TD 3.17: Merri’s Muchachos

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 14/Sunday

Garrison: How many more? I’m on my thirteen sammie!
Since we’re both here, wanna talk about grilled cheese sammies?

Merri: Sure, I’m almost done! I’m on my fifteenth carrot!
Garrison: Nice! How much longer is our free day?

Merri: It ends just before midnight today.

Grim Reaper: So what’s up with you? I thought you were one of those uncontrolled sims?
Garrison: Usually, yes, but it’s a free day.

Grim: Why would your watcher have you chat with me during her 24 hours of unrestrained micro-management?
Garrison: I have the Grilled Cheese aspiration, so I’m planning ahead.

Grim: Yeah, yeah. Everybody’s got an angle these days.
Garrison (changes subject): So how do you like Salty Paws Saloon?
As a dog-lover, I’m super excited about this dynasty’s first visit to Brindleton Bay!

Masato: In the morning, the romancing I began last night continues at Perfect Balance Spa.
By the way, this is Aya Mandir but I was with someone else with the same family name last night.
I wish I knew how they’re related!

Merri: By Masato’s second lady, we’re all sore but showered. Time for some fishing!

Grim: Our simverse has really been graying lately–look at all these elders!
You know I’ll be making more visits to this spa this week.

Merri: Luckily, Masato and his lady of the hour are busy, getting busy in the sauna.
Meanwhile, the rest of us are across the street fishing.
We’ll be avoiding that spa for a while.

Garrison: Sis, have you heard about the wonders of grilled cheese sammies?
Theresa: Still working on your aspiration?

Garrison: Yep. Hey, you remembered that I’m a dog-lover!
Theresa: Um, I’m pretty sure these are cats.

Merri: Talk about a narrow escape!
Using the bubble blower for work makes me very playful.
Just as I reach a mirror, I go hysterical but manage to calm down in time. Whew!

It’s me, Garrison. No doubt the grilled cheese was a dead giveaway.
I’m finishing off my tenth Excellent-quality grilled cheese sammie and wondering what to do next.
I try to invite Grim over but he’s not available. And it’s too late to go looking for him.

Masato: How embarrassing to be caught like this!
I wasn’t planning to poach Merri’s clubmate, but the rest of Masaya’s housed daughters are still teens.

I’ve also been trying to avoid the party bush route. It’s so tacky!
But “someone” just had to come here to Desert Bloom Park.

Garrison: I’m baaaacccckkk!!!! Quite frankly, I don’t see the point of eating a grilled cheese sammie in space.
Merri: Garrison’s returned from space, people, and our free day is over. It’s time to go home!


Garrison: It’s sweet of you to work from home on my day off!
Merri: Thanks for coming along with me to Spice Market.

Garrison: You’re huge, sweetness! Shouldn’t you be staying home?
Merri: I’ll be fine, darling. I don’t go into labor until very late tonight.
Let me wrap up my work-from-home assignments here so we can have dinner.

Merri’s party returns to Salty Paws Saloon in Brindleton Bay.
Sadly, we haven’t noticed any new households moving in yet.

Merri: I was really hoping, sweetheart, you’d talk with Grim about grilled cheese sammies.
Garrison: What can I say? I’m just not feeling it tonight.

Nimb: I bring home a promotion today to Technological Innovator (12 points).
Cant’ wait until I can make all the cool inventions and serums!

ASPCA worker: Good evening, you called about adopting a puppy. (11 points)
Nimb: Why would anyone here want to adopt a puppy?
Merri: I want twins but not triplets, so I’m adopting a puppy to occupy the eighth slot.
Also, I’ll soon have another dog-lover in the house.

Nimb: What kind of dog is that?
Merri: Sshhh, I don’t want Garrison to hear in case it doesn’t work out.
He’s a German Pointer named Merlin.

Nimb: So, what’s the verdict?
Merri (sighs): Merlin has the Hairy trait and didn’t like me much, so I didn’t adopt him.
But I’ll definitely be phoning the ASPCA again tomorrow morning first thing! Garrison will be so happy!!!

Merri: I hear eerie music outdoors just as I end the evaluation. Oh no!
Nimb has the gall to get abducted now!?!?!

Merri: I really appreciate your giving me a fertility massage, Masato.
Masato: Wow, Merri! Why are you so tense?
Merri: You can ask Nimb about that later. *rolls eyes


Merri: It’s past midnight when I go into labor near the end of Masato’s massage.
While fretting over Nimb’s abduction, I realize he can’t be pregnant until 24 hours later. Right?
Anyway, I’ll adopt a puppy for sure in the morning and everything will be perfect.

Merri: Fortunately, my perfect husband is a paragon of composure.

Garrison: Gah, this prenatal panic’s got me feeling so tense!

Merri: Arrrrgggghhhh!
Garrison: Well, this is awkward. Maybe I’ll just stay over here until it’s over.

Merri: Twin boys, just as we’d hoped! Garrison, you can come in now.
With the twins, my net satisfaction points increase by 1,000 (12 points)

Merri: Allow us introduce our sons, Jet and Lone. Would explain how you named them, darling?
Garrison: Yes, I’d love to! *rubs hands together in anticipation.
Jet is named after my favorite martial artist, and Lone after his child trait.

Merri: I’m pretty sure that’s spelled Jet Li, dear.
Garrison: You had to go and spoil it! But Li is the (official Chinese) Pinyin romanization of the same character as Lee.
Lee’s just how it’s spelled using an earlier non-official romanization system, like how Beijing used to be Peking.

Merri: You never cease to surprise me, love. And how did you know Lone’s child trait?
Garrison: I peeked at that sheet where you wrote their traits after you rolled them earlier.

Merri: Did you peek at Jet’s child trait, too?
Garrison. Uh huh. He’s going to be a dog-lover just like his dad! *beams widely

Merri: Later that morning, Papa comes over for a visit.
He mentors me while I’m writing a review and I max Writing (14 points).
A few hours after that, I’m promoted to Level 6 Food Rater (15), hire a nanny (14), and reach Gourmet Cooking 4 (15 points)


Merri: I’m going to try to give Garrison a pre-work aromatherapy massage before his shifts.

A lot happened today while Garrison is at work! I become good friends with my sons (17) and hire a nanny (16 points).
Theresa brings home a promotion (17), but passes out soon after (16 points).

Merri: I’d always thought that I couldn’t get promoted if I worked from home.
Recently, though, I’ve realized that I actually could.
I’m loving all the work-from-home assignments because I get to see my household all dressed up.

And, no, I don’t wear those pigtails with my formal outfit!
Incidentally, Garrison finally got his first promotion (17 points)!


Merri: It’s well past midnight when we get the boys’ birthday notices.
Our little heir, Jet Lee, ages up into an angelic toddler.
His younger brother, Lone Lee, becomes a silly toddler.

As for Merri’s brother, Nimb, he’s an extremely unpopular fellow at the moment.
Merri believes Nimb trashed her dreams of adopting a puppy for Garrison and Jet.
Since Garrison’s heard what happened, he can’t help but resent Nimb as well.

I definitely do NOT want a third child in this household…
Darn you, Nimb! *shakes fist angrily
Cirius: I’d also like to go on record as disapproving Nimb’s covfefe.


Current Score: 17/20 points

TD 3.18: Merri Mucks Along

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