Rivals 3.29: Houston, We Haz Problems

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Soma, Part II)

In the last update, Megumi continues trudging along with her Bestselling Author aspiration, Yukio Soma’s Korma Chameleon achieves a 5-star rating two days in a row; hawt gardener Wyatt Owen dines at Korma Chameleon; Braddon cakes up to a child; Megumi makes one enemy; and Yukio gets abducted by aliens.

Week 3/Tuesday

Megumi: Another day of being glued to the computer, writing!
At least I can take three vacation days starting today, thanks to the well!

I don’t recall ever having exchanged phone numbers with Lily Feng.
But her text message this morning cracked me up!
She’s quite the troublemaker, isn’t she?

Yukio: Yuki and I are officially done with painting portraits.
I’ve hung up my portrait by Yuki in the museum.
I also paint a portrait of Yuki for our living room.

Bradly: I manage to finish inventing a wormhole generator before work!
Arun upgraded the Dinero wormhole generator before moving in with the heir, I hear.
I’m pretty sure I’ll also be able to achieve that by this Saturday!

Braddon: I stop working on Whiz Kid to see what I can do about my “Megumi problem.”
So, Watchette, you’re saying I need to be good friends with someone in Serena Zanna’s or Moss Dinero’s household?

That’s right. You need to age up twice to a young adult before moving in with Megumi.
Well, Moss’s wife didn’t conceive until Saturday so Megumi would only be a day behind.

Braddon: A day behind what?
Um, maybe you could ask your dads for more details about that part?

Braddon: Lilith with her clawing and hissing freaks me out!
When Caleb shows up, I’d much rather be friends with him instead.

Caleb: So, there’s someone you like who’s going to become a young adult this week?
Braddon: Yeah. I’ve always loved her, ever since I can remember!

Caleb: Wouldn’t it be easier to choose someone closer to your own age, Braddon?
Braddon: Absolutely not! It has to be Megumi, Caleb! No one else even comes close!
Caleb: Well, I don’t mind helping out if I can…

Braddon: Nailed it!

Braddon: Now don’t forget, Caleb! You need to invite me over on Sunday to cake up!
Caleb: Will do, little man! I most certainly will not forget!

Braddon (internally): A little insurance never hurts, right?

Yukio: I open Korma Chameleon for dinner after Bradly gets home from work.
We have a good crowd and my staff are great!

We stay open a little later than necessary so I can buy the Well-Managed perk.
Apparently, this perk helps prevent bad things happening at the restaurant in my absence.
It costs a hefty 4,500 perk points, so I hope it’s worthwhile!

I’m starting to like Daichi less and less.
I removed him from our club Sunday, because Braddon doesn’t need help now.
So tonight he comes to Korma and sits there with his 4-star review, even with free drinks.

He basically strong-arms me into comping his meal. Ugh!

Yukio: Tonight is our third consecutive day ending with a 5-star rating.
I have now officially completed all my requirements as the Soma founder!

You can now move out whenever you complete your own requirements, Megumi.
Megumi: Believe me, I’m trying!


Now that my parents are no longer painting portraits, they’re churning out one masterpiece after another.
Of course, you are. Great timing, you two!

Braddon: When I bring home an A grade tomorrow, Whiz Kid will be history.
And once I max Mental, I’m going for Artistic Prodigy.
If I’m lucky, Megumi and I will be making music at the same time, hehe.

Yuki: You know, Watchette, I really don’t mind painting and gardening.
But a little gaming now and then would be sweet!

Who was constantly playing video games on their phone at the restaurant?

Megumi: I’ve only written one bestseller today, but I haven’t spoken to anyone else since morning!
I invite Hugo Villareal over since we’re friends, though I don’t remember why.

Anyway, I’m hoping we can be good friends!

Hugo: Wow, I never imagined I’d be good friends with the prettiest girl at school!
Does that mean that our next step will be…

Megumi: Thanks so much, Hugo! By the way, do you know Wolfgang’s number?
He’s my other friend who I’d like to become my good friend!
Hugo: …Oh.

Bradly: Do my eyes deceive me or do I see Daichi actually working?
Just kidding! He’s been a great help with Braddon’s Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
This leaves me free to finish upgrading the rocket ship!

Braddon: But look at his facial expression, Papa!
Don’t you think Nanny Daichi is working ironically?

Megumi: Don’t laugh but I’ve thought up a new way to track my novels’ values!
I simply rename them based on their sales price!

It looks crass but I only have to check each book once and will never publish the wrong book!
$178? That’s one book that will never see the inside of the museum! *sighs

And yes, I tried just leaving my best novels in a locked room.
Everyone stands outside the locked door for hours, wanting to put away my books.

Megumi: For my aspiration, I need another bestseller and more publishing income.

But I can’t resist taking Uncle Bradly’s fully-upgraded rocket ship for a spin!

Sixam’s exotic allure exceeds my wildest imagination.
Overflowing with joy and excitement, I begin digging away.

It’s when I encounter a tentacle tree that my first problem confronts me.

Not a single one of the alien plants can be harvested!
Moss Dinero seems to have picked every last one clean!

Did he do this on purpose? Or was he just not thinking? Grrrr.

All I can do is keep digging away while I wait for the alien flora to regrow.
That’s when the second problem catches my eye.

I catch two CC banditas in flagrante delicto, flaunting their stolen hair and apparel without any remorse whatsoever!

The left alien is our gardener and the right alien is a newcomer, Betsy Warner.
If you ever wanted a hybrid alien who could pass for a sim, Betsy would be your choice!
Betsy, we’ve been saving that hair for my grand-daughter!

I wait around and finally harvest one of each alien flora species.
How much longer will I need to wait until one more of each appears?

Then it hits me! Oh course! I hurry home via the wormhole generator…

Megumi: Yep, that’s what these babies are for! Thanks, Dad! I only need 2 each!
And don’t forget to clone some for your own garden!

Well, yeah! Of course, our underground lab has 3 cloning machines!
Papa’s house is, like, the mother ship of the Some dynasty!


Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
Museum Portrait: yes ($9,044)
Career: Culinary/Chef (Level 10)
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = approx. $125k
Star Rating: 5.0 stars (Week 3: Sun/Mon/Tue)

*Incomplete requirements: None (yay!)

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements
Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
A in High School: yes

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Aspiration: Bestselling Author (on Tier IV)
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and (1 more)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Hugo Villareal, and (1 more)
Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 4)
Collection: (almost done)

Rivals 3.30: Where’s the Novelty?

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