erika down to Yuki’s room. Tatsuya can sleep with the twins on the second floor.

Jade: Ahem!!!!  Guess who just maxed this household’s second career?
Now that I’ve cleared the Business/Management career, we will no longer be forced to quit if we miss, arrive late for, or leave early from work.
If we do quit a job, we can now re-join it if we want.
Elders can retire from their jobs and we may take both vacation days and family leave.
Also, we are no longer restricted to the work modes of Normal and Word Hard.
Go me!

Day 27 (Fri)

Satoru: Just before I leave for work, Jade gets an investment opportunity for which she has two options: act immediately or wait.
She picks “Invest now” and we receive $50,000! What a windfall!
When all your cash is confiscated by the mob every Monday morning, $50,000 is a lot of coin to receive all at once!
W: I’ve never encountered this work opportunity before!

Great, just great! Now the entire household is panicked because Erika caused a fire at the science table.
On the other hand, Satoru and his Naturalist trait really save the day!
He’s also the only one in the house who’s not in the Very Tense mood (this Tense moodlet from the fire lasts 24 hours—that’s too long!).
Some days, it is so hard to keep everyone happy…Just go to bed, people!

(This is a walls-down shot because the room is too small to permit a screenshot otherwise)

Jade: Well, that was an epic fail! Erika and Yuki are friends, yet they refuse to share a double bed!
Didn’t you know, Jade, that it’s way too late to try separating Yuki from Tatsuya now?
I’m not sure when it happened but Tatsuya and Yuki are already soulmates!

Jade: I had no idea!

Jade, they’re both having such  a hard time! Tatsuya is a kleptomaniac yet he encounters nothing to steal.
Yuki is a geek but the household is prohibited from using computers, phones, and TV.
They really need some new hobbies!

Day 29 (Sun)

Just past midnight, Erika ages up to a teen.
Apparently, she inherited Jade’s full lips and those over-plucked eyebrows.

Satoru: You better not let Jade hear you talking like that, Watchette!

Erika: To my first trait of Loves the Outdoors, I add Cheerful and the Renaissance Sim aspiration.
By the way, as soon as I age up, I immediately find a part-time job as a Level 2 Babysitter, which starts at 6 pm Sunday evening.
Nice shoes, Erika! They go well with your hair!    *weeps

DD 1.8: Trick or Traits

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