Mori 4.37: Breathless in Windenberg

Week 20/Thursday

Watchette: Paolo’s feeling really sad from witnessing a death , even though he never knew Breanna and was locked out from nearing the Sauna Room.
Nao, it’s past midnight but why don’t you rally the troops and host a party?

Nao: A Black & White Party is always classy! That’s The Founder Kaoru standing next to me, while cousin Lukia Mori and Mom sit at the bar.
Donato: That’s Athena McDaniels dancing in front of the stereo. Can you believe she named our son… “Baby”? Yup, Baby McDaniels. Poor guy!

Carlos: We hire The Founder as our entertainer, but Banana kicks him off the piano.
She’s playing a concerto so “Sims listen to the piano at the same time 0/3.” No success!

Donato: Dad’s been singlehandedly taking care of the “Discuss black and white things” milestone, while Banana continues to play the piano.
In fact, she’s been playing the piano throughout the party, but in vain.
Banana: This is my last try. This time, I end our club gathering, form a group, then pick the “Play concerto for group” action.

Banana: This mysterious stranger has been listening avidly ever since I started playing tonight. I’ll have to thank him later!
Carlos, stop giving him the evil eye, bro!
Grrrr, only two out of the required three sims listening to me play?! I give up!

Nao: That “listen to piano” milestone continues to elude us.
Though it won’t kill us to earn a silver medal, I decide to try Banana’s “group” strategy with different sims.

Carlos: I meet a young lady named Ayaki Park. I find her irresistible. She’s a Loner Genius and we share the Music Lover trait. No wonder we get along so well!
Carlos: Do you live in Windenberg, Ayaki?
Ayaki: Yes. I recently moved into a house nearby. We’re living with Felicity and Maribel Archer. Do you know them?
Carlos: Oh, the Free Spirts home! You’re living with the elderly daughters of my Great-Uncle Nio.

Nao: I manage to successfully complete the “Listen to piano” milestone. What a relief that’s over!
But no, a final milestone appears next which has to be my least favorite: Three sims in playful mood.
Thanks to our forever-incomplete collection of MySims, though, the party earns a gold medal at last!

Banana: Hi, my name’s Banana Mori. I want to thank you for listening to me play. And you are?
Yuki: My name’s Yuki Karuiki. I recently moved into the Free Spirits house down the road. And it’s a real pleasure to listen to you play, Banana. You’ve got such a musical gift!
Banana (blushes): Why thank you, Yuki.

Yuki: With your talent, you must be a professional musician! Am I right?
Banana: Actually, I won’t be a young adult until Saturday. But then, yes, I want to be a musician…
Yuki: We’re close to the same age. I just became a young adult this morning!
Banana: So you live with Felicity and Maribel Archer?
Yuki: Yes, and one other sim.

Banana: Pssst, Dad and Donato! Can you help me out here? I’m a teen so I can’t ask if he’s single!

The menfolk quickly converge on Banana’s new friend.
Nao: Hello, Yuki. Thanks for coming to the party! Our watcher helped me invite you and Ayaki Park. I hear you and Ayaki live in the Free Spirits place now. Are you and Ayaki…?
Yuki: Oh no, it’s not like that at all! Ayaki and I are second cousins! I’m a lonely bachelor.

Nao: I see you’re still a young adult, too. Do you have a career already?
Yuki: No, sir. I’m currently unemployed but have a pretty good idea what I’d like to do.
Nao: A single, unemployed young adult.  You’ve got a shining future ahead of you, Yuki!

Grim: Look at those partygoers, mingling and enjoying themselves! I wonder if people realize what a lonely life I lead.
Everyone expects me to show up for the dirty work, but no one ever invites me for the good times.

W: Actually, it’s not like the Mori’s haven’t tried, Grim. You never show up in the list of possible guests.
Grim: Oh, thanks so much for letting me know! I’d always assumed that no one wanted to invite me! That makes me feel a whole lot better and much less of an outcast.

Donato: Hello, Yuki. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Banana’s older brother, Donato.
Yuki: Hey, it’s nice to meet you. Pretty wicked crib your family has here!
Donato: Wow, you’ve got a great personality, Yuki! You’re a Creative, Geek Dance Machine.

Donato (whispers): Banana, Yuki has three unique traits. What do you think? Santiago or Yuki?
Banana: Seriously, do you actually believe you need to ask? We’re just a few days apart in age, too!

Yuki: Hey, what are you two whispering about over there?
Banana: Oh nothing, just deciding on tonight’s dinner menu…

Marci: Everyone else is socializing and having fun after the party. Why do I have to go on space missions? *pouts
W: The whole family agrees that your massages are unwelcome at the moment. Plus our space aliens collection still lacks the live pink whale.

Nao: Donato, I just saw Carlos head downstairs with our new neighbor, Ayaki. Why can’t they chat upstairs?
Donato: Carlos mentioned something about wanting to avoid Mom barging in and offering a massage.
Nao: He’s never had a girlfriend before. Do you think Ayaki’s the right one for him?

Ayaki: Not only are you my first friend in Windenberg, Carlos, but you’re also my only good friend in the entire simverse! *bats eyelashes

Carlos: Ayaki, I truly believe that you and I can be so much more than just good friends!
W: Wow, Carlos, for a novice at romance, you’re moving really fast!

Carlos: Sadly, I don’t have the luxury of time, because Banana ages up in two days and I’m moving out. Watching Donato, I’ve started wishing for a family of my own!

W: After spending some time with Carlos and Ayaki, I return upstairs to hear a cry for help.
Nao: Watchette, rescue me! I was going to make lunch for everyone, when bam! Massage offer!
W: Marci is nothing if not stubbornly persistent about being an annoyance. It’s almost comical, really. Can’t take my eyes off her for even a second. *sighs sadly


W: What are you doing at the Free Spirits lot, Banana?
Banana: Oh, I was just strolling by and so I thought…
W: Um, Banana, you were strolling by then you snuck around to the back of the house?
Banana: Hey, I’m absolutely not trying to get a glimpse of Yuki, I was just checking that the back window…

W: Whatever are you doing here, my adorable Banana? It’s time for your birthday party!

Banana: It is? *runs off, leaving skid marks in the grass

Banana: I’m glad we’re throwing an incognito party this time. I was getting bored with the dinner parties.
A young adult, at last! To my Active and Music Lover traits, I now add Neat! Aaaaannnd…I’m now officially the fourth-generation head of the Mori Legacy!

Yuki: Long live the Queen!
Banana: That’s Yuki right behind me. To my surprise, Dad invited him over while I was stalking, uh, while I was out.
Yuki: How embarrassing! Banana’s father and I chose the same Assassin’s Creed costume!

Nao: Mom looks pretty awesome in her clown costume—not tragic or frightening at all!
Carlos: You invited Ayaki, didn’t you, Dad? I wonder why she’s so late?
Nao: Stop fussing, Carlos. I’m sure she’ll arrive eventually. She lives so close by!

Paolo: This is too lame, Dad. Why do we have to wear matching hot dog costumes?
Donato: They’re not exactly the same, Paolo. Yours has ketchup down the front, and mine has mustard.
Paolo: I knew that! Sheesh, I’m just glad no one from school see me like this!
Donato: Do you think the rental shop gave me the wrong-colored hat?

Yuki: Banana looks really lovely! Unbelievable really—a neat sim in a maid costume! We don’t know each other well enough yet for me to reveal that I have a thing for maid outfits…
Banana: I’m glad he’s dressed in that costume. He’s all covered up so the other girls won’t notice how adorable he is!

Carlos: When the party ends, I leave to look for Ayaki, who I finally find over by the Shrieking Llama Bar.
Ayaki: Sorry, Carlos. I’ve felt so unwell today that I couldn’t attend the party. *shares the big news
Carlos: Wow, Ayaki. I couldn’t be more thrilled! May I feel our baby?
Ayaki: I was really hoping you’d ask! (But not in that pizza delivery guy outfit…)

Carlos: Ayaki, I know we haven’t known each other long, but I’d like for us to live together as a family.
I don’t have a job, but I could easily support us once I buy an easel or a woodworking table.
We’ve just met recently but I feel like we were together in a previous incarnation…
What do you say, Ayaki? Would you take a chance with someone like me? I would cherish you like no other.

Ayaki: Strangely, I too feel like we’ve known each other from a previous lifetime.
However, you are the oldest son, Carlos. Does that mean your mother will also live with…

Carlos: Oh heck no! Mom the Massage Maniac missed that train years ago!

Banana: Yesterday, Yuki and I spent all day together and became good friends.
Once the party ends, I ask him to move in right away and our relationship heats up like, um, a blast furnace? An active volcano?

Yuki: Banana is completely slaying me in that maid outfit…
Banana: Yuki’s kiss leaves me feeling breathless and lightheaded. So this is what kissing feels like! (I’m officially breaking up with the ice cream maker!)

B: Please, Yuki, more kisses!
Y: My stunning Banana, I believe I’m experiencing the onset of a major addiction…



And so Marci reluctantly moves out to live with Nami and Lukia up the hill. The Munch Haus is now the residence of three elderly women.

Though Carlos is chomping at the bit to move to the Free Spirits house and live with Ayaki, he’s agreed to stay, but only until Yuki has mastered all the mentor-able skills.
Who knows? Perhaps Carlos could even father another child with Ayaki in the meantime.

As for Banana and Yuki, you’ll be hearing more about the lovebirds next time. Tonight, they’d rather not be “watched sims.”

Mori 4.38: Beware of Geeks

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