Rivals 2.21: Up in Smoke

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Zanna, Part II)


Serena: After I’m done training with Count Vlad, who do I see strolling down our street but my favorite offspring?
Jung: How are you doing this fine night, Serena?

Serena: You know that you’re my very favorite vampire after my husband Caleb, right? So…how would you like to marry the Gen3 Zanna heir?
Jung: Erm, Gen3 heir? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your son still a toddler?

Serena: One can never start the spouse hunt too early!
Hear, hear!

Caleb: Well, well, well! Moira Fyres comes all the way over here from Windenburg!*vampiricly runs over to Moira
Moira: Oh, hello, Caleb! Fancy meeting you here! I’m just taking a walk…
Caleb: …right behind my house! A coincidence? I think not!

Caleb: Moira and I are soon friends, so I convince her to step down as the leader of Garden Gnomes.

Caleb: This club is officially a Zanna asset! *smirks victoriously
Moira: Hmmmph! I’m outta here!

Jung: You’ve been a bad, bad vampire, Serena! I’ll need to give you a spanking!

Serena: He’s joking! We’re in the middle of a friendly vampiric spar, that’s all!

Serena: Did I mention that Jung has two roomies all with the same family name of Storey?
One of them is that redhead Sara Storey, who’s glaring at Jung..

Yukio tells me that when Bradly Storey moved into his house, he was only acquaintances with his three former roomies.
I hope it’s the same case with Jung, because Yukio says Sara’s a real loser. Nothing must stand in the way of Jung becoming my grandson!!!

What impeccable timing? Just as Jung and I become good friends, my offspring Leticia walks by!
You are looking simply ravishing tonight, Leticia dear! *starts spamming her with Friendly socials


Lilith: In the middle of the night, we grunts busily preparie the garden for grafting alien plants!
Daichi: When exactly will you obtain those alien plants?

Caleb: Let’s not wait until Serena can invent an upgraded wormhole generator. Let’s build a rocket ship.
Lilith: Let’s do it!
Caleb: Actually, I’m busy working on my handiness, so you and Daichi can go build it.

Lilith: I recruit Jung who’s on his way home and the three of us starting building.
You know what? I was born to lead, not to follow!

Serena: By morning, the adorable Morgan Fyres becomes my fifth good friend.
I’d been thinking to marry Massimo to that Grand Master Kyra Gupta, but Morgan is just so lovely!
And check out my Vampire Rank bar! I’ll be a Grand Master any day now!

Paola: It’s so rare for your mother to be reading to us, Massimo!
Massimo: I know, right! She’s always busy doing her “founder things,” Papa says.

Serena: Today’s your birthday, Paola. You need to go finish leveling your Thinking, little girl!
Go walk around and watch everybody!

Lilith: After Daichi, Jung, and I finish building the rocket, I try asking Jung to leave because it’s getting light out.
He’s a fledgling vampire with no sun resistance, so he needs to get out of the sun!
I’m informed that he’s already leaving, so Daichi and I return downstairs to tend the garden.
Suddenly, I hear him screaming and run out to see him burning up in front of the rocket.

After a while, Grim comes and reaps him soul. Then Grim just stands there staring at the gravestone, so I return to upgrading.
I was too panicked to capture a shot of Jung burning up. So very sad!

Lilith: Good afternoon, Grim. I’d like to know why you won’t help me upgrade our rocket ship?
Grim: It may not look like it to you, Lilith, but I’m actually on the clock.

Lilith: Well, what can we do about Jung? He was Serena’s favorite offspring, you know!
Grim: Add his ghost to the household then revive him with Ambrosia! Stop bothering me, girl, and go read up on that on Carl’s Guide!
Do I look like Information Central to you?

Serena: I can’t believe Jung’s gone! He was supposed to marry Massimo’s child! What am I going to do now?

Well, I can finally harvest and plant an orchid this morning. We must try to bring Jung back!

Paola: All this time, I believed I would grow up and marry Massimo!
But this morning, I overhear the two nannies gossiping that Massimo might marry Morgan Fyres. Where does that leave me?

Penny: Serena has a guaranteed promotion today so, after she leaves for work, the rest of us head for the park.
My role in Jung’s resurrection is to prepare the Ambrosia, so I buy two Gourmet Cooking skill books before we leave home.
I’ve also baked a birthday cake for Penny to bring with us.

Lilith: It’s up to me to obtain an angelfish. All I’ll do today is fish, fish, fish.

Penny: When we get Paola’s birthday notice, I have some trouble helping her age up.
After moving the cake with its lit candles from the picnic table to an accent table, I finally succeed by placing the cake on the bar counter.
Happy birthday, little Paola! Congrats on earning the Top-Notch Toddler trait!

Paola: Since it’s Monday, I start out with Whiz Kid.
Mr. Bheeda, would you please play chess with me?

Arun: What a beautiful little girl! I wonder what plans Serena has made for her!
I’ve been seeking far and wide a suitable match for my son Krishna…
No comment about Paola’s future until her teen birthday!

Serena: I meet up with the household at the park after work.
To finish my aspiration, I engage in vampiric sparring first with a prime vampire then with Count Vlad.

Serena: I’m really close to Master Vampire rank now, so I ask Count Vlad to train me.
Of course, I could have asked Caleb or Lilith as well, but they are on important missions!

And being mentored makes me a Master Vampire!
I feel like I’ve been working on my requirements night and day. But the only one I’ve completed so far is my Vampire Family aspiration. *sighs

Lilith: I’m so frustrated! I spent all day today at Desert Bloom Park, without catching a single angelfish!
But Caleb catches two within 15 minutes of arriving in Willow Creek! Why couldn’t I be the one to catch an angelfish?

Serena: You’re so wonderful, Caleb! Let’s go home so my orchid has time to grow!
And pray that Jung will come to visit us!


Daichi: You may think my life is good, seeing that I’m in such demand among the three families.
But even though they each claim they need me, I’m forever on the outside looking in.

What would happen, I wonder, if one of the families invited me to move in?
Would I lose all my skills? Would I lose the friendship of the other two families? Or am I just a tool for hire? *feels sad

Serena: As soon as we get Lia’s birthday notice, I age her up immediately.
While Massimo has my olive skintone, Lia is pale like her father.

Caleb: The wishing well grants Serena a full promotion to Level 7 Scientist.
Her $5,000 offering puts a considerable dent, however, in our already meager funds.

Serena: I’m so sorry, darling, but would you please switch from Rocket Science back to Handiness?

Caleb: I pout and drag my feet a little so Serena doesn’t guess how secretly overjoyed I am to be back at the woodworking table!

Penny: Dang, Caleb! For an aristocratic Italian vampire, you also have an incredibly geeky side!
Look at you, obsessing over that woodworking table like some nerd!

Caleb: Oh please, girl! When you look as good as I do, everything I do is fabulous!
By the way, Penny, how you doing with the Ambrosia?
Penny: I have Level 9 Cooking and Level 6 Gourmet Cooking. I’m getting there!!!

Caleb: Didn’t you start at Level 7 Cooking?
Penny: And your point is…?

I love this shot! Caleb is so adorably proud of his woodworking skillz, lol!

Author’s Note

I’m heartbroken that I didn’t make sure that Jung left safely. I hadn’t imagined that he would stand there in the sun for another hour.
The rules allow the use of ambrosia to bring back a spare/helper, so I’m hoping he’ll visit so he can be moved into the house.

As a result, the household has shifted from prioritizing money-making and Sixam plants over to preparing Ambrosia.
What are the chances that a sim who never lived with my sims will visit? I’m so gutted!


Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration

*Incomplete requirements:
Portraits (2): *sighs
Garden: Need death flower (have the other 5 plants already)
Career: Scientist (Level 7)

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Toddler skills:  L3 Potty;  L4 everything else

Rivals 2.22: Gathering Moss

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