SB 8.85: Festival Fetish

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen8, Teagan Sharebear

Week 25/Thursday

Teagan: Our artistic prodigies only need to play an instrument for 5 hours.
So, once again, we head to San Myshuno, hoping to despawn that festival!

We’d hope to learn some new City Living recipes.
Too bad that food stall vendor prefers to watch fireworks with us.


We stay until 2 am but the festival remains glitched. *sighs
Then, we try to go home but learn there’s a vampire break-in.
I find two vampires in Casbah Gallery: Hajar Vatore and Uncle Elvain.
Thanks, vamps! We’re stuck here with nothing to do.

Ume and Urchin are forced to do their homework on the pavement.
Hajar and Elvain both leave the Gallery at 6 a.m.
Go ahead, Ume. Make the phone call so we can travel home!

Tarlock and I both earn promotions today.
That’s why he’s back to collecting donations.
For someone who hates children, he sure likes trying for babies!

At Level 7 Charity Organizer, Tarlock gets serious about seeking donations.
But since our home lot draws zero walk-bys, he invites family over.

Papa and Grandpa really are close, aren’t they?
I wonder why Mama asked me to keep close tabs on those two?

Ume: We’ve only got two more Scout badges left, Urchin!
Are you ready to start Rambunctious Scamp now?
Urchin: Yes, let’s finish it by tomorrow afternoon.
We can start Social Butterfly after that.
Ume: Maybe we can just goof around on Sunday?
Urchin: Fat chance! *rolls eyes


Teagan: Today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Has a year already passed since my brothers and I were born?
We all change into pirate garb and talk like a pirate. Yarrrrr!

The girls earn their Keep Fit badge then attend a scout meeting.
Only their Civic Responsibility badge to go!
And now they’re off to Cavalier Cove to meet people.

Urchin: You there! Chips ahoy!
Ume: Um, sis, I think that’s the name of a cookie…

Boy: Why are you two dressed like pirates?
Urchin: We wanted to dress like Social Butterflies, actually.
Ume: Yeah, but today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, so…

Teagan: How did Tristan get so far ahead of Tarlock and me?
He comes home tonight with a promotion to Level 9 Musician.
Then, the smiling Wishing Well grants him a full promotion!
I wonder what Tristan wants to do now?
(Tarlock and I are still only Level 7…)

We’d been waiting for Tristan to come home and make a wish.
Now, Dianna and I take the girls to the Heartthrob Orphanage in Oasis Springs.
The six boys who live there won’t be children much longer.

On the top row, Laurent’s a goofball, Noe’s outgoing, and Zef’s a bookworm.
Below, Andy and Kade are geniuses while Jesse’s squeamish.
They’re all attractive boys; only one has red hair, sadly.
As for traits, well, we have re-traiting potions coming out of our ears.

Girls, make like Social Butterflies and invite them back to house!

Week 26/Sunday (Fall, Day 1)

Ronan: Well, this is certainly the life!
My son practices bar drinks and I learn Mixology vicariously!
Shiso: So, what now, Teagan? Will you ask Tristan to leave?
Maybe squeeze in a few more death types before the end?

Teagan: Tristan’s not the one who hates children, Mama!
Tarlock gets a negative moodlet around our girls. He must go!
He’s getting his Level 8 promotion tonight, I trust.

Ume and Urchin need one more adult friend for Social Butterfly.
I try hiring a nanny and one we’ve never seen before arrives.
Bazinga! Instant adult friend for the girls!
They’ll be done with Whiz Kid in a flash, I’m sure.


Tetsu: Not that I mind donating $1,250 to your cause, sir.
But shouldn’t you be taking from the rich and giving to the poor?
Tarlock: Have you taken a good, hard look at your fancy-shmancy bedroom lately?

Tetsu: May I point out that you’ve already reached your $5k milestone?
Tarlock: You know they’re going to raise the bar after my next promotion!
I’m just trying to plan ahead. I want to go live with my own family!

Teagan: So here’s another reason this legacy is ready to end.
At school, Ume’s performance is a bit higher than Urchin’s.
That’s why I decide to check Urchin’s traits.
Why in heaven’s name does she have Professional Slacker?

For one thing, Tarlock and I are finishing up the last two careers.
Our watcher loves cheese but she wouldn’t illegally equip traits.
If the game wants to glitch, at least give Urchin a more useful trait!
Like Savant or something!

Gah, I have not been paying attention to my promotion requirements!
Now that I’m a Level 8 Internet Celebrity, I need 10 million followers!
Tonight’s the Humor & Hijinks Festival!
I’ll just livestream a Let’s Play The Sims Medieval for another hour.
I mean, The R.E.F.U.G.E…

This time, we household adults all drink the Pranksters tea.
Maybe we need to trigger the start of the Humor & Hijinks Festival?
Chief of Mischief Tarlock multi-tasks by asking for donations.

Ume: I thought we’d do something fun since we finished everything?
Urchin: Can you believe Mama had us bring our Doctor Sets?
Ume: Eh, while the adults are out there causing mischief…
Urchin: We’re in the Casbah Gallery treating our sick bears.
Ume & Urchin (whine in unison): Life is so unfair!!!


We Pranksters naturally win the Humor & Hijinks competition.
And by 1:13 am, the festival has entirely despawned.

Take-away lesson: We needed to join the festival instead of just hanging out in the Arts Quarter?


b]Legacy Score[/b]: unchanged (98 points)
Nature (0): completed Musician; 35/37 career branches left

Household Stats
Shiso (Gen7 heir): 6 days to elder
Ronan: 7 days to elder
Tristan (12 days to adult): Entertainer/Musician 10
Tarlock (12 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer 8
Teagan (12 days to adult): Social Media/Internet Personality 8
Dianna (1 days to adult): full-time caregiver
Ume (2 days to teen): Scouting 5
Urchin (2 days to teen): Scouting 5

Up Next: Teen birthdays and a 2-day heir vote!
I’m planning to post a very short update later today.
It will include the heir vote which will only run until Sunday.

Chapter Notes

Heartthrob Orphanage:

The six boys are some of my favorite Gallery sims, who I aged down to toddler.
One of them came pre-skilled, so I cloned him first, aged him down, then deleted the original sim.
Since aging the sims down to toddlers completely randomizes their traits, I feel these six are fair game for the final legacy spouse.
Humor & Hijinks Festival:
It’s gone at last! All that hanging around in the Arts Quarter previously had no effect whatsoever.
But as soon as my sims drank the Prankster tea, everything but the H&H Festival objects disappeared.
I wonder if the festival would have despawned if my sims had drunk the Jokerster/Prankster tea on a non-scheduled H&H Festival day.

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