Rivals 6.58: Getting Busy in da Jungle

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Akira Soma (1/4)

Previously in Week 5:
*The Soma founder Yukio remarks to the Gen4 heir Akira that his own handsome genes have been replaced with those of Akira’s less attractive father, Bradly;
*Akira seeks to heal his wounded pride by reminding himself that he completed the Serial Romantic aspiration;
*Last Saturday at 10 pm, Akira moves out to the 20×15 Oak Alcove lot then moves in Ulrike Faust and Maaike Haas with their adopted daughters Jun and Erina, respectively;
*Jun is thrilled to finally become Akira’s girlfriend and we leave the Gen3 Soma household after Jun learns she’s eating for two.

Week 6/Sunday 

Akira: Unbelievably, Watchette only realized a few days ago that each bloodline’s fifth lot is a throwaway lot.
Jun: Because this challenge ends when the Gen5 heirs move out?

Akira: Yeah, the Gen5 heirs never actually build or reside on their lots unless one of the bloodlines fail.
Jun: So, you mean we could have been living on one of those two 30×20 lots, instead of squeezed into this 20×15?

Akira: Tragic, isn’t it? Oh well, that at least gives us more cash for my restaurant.

Jun: I can’t remember now if I’d had time to eat carrots last week.
But we have a baby son, just like we wanted!
We will be renaming him Satoshi as soon as he ages up.

Ulrike: What did my grand-son get named while we were away, Jun?
Jun: Mack, ugh.

Akira: I briefly invite Luna Villareal over because she’s still my girlfriend from my teen years.
Luna: So you were just doing the Serial Romantic aspiration? You never really cared for me?

Akira: Let’s just be friends, okay? I want to make sure I can propose to the mother of my child.
You’re the big dynasty spouse favorite for challenges these days, Luna. Your future is golden, girl!

Erina: Thanks so much for tutoring me in painting, Auntie Ulrike.
Ulrike: You’re welcome, Erina. I’m grooming you to marry the Gen4 heir who is now just a nooboo.

Erina: Well, I was a Top-Notch Todder, so painting should be a walk in the park!
Ulrike: Great! Max painting asap so you can continue learning to garden! You’ll need to max writing, too!

Akira: I’m going to add Grandpa Yukio to our club, Ulrike, so he can mentor and you can paint!
Ulrike: Good idea! We can really use more income!

Maaike: I want to buy that Open Book hanging for this room, then remember that I’m only a Level 4 Writer.
Really, only Level 4?

I blame it entirely on Megumi’s Tex-Mex restaurant, Nacho Mama!
Being a helper for the Mansion Barons is such an easier gig! *sighs

Akira: Although I ended Week 5 as a Level 3 Charity Organizer, I’ve somehow autonomously earned two promotions since then.
Hey, I’m not complaining!

Before I hit up the Wishing Well, I invite over the Soma founder Yukio (my gramps) and his daughter Megumi (my mother).
I prefer to complete my daily task before making wishes.
Incidentally, I can’t ask household members for political donations, but non-household relatives are fair game.

And noice! I only need Grandpa Yukio’s donation to complete my daily task!

Akira: I give the Well two $5,000 offerings only for my boss to tell me he’ll see to me “next time.”
Megumi: Why two offerings? Your household is so poor now!

Akira: The Well glowed orange after the first offering, so I made another offering for the white glow before making a wish.
Mama, since you’re here, may I inspire you about my political cause?

Megumi: You’ve only raised $100 so far? Here’s my $25 donation. You should host a fund-raising event at your grandfather’s lot.

Jun: Just a little post-natal pudge that I’m going to jog off in the evening air.
I wanna look nice for Akira, even though Watchette doesn’t like him that much.

Hey, what do you mean by that?
Jun: So obvious! You’ve been planning for months to build a fantastic, romantic Italian trattoria.
But does Akira get to run it? No! He’s going to be the only Soma heir with a retail shop!

Oh puhleeze! Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten how buggy Megumi’s Nacho Mama got?
Jun: So no more restaurants for the rest of this challenge?
Well, it depends on whether the store’s requirements can be completed without glitching.

Jun (whispers): I bet Satoshi will get that Italian trattoria if he’s cute enough. *crosses fingers

Akira: How typical! The heir is locked into a windowless, basement room to craft camping mascots!
Isn’t it bad enough that I’m stuck with a store instead of restaurant?!
Get over yourself, bro! Let’s make as much progress as possible with your shop before Satoshi ages up.!

Akira: Yeah, yeah, we just need the start-up funds!
I’ve picked the site, the theme, and the shop name already! The Somas are in this to WIN!!!

Jun: So I saw Mina Dinero, her hubby Krishna, and father-in-law Aruna are fishing nearby. Don’t they have better things to do?

Akira: Nah, she’s probably just fishing here instead of near her house to flaunt her progress.
Mina only needs her final job promotion to complete all her requirements and her daughter’s already a teen.
Jun: Ahhh, no wonder the three of them are looking all relaxed!

Ulrike: Maaike and I have taken vacation days from work and Erina’s home with the nooboo.
Why are we here at Potter Splay in Willow Creek?
Akira: Well, I have a little surprise for all of you.

Ulrike: Akira, please don’t tell me that outdoor abomination is…
Akira: Remember I’m named after the Spice Prince, Akira Hayama, from the “Food Wars” manga?
Well, that’s my new store, Spice Jungle! I know it doesn’t look like much yet….

Akira: Even though the shop looks awful at this point, opening it the first day of our week is a good idea!
Jun: Right, let’s work around the clock until Satoshi’s birthday!

Ulrike: I’m on board now, too! We can renovate the store as we go.
Maaike: The hardest part will be earning 8,600 total perk points!

Akira: With our 5% markup, the four of us are constantly ringing up customers!
Hey, Jun! Why are you restocking now when several customers need attending!
Let’s restock all together after closing the store!

Jun: You’re right! We earn way more perk points for talking with and ringing up customers!

Ulrike: Oh wow, look who’s here! It’s that hawt vampire bro, Masato Yamaguchi! He’s sooooo cute!
*squees and abandons a customer to run off toward Masato

Masato: Oh, I didn’t realize you live with the Somas, girl.
Ulrike: You could live with me—I mean, us–too, you know! *bats eyelashes
Masato: No can do, sweetheart. I’ve made a bro pact with Jung! You looking for a baby daddy?

Ulrike (whispers): Pssst, Watchette. Please?
Well, there is one spot left in your club besides the founder….but not today.
Ulrike: *totally ignores the “not today” and proceeds to audaciously flirt with Masato

Masato: Well, if Ulrike’s going to be this forward with me, I might as well buy this V.I.P. Bucket.
I’m not just seeking a baby mama. What I want is a love slave!

Akira: Excuse me, sir, but swimwear is not appropriate dress for this establishment.
Masato: Hey, talk to Ulrike! She’s the one who asked me to change!
Ulrike: I’m doing my job, boss! Only one flirty social for every two retail socials and he’s buying, right?

Akira: A little past 11 pm, we have enough perk points to buy our first reward: Faster Checkouts (Large)!
Thank you so much, Nancy Landgraab!
Maaike: But no thanks to Ulrike, who’s been flirting up a storm with vampire boi all this time.

Akira: Time to close the shop and restock, people!
Ulrike: Wait, wait! I need to ask Masato to hang out first!

Ulrike: Come here, you gorgeous creature, you!
Masato: Usually, I like controlling the pace of a relationship, but I’m gonna let you have your way with me this time.
Hold on a sec! I do believe this is my very first kiss!

Akira: Carry on, you two. Don’t mind us in the background, restocking practically the entire store!
On a positive note, we sold 33 items by midnight. Not bad for a first day in a sparsely decorated store!


Masato: Where has the time gone? It’s already past midnight!
Wait till my bro Jung hears that you’re my girl now, Ulrike! He’ll be so jelly!
Ulrike: It’s too good to be true, right?

Masato: So, may I turn you?
Ulrike: Sadly, no. I already have several reward traits as the Soma portrait painter.
Because of those traits, I’m pretty sure the rules prevent me from being turned.

Masato: You know, I never noticed this party bush when I first walked by, but in you go!
Ulrike (whispers): Thanks for the party bush, Watchette!
Yeah, I’m supportive like dat!

Akira (sighs): Watchette is so unfair! That Masato is just a helper in a rival bloodline!
I’m the Gen3 Soma heir but just look at how many nice shots of Masato this update includes! *pouts

Oh well! I can’t wait until Jungle Spice takes on more of a jungle theme! How would that be possible? Hmmmm….

Masato: Dang, dat girl works fast!
Ulrike: Yep, eating for two!


Current Week 6 Status: Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:  None
Retail perks: Faster Checkouts (Large)
Career: Politican/Charity Organizer (L5)
*Incomplete requirements:
Store: Jungle Spice, resale value = $42,707
Retail perks: Serious Shopper, Faster Restocking (Large), Sure Sale, and Cheaper Restocking

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Age: Nooboo

Rivals 6.59: Smooth Sailing, Mostly

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