Mori 5.50: It’s Hard to Find a Good Man in the City

Week 26/Tuesday

Yuki: Do you sense that you and I might be moved out of this house soon?
Banana: Would that be such a terrible thing? We could even move into a ritzy apartment in San Myshuno!
Then we’ll make the family visit and upgrade all our stuff, right?
Yuki: Sounds nice, actually. And you know they’ll keep inviting us over to mentor the girls, anyway.

Takumi: No one works today, so we face an extremely tough decision: stay home and wait for the babies to cry, or spend the day sightseeing?
The Art Quarters in San Myshuno, it is!

Banana: You think I’m just going to stand here and let you disrespect me, dude?
Takumi: That poor guy has NO idea who he’s messing with. When Mom’s mad, we all keep our distance!

Ranma: Nothing much happening here in the Arts Quarter today, but the Moroccan stall’s here and open!
Hmmm, Brochette, Merguez, or Tajine…I order the Tajine and it’s simply divine!
It’s too bad we can’t open a restaurant that serves only Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine!

Danny: Thanks for inviting me along today. Sorry I missed your birthday. I don’t know how I missed your call.
Dulce: I’ve really been wanting to see you since then.
Danny: Same here, Dulce. Hey, Chad and I moved from Spice Market to this hood lately. Here’s my new address.
Dulce: *types in his contact info

Danny: I don’t mean to be too forward, but what about we ditch your family and go off by ourselves. Just you and me.
Dulce: Great idea! We better wait until Ranma finishes learning his Moroccan dish, though, or he’ll throw a fit.

Dulce: And I don’t mind you being forward, if you don’t mind me doing this.
Danny: Uh huh, we really need to lose the family, girl!

Takumi: A living statue, huh? Must be a boring way to make a living, if you ask me. *tips him
Oh really? I unlocked his outfit and now I can perform as a living statue? But what would the family say?

Yuki: Hey, Dulce, where’s Danny? I thought you two were over there flirting up a storm?
Dulce: Oh, I left him to tell you that Danny and I are going to Spice Market.

Banana: I guess he didn’t know, honey, cuz he’s disappeared. You better go find him, Dulce. Don’t you know that it’s hard to find a good man in the city? A guy like Danny doesn’t grow on trees, Dulce!

Dulce: Gah, I forgot to tell him why I was coming over to talk with you.

Dulce: Well, Danny’s nowhere to be seen and my family’s gone home. I guess there’s only one choice. *goes to his apartment

Danny: Sorry for coming home, but you suddenly walked off and left me standing there for quite a while. I wasn’t sure what to do.
Dulce: My bad, Danny. *explains the misunderstanding

Dulce: I thought you and Chad both didn’t work. How do you two afford a crib like this in Hakim House?
Danny: We made some smart stock investments lately. *shrugs
Dulce: So do you still want to go sing karaoke?
Danny: In a little while. Hey, stop that! I’m ticklish there!

Danny: Awww, you asked me before I could ask you. Of course, I’ll be your boyfriend.
Dulce (to herself): Now that we’re officially an item, I need to convince Watchette to move Mom and Dad out…

Danny: Hey, I’m only Level 1 Singing, but let’s go to Waterside Warble in Spice Market.
Dulce: My singing’s pretty bad, but you know what? We might sound awful but we look fab together!

Dulce: Our tremendous talent deserves more space! Let’s take this action to the Fashion District’s Planet Honey Pop.
Danny: Well, now that we’re here….Oh look! The GeekCon is happening.
Dulce: Let me quickly buy a festival tee for my geeky Dad. There’s Uncle Donato sitting over there, dressed as Darth Vader!
Who knew he was a closeted cos-player?

Dulce: How disappointing! Planet Honey Pop’s karaoke machine is only for solos, honey.
Danny: So, what should we do now? Go back to Waterside Warble?  Go back to my place?
Dulce: Your place would be dangerous. Let’s just sit and chat.  I want to know everything about you, Danny.

Yuki: Takumi and I rush over when Dulce phones about GeekCon, but the Video Gaming Comp’s already over.
I still can’t believe we missed seeing the GeekCon notice!
Takumi: Yeah, we were all too busy trying not to notice Dulce having her first kiss with Danny.
Yuki: I’m signing up for the Pro Tournament, playing The Refuge.

Takumi: Dad’s a master gamer and comes in first place, no sweat!

Takumi: As girlfriends go, Dulce is definitely not very attentive. Does she even know where Danny’s gone?
In contrast, Miko watches me like a hawk!

Takumi: Who me? Since I need to level Mischief for my career, I figure I might as well become Chief of Mischief, too. *continues to clog the drain
And yes, that’s Akira Kibo conversing with the talking toilet, that weirdo.

Yuki: Takumi and I are dancing machines, so we vote to end the day at Narwahl Arms for dancing and drinking.
Banana: My older brother Donato shows up and becomes an elder, which comes as a shock to me.
Takumi: We’ll all have to pay a visit to The Lighthouse really soon!


Yuki: The boys throw a dinner party to celebrate my adult birthday.
Ranma:  After the goal pops for three sims to get playful, the party nearly ends in disaster when…
Dulce: Dad, Ranma, and I end up hysterical.
Yuki: We immediately try calming down using mirrors, while Watchette re-enables all the disabled Inspired objects in both rooms. Phew!
Ranma: And just to be safe, the three of us go to bed right away to sleep it off.
W: Dinner parties always pop that “get playful” party goal. Maybe we need to switch to another party type.
House party? No one ever dies from getting too flirty. This dinner party was truly a near-disaster!


Miko: We wake up early today to age up our girls who leap out of their bassinets this morning!
On your right with darker hair is Maya, a neat Whiz Kid.
On your left with pigtails is Tami, an Art Lover and Whiz Kid.

Takumi: And here’s a collage of our CAS portraits. The girls’ skintone is lighter than mine, but they seem to have my mouth.
Miko: Perhaps they share my nose, jawline, and cheeks?

Takumi: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about our wedding, Miko!
Miko: Oh, you mean you’re actually planning to make an honest woman out of me someday?
Takumi: You know it’s not like that. First, we were waiting for you to finish Serial Romantic.
Now that the girls have aged up, we’ll throw a wedding the next time Ranma and I both have the afternoon off. Promise!

Mori 5.51: A Big Welcome for Danny!

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