DD 1.6: Yuki Is Workin’ It

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 04/Day 023 (Monday) 

Yuki:  I still can’t believe my sister Candy would dump me in a house full of strangers on the day before I start high school so she can prance off to Las Vegas for some gig.
Well, they’re not all strangers.
Right after my teen birthday, we visited here for the first time and I made friends with Tatsuya.
What a shock to move in and find that he’s a teen now, too! *whispers: not bad on the eyes, either!

Tatsuya and his dad are also up early this morning.
Since my only skill is L6 Video Gaming, Tatsuya offers to play chess with me while his dad mentors me.
Before moving here, I’d never had help with homework or been mentored before.
Watchette: I’m here, too, Yuki. You’re a watched sim now.
Yuki: Oh seriously? How cool is that? Well, at least until Candy comes back for me, right?
W: Uh, yeah, right. *coughs

Tatsuya: (thinking to himself) I still can’t believe that Yuki lives with us now. I wonder why Dad agreed to it?
Yuki must have had a hard life, being raised by her older sister!
The whole family is trying, in our own ways, to help Yuki feel at home here with us.

Satoru: I imagine Yuki must be feeling lonely—Candy had mentioned that they’d never been apart before.
That Las Vegas gig must be really important to Candy!
Yuki is quiet but she’s always very respectful and thoughtful.
I like the effect she has on Tatsuya, too. Whenever she’s around, he tries so hard to be the very best he can be.

Tatsuya: Dad finally leaves so Yuki and I move to the bathroom to chat with some privacy. Sometimes, The Tricer sits there with his eyes closed but he’s secretly eavesdropping!
Yuki: Tatsuya and I were friends when I moved in, but we’re BFFs now!
Even though I’m a Loner, I think I’m gonna enjoy living here with the Sanadas.

Yuki: 8 a.m. rolls around and we’re all off to school.
For Tatsuya and me, today’s our first day of high school. Tatsuya’s a B student already but I’m just a C student.
For the twins Sasuke and Kenta, it’s their first day of grade school. They’re both C students.
Kenta (yellow vest): Why don’t we get to wear cool school uniforms like we saw in Dad’s family album?
Sasuke (red hat): Yeah, this is lame.
Tatsuya: Where’s Erika?
W: She comes running up behind like a boss, because she’s been an A student in grade school since last week.

Jade: After paying our weekly bills for the amount of $2,206, the mob drops by and picks up our remaining cash of $1,351. Ouch!
Satoru: By the way, that’s the nice lady who delivers our bills, not the mob rep!

Tatsuya: Yuki and I return from high school to an empty house.
Mom and Dad are working and the kids left straight for the pirate gym after school.
We started out doing homework but ended up chatting, then I thought I’d try making a move.

Yuki: Whoooaa, is Tatsuya doing that “Attempt to Seduce” social the girls at school were giggling about today?
Tatsuya: Gah, does this really work? It’s impossible to tell if she likes it or not.
Maybe a wink would work better…

Yuki:  Okay, dollface. You wanna get serious? Let me show you how Yuki works it!
*cues Missy Elliott’s “Work It”
W: Sorry, Yuki, no stereos yet! (Musician restriction)
Yuki: Doh. Okay, I got this even without background music!

Yuki: I pucker up and zoom in for the kill.  Surprise!  My BFF looks like he’s liking dis!

Yuki: After our first kiss, he asks me to be his girlfriend.
While I’m busy with my squees, Tatsuya stands there with a dopey smile on his face. Life is faaaaabulous!

W: Okay, you two! Sorry to interrupt your now autonomous romantic socials, but would you please go  finish your homework so I could devote my attention to other members of the household? Thanks!

W:  Meanwhile, over at the pirate gym, Kenta gets insulted by Max Villareal and ends up angry and embarrassed.
Sasuke: Hmmph, that Max dude thinks he can get away with messing with my twin, who also happens to be my BFF?
In a playful mood from the pirate gym, Sasuke pops a whim to impishly pester someone, which is a mean interaction.
Sasuke: Let’s see, who should I be mean to? Hmmm….
W: Wow, Sasuke! I didn’t know you had it in you! Even Max looks a little shocked!

Jade: Arriving home together at 6 pm, Satoru gets a raise and I get promoted to Level 9 CEO.
The only thing standing between me and Level 10 Business Tycoon is my Charisma.
Between now and Wednesday morning, I absolutely must boost my Charisma from Level 9 to 10.
W: Leveling Charisma without any traits to boost leveling is so time-consuming! *sighs

Sheesh, you two haven’t moved since I last saw you!
Speaking of Mischief, Tatsuya, you’re going to become a journalist eventually, but what shall we do about your Kleptomaniac trait?
Since you can’t use a computer until you join the Journalist career (eSport Gamer restriction), do you want to level Mischief so you can swipe better items?
Or would it be best if you focus on your skilling responsibilities as an heir? Hmmmm….

Tatsuya: Really, huh…
W: As heir, you should at least max Logic and Handiness, especially since you have the Nerd Brain aspiration.
I bet you have time to get your Mischief to Level 5 without even trying that hard.

Tatsuya: Uh huh.
Hello? Are you even listening to me? You two will never get your homework done that way!
Yuki: What? Did you say something, Watchette?
Jade! Satoru! Could you please get in here and help the lovebirds finish their homework? At this rate, they’ll be standing here until morning! Aargh…

Day 24 (Tue)

Satoru: When your son is a Nerd Brain, every broken object means a mentoring opportunity.

Erika—who becomes a teenager very early Monday morning—and Sasuke look so adorable together in their matching red hats.

Jade: To level my Charisma, I tell group stories to Erika and Kenta.
What? No, of course not! I am not abusing my parental authority by forcing them to listen to my stories!
Erika: Why are we the only ones listening to your stories, Mom? Is this some form of punishment?
Jade: No, not at all. But you two are the lucky ones because you don’t need to complete a 10-level adult career.
Erika and Kenta (in unsion): We don’t?
Jade: You’ll only need to each complete a three-level teen career. That means you’ll have more time to enjoy life (maybe…).

Satoru: Meanwhile, I mentor Sasuke in Creativity because he’ll eventually go into the Musician career.
Clearing Musician would allow us to switch aspirations.
Presently, we have to roll our aspirations and even if we max an aspiration, we cannot switch to another one.
Getting access to “stuff” is important, but it’s even more important to be able to choose traits and aspirations, use rewards points, and of course the dresser is never far from the Watchette’s superficial mind!

Tatsuya: In the evenings, Yuki and I have started building the rocket ship kit that had lain neglected on the rooftop.
Our friendship and romance bars are both maxed now. I might have moved into her room *coughs

Satoru: Pssst, Watchette. Is this it for today’s update? This chapter is booooring.
W: Sshhhh, we’re mostly just counting the days until Erika becomes a teen next week.
Unfortunately, something exciting does not happen every day.
On rare days a fantastic and noteworthy event might occur and many days we’re just wordlessly working on the challenge requirements,
but most days we are running around desperately behind the scenes, just trying not to fail…

DD 1.7: Business Tycoon!!!

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