Mori 5.51: A Big Welcome for Danny!

In order to slightly boost the difficulty of this legacy challenge during its last four generations, I’ve decided to follow Carl’s Forum’s he new Immortal Dynasty ruling on clubs and lot traits.
That is, I’ve removed the lot traits and created new clubs that, as yet, don’t have any perks boosting adult skills. I’m still trying to choose a skill, perhaps Charisma.


Week 26/Thursday

W: So, are you two feeling good about moving to San Myshuno? No regrets?
Yuki: When you first told us, I felt like I was being discarded because I’d aged up to an adult.
But then, I realized we might have a grandchild who looks like me!
Banana: I’m ready to move! We’ve cleaned out our inventories and converted our points to Moodlet Solvers.
Yuki: And put us in a club with the girls. We’re always available to mentor and babysit!
W: And so, Banana and Yuki move to The Old Salt House in San Myshuno.

Dulce: Thanks for waiting around while I slept off that Hysterical mood, Danny.
Danny: No problem. If I’d gone home, I would have just worried about you, so I stayed.
Your brother Ranma mentored me while your mom and I played chess. It was kinda cool, since I’d never been mentored before.

Dulce: I’m so glad you stayed, because I want to ask you something now that my parents have moved out.
I couldn’t convince you to move in, could I? I know you and Chad just moved to Hakim House and all, but…
Danny: Are you kidding me? I would love to live here with you!

Dulce: Welcome to the Mori House, Danny. You’re the fortieth member of the Mori household!
Danny: Thanks so much for arranging for me to move in, Dulce.
I mean I was ready to take one for Team Dulce and switch our pregnancy options if I couldn’t move in, but let’s just say I’m glad how things worked out.
And I see my City Native aspiration has been replaced by Friend of the World.

Yuki: I can’t believe you called us back for mentoring already. We didn’t even have time to unpack!
Tami (pigtails): Get with the program, Gramps! We’re both Whiz Kids and one of us will become the Gen6 heir!
You don’t really expect us to play chess without mentoring, do you?
Yuki: …

Maya (brunette): You’re so right, Tami! Like, out with the old, in with the new, you know what I mean?
Banana: Young ladies, if you two value your lives, this attitude better be just a phase you’re both going through.

Takumi: After all the moving, Ranma and I discover that we’re both off today, so I phone in the wedding.
Sadly, Watchette has had to resort to deleting both the front and back doors of the house for the event’s duration.
The doors weren’t locking and everyone kept running back inside.

Nao: But where are the chairs?
Banana: Oh please, Dad! You know that no one sits in them anyway! Why bother?

Yuki: Our little boy is getting married! What a beautiful couple they make! *wipes a tear
Banana: Miko dear, when you part your hair like that, you really must not stand on the left! Tsk, tsk!

The deliriously joyful couple share the first slice of their wedding cake.

Takumi: I’m so glad you could attend our wedding, Grandpa Nao. It really means a lot to me.
Nao: The wedding of our fifth-generation heir? How could I miss it! And I’ve wanted to meet your wife and girls, too!

Dulce: Danny darling, hurry and run along to the men’s room! The wedding’s already earned a gold medal.
Before ending the reception, Takumi’s waiting on you to introduce yourself to any sims you don’t know.
Danny: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting…Friend of the World. *proceeds to take forever to introduce himself to four sims
W: Thankfully, we didn’t have to complete the “Have sims get dazed at the same time 0/3” goal.
I have no idea how to clear that goal, but it sounds risky. The Bubble Blower?

Takumi: Through thick and thin, right, my beloved Miko?
Miko: Always and forever, dearest Takumi. Thank you for believing in me.

Ranma: In the quiet of the evening, I practice my turntabilism. Don’t think I haven’t noticed which way the chips have fallen.
Now that Mom and Dad have moved out and Danny’s moved in, the only role left for me to play is “the cool uncle.”
Is that really all  I want from life?


Yuki: Great job on finishing your homework right after school, girls!
Banana: What are you watching on TV, girls? A police drama?

Tami (pigtails): Nooooo, Grandma! We’re watching the music video for the 2015 song “Dope” by the Kpop boy band called BTS! And that’s my future husband, Jungkook!
W: If you’d like to see the music video (and you really should!), click here to go to Youtube. It’s a fantastic MV!

Tami: But no fangirling over my husband, you hear? He’s the band’s youngest member, wearing that police uniform!

Banana: I don’t know if your parents would approve of you marrying a Korean pop star, Tami…
Tami: But just watch the video with us, Nana! He’s so cute and he’s got purple hair and sings like an angel!
Banana: Purple hair with the voice of an angel? Oh, I’m liking him just a little bit more already, but still…

Tami: And Grandpa, look at his moves! Jungkook is, like, one of the best kpop dancers! You’re a dance machine, Gramps! Surely you can appreciate his crazy dance skillz!
Yuki: Well, you got me there, Tami! I would be proud to welcome that boy into the family!

Banana: And what about you, Maya? You’re being uncharacteristically quiet.
Maya: Shhh, I’m facing a crucial life decision: Do I marry the BTS vocalist V or its dancer Jimin?
Tami: And without starting any fan wars, I’d just like to say that Maya and I are huge EXO stans but the BTS members are considerably younger so as spouse material…

Banana: I don’t know about Jungkook, Tami. Why do you have choose a guy with such effeminate looks?
Takumi (walks into the room): Because the apple never falls far from the tree?
*Everyone recalls Yuki’s former pretty-boy looks and remains politely silent for Banana’s sake

In another part of the house….
Danny: You know, Dulce, I’m not just fooling around here with this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.
I moved into this house with the intent of marrying you and starting a family together. Will you marry me, Dulce?
Banana: Oh Danny! I’ve thought of you day and night since the first time we met! I didn’t think you’d ask me so soon!

Danny: Well, I decided I had to move quickly and propose, or else you would’ve asked me first, again! But, you still haven’t answered my question.
Banana: Oh yes, Danny! Absolutely, yes!

Ranma: In the evening, we learn that the Spice Festival’s in town and eagerly head out to Spice Market. I look for the Swag Stall to buy spices, but it’s still closed.
Feeling adventurous, Takumi, Dulce, and I decide to enter the Spicy Curry Challenge.

Takumi: If I were starting a dynasty, I wouldn’t bother buying everything at the Produce Stall.
During the Spice Festival, you can harvest great-quality onions, blackberries, grapes, basil, parsley, tomatos and spinach from the planters behind us for free.

Dulce: I immediately fail the Spicy Curry Challenge along with Ranma and Takumi. Apparently, I need to build my “spice tolerance.”
Ranma: I’m bitterly disappointed but my heart lifts at the sight of a table of free food! I take a serving of the Moroccan brochette. Yum!

Maya: Grandpa Yuki surprises us all by arriving in what seems to be Indian clothing. He looks really handsome!
W: I’m just as surprised as you are, Maya! Your grandfather must have chosen that outfit himself!

Takumi: While we’re sitting around waiting for the Swag Stall to open, Ranma shamelessly takes another free serving of food.
Ranma: This is the only way to learn to prepare the new foods. Too bad the family can’t learn the recipes if I prepare them at home.

Takumi: Out of the corner of my eye, I see Maya and Tami enter the Curry Spice Festival and wait for them to come crying to Miko and me about the spiciness.
Miko: Instead, we get the message that: “Tami has made it through the spiciest of spicy food. She can now brag about being the Curry Champion.”
Takumi: That’s our girl! Sadly, Maya failed the challenge almost immediately, like the rest of us.
Ranma: What!?! Tami emerged the Curry Champion? And speaking of spicy, it’s almost 10 but the Swag Stall is still closed.

Ranma: We wait around until the festival closes at 1 am, but the Swag Stall never opens.
Danny: I only need to meet one more sim in a new location so, on the way home, we stop at Desert Bloom Park.
Maya: Oooh, we have to go home already? But Tami and I have never been here before! May we come back?

Takumi: And after a long day of many surprises and a few disappointments, we all head home and hit the proverbial sack.



The Swag Stall
The Spice Festival’s Swag Stall never opened. We didn’t arrive when the festival first started, so might the stall have only opened for the first 90-120 sim-minutes? Grrrr!!!

Yuki’s Wardrobe
Yuki showing up in an outfit I’d never picked out really surprised me! I saw him a few hours later at the festival wearing another outfit I hadn’t chosen.
And then, a few hours later, he was sitting in the karaoke bar wearing his usual sleeveless tank top with ripped jeans. Weird!

The Family’s Collections
When the family went fishing at Desert Bloom Park, I discovered that they’d lost all their collections again.
That is, the game doesn’t recognize any collectible that isn’t in their personal inventories. I’ve saved everything in a storage box for this reason, but it’s still a pain to empty the box then put everything back in whenever a former heir moves out.
I had noticed that whenever the family’s lot loaded, Banana had always been the selected sim. And I was careful that she was not the selected sim when she and Yuki moved out. Do I need to select a sim before loading the lot each time?

Well, the Mori Legacy keeps on trucking, glitches and all.
I love the twin girls and hope you will get to know them better in the next update.

Mori 5.52: Hustlin’ to Be Heir

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