Rivals 9.94: Momo Makes Her Move(s)

Rival Cowfolks of Newcrest: Satoshi Soma (3/3)

Week 9/Friday

Momo: It’s a perfect morning for painting!
Elsa and Nikolaj are off to school and Clara Bjergsen has left for work.

The remaining adults are gainfully occupied yet available to rally the troops.

Yukio: I realize you’re desperate to come in first, Momo, but I might have to report you!
Momo: Why for luring you in here to mentor me then locking the door?

Yukio: Well, that, too. But you’ve filled up all the empty easels so I have nothing to do but mentor you.
Momo: Precisely. But, hey, Great-Great-Grandpa Yukio, my win is the Soma victory!

Sofia: How sweet of Ali to phone me for a brunch date! ❤
Sadly, I can’t leave the house until Momo is done with her museum collection.

If only Watchette would arrange a nice space elsewhere where Momo could paint.
Well, I could invite him here, I guess.

Sofia: Should I wait until the kids come home from school?
That way, I could give Ali a makeover right away.

But then, it might be harder to find some privacy with Elsa and Nikolaj around.

Sofia: Hey, would you mind if I give you a makeover when the kids come home?
Ali: What? You don’t like the way I dress?

Sofia: It’s not that, sweetness. Your dashing good looks deserve something more.
Ali: Well, since you put it that way.

Sofia: Your kissing, on the other hand, leaves nothing to be desired!
Ali: Nothing, really? I can think of two or three things…

Erina: What is this odd premonition that’s disrupted my deep meditation?

Ali: Nice room.
Sofia: It’s not mine. Don’t you know that a dynasty helper never gets the master bedroom?

Ali: So….woohoo until 3 o’clock?
Sofia: Oh dear, Ali! So handsome and a mind-reader as well?

Bjorn: Oh, look! Our watcher provides our living space with some privacy and does some landscaping, too!
I’m glad we’ll have one-and-a-half days to enjoy the renovation! *drips sarcasm

Ali: What do you think, Sofia? And thanks for letting me keep the beard!

Sofia: You look even more handsome than before, Ali! Hawtness incarnate!
Ali: *blushes

Sofia: Too bad I couldn’t change your gender, too, or you would totally be having my baby!
Ali: I would? I mean, I would love to…I think.

Sofia: Really, Ali? That’s the swimwear you came with? A leopard-print speedo?
Ali: I didn’t choose it myself, okay? And why do you want to see it? You don’t even have a pool!!!

Sofia: Our watcher recently read a tip by @reggikko and wondered if you’d make a good test subject.

Sofia: He is a bit thick in the waist, isn’t he?
Let’s see what reggikko’s Taste of Diet ice cream magic can do for us.

Ali: Well, ladies, what do you think?
Sofia: I think you look exactly the same! I guess you’re just out of shape.
Ali: Hmmpph!

P.S. I have so much respect for reggikko and her brilliant Sims 4 gameplay! My bad for not picking a better sim for testing!

Satoshi: Never fear, Ali! Satoshi the Celebrity Bodybuilder is here!
Ali: I have the Ambitious trait. I can do this!

*gives cue to play the Rambo theme music

Momo: Why am I hearing the sound of trumpets coming from the backyard?

Yukio: Do you mind trying to stay focused, young lady? You just hit Level 9 Painting.
Or would you rather continue painting without being mentored, hmmm?


Momo: It’s so unfair, Grandpa Yukio! I’m the Soma heir but Sofia gets all the screen time!
Yukio: Hurry up and finish your museum collection already, Momo.
After your museum collection’s done, you can flit around, fall in love, and move out!
Nobody wants to see shot after shot of you painting!

Momo: So, I generously tell Grandpa to go ahead and go home.
When I finally reach Level 10 Painting, it’s already past 4 am. *sighs

Clara: Around 5, we get Elsa’s birthday notification and call her home from the playground.

Elsa: Look how hard I worked to earn three extra traits!
Still, Watchette helps Nikolaj work on Rambunctious Scamp but never even lets me use the computer!

Bjorn: Don’t talk that way, Elsa. Don’t you feel bad for your nephew Nikolaj who has no father?
Elsa: Don’t make me laugh! Sofia’s baby daddy was here DAY AND NIGHT throughout Nikolaj’s toddlerhood.
He gets way more attention than I ever do!

Bjorn: What’s with all the complainers in this household!?

Bjorn: My word, Ali! You’ve really taking your self-improvement and fitness to heart!
And all because of your profound love for my daughter! I’m touched!

Ali: Yes, sir. It’s partly that and partly my Ambitious trait.
But mostly, it’s because Momo added Work Out as a club activity.
Sofia: *gives stamp of approval

Clara: Can you believe “someone” removed me from the club to add Ali?

Elsa: Yep, it’s me! Elsa Bjergsen the teenager at your service! And way cuter than my sister Sofia, too!

Momo: I take a break from painting which I’ve been doing almost non-stop since yesterday morning.
I harvest the garden so I’ll have some assets with me when I move out.

Yes, my week ends soon, but I’d like to spend the final week of this challenge in a nice home. I mean, of course, the Zanna’s week.
Oh and I should make a cake to take with me, just in case!

Momo: Makoto Yamaguchi pays a visit. I learn that I met him and Ruki in the League of Adventurers club.

Since Makoto and I are good friends, I ask him if he’d like to age up and he says yes.
I need to return to painting so I ask Papa to give Makoto his makeover.

Oh my gosh, Makoto and his lopsided smirk! Too cute! Wait, how closely related are we?
He’s the biological son of Ulrike Faust who adopted my grandma Jun, so we’re not blood relatives. Phew!

Satoshi: You’ve got to be kidding me, Momo, after all we’ve been through! A vampire!? Sheesh!
Momo: Nikolaj is also a weaker contender for my heart, but Makoto has better “stats.”

Momo: Hey, Makoto! I looked out the window and saw you’re still here!
Makoto: Yeah, I was hoping you’d come out and chat with me. What are you doing?

Momo: Trying to finish my museum collection. I can only chat for, like, 5 minutes.

Momo: Well, okay, maybe I can hang out with you a little longer.
Makoto: Now that I got my first kiss, I’ll let you get back to your painting.

Momo: Oh darn, he left before I could ask him to be my boyfriend!
And after I move out, we’ll be in different age groups!

Momo: My last five hours of painting don’t produce anything of higher value than I already have.
My total museum contribution comes to $37,559.
Compared to the Dinero museum total of $114,457, we Somas tally up to $114,895.

Momo: I choose to age up in our backyard so you can see the new pool!
Thanks, Watchette, for building the pool four hours before I move out!

Momo: I move out to the Fern Park lot next door and then ask Sofia, Nikolaj, and Ali over.
After I age up Nikolaj to a teen, all three of them agree to move in.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t able to ask Makoto to be my boyfriend earlier cuz Nikolaj is pretty cute, too!

We’re living in the same house (downloaded from the Gallery) that my parents live in.
Watchette’s already replaced the lanai with windowed walls for Nikolaj’s protection.

And by the way, Sofia is now eating for two!


Final Week 9 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Toddler skills: L5 Communication and Thinking; L3 Potty
Child aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: ALL
Enemies: Mint Dinero and Laura Zanna
Museum Portrait: $9,540
A in High School: A
Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
Teen aspiration: Chief of Mischief (done)
Skills: Mischief and Piano (both Level 10)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Ruki Zanna, Makoto Yamaguchi, Meredith Mixon
Collection: $28,019 (paintings x7)

Rivals 9.95: Almost in the Bag?

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