Mori 6.64: Nerdy Conan Grows Up & The G7 Heir Vote

Week 33/Friday

Yuta: That was such a pathetic birthday party, Jin! What was Mom thinking?
Jin: I know, right? The Spooky Party has way better costumes and we can even choose to “Change party costume.”

Yuta: Anyway, we both have today off from high school and then it’s the weekend. Woooo!

Conan: My teen birthday is in four days, next Tuesday. So I’m phoning in to take a vacation day from school.
In fact, I’ve decided not to go back to grade school, ever!

Ranma: Ze has done really fantastic, considering he didn’t complete any childhood aspirations.
With Takumi mentoring, Ze completed the Bestselling Author aspiration.
And now, with my mentoring, he’s completed Painter Extraordinaire as well.

Jin: Dang, I end up with the Soulmate aspiration!
Once I get a girlfriend and go on two dates, I can’t make any progress with Soulmate until I’m a young adult.

Yuta: Since I’ll eventually join the Astronaut career, I want to get started on Fitness.
Takumi: Yes, that’s a good idea for later. But first, you need to finish Bestselling Author. I’ll mentor you.
Yuta: Thanks, Grandpa. Um, could you at least try not to look so bored?

Jin: Because Uncle Ranma’s wife recently became an elder, Uncle Ranma turns over his “Love Club” to me.
I set the admission rule to “Age/Teen,” and find three female teenage sims who aren’t my relatives:
Mariko Murakami, Kyra Trivedi, and Imane Al Fassi. Kyra and Imane arrive first.
I learn that Kyra (orange shorts) is an Unflirty Goofball, Imane (white top) is Neat and Childish, and Mariko (yellow top) is an Unflirty Geek.
Since Kyra is the only one with two unique traits at this point, I’m avoiding her until the Gen7 heir is chosen.

Jin: Imane and I already have itty-bitty Romance bars, so I kick Kyra and Mariko out of my Love club.
Kyra leaves but the Unflirty Mariko keeps getting up into my convo with Imane.

Jin: After Mariko finally leaves, Imane and I share a first kiss. Why am I rushing this, you ask?
Pure peer pressure! Yuta is already making progress with his aspiration, so I want to at least do my first milestone!

Jin: After Imane gets a makeover in the closet, I invite her on two home dates.
With a little make-up and her hair in long braids, she’s looking very cute!
We end our second date by messing around, Jin style.


Conan: I continue to level up Charisma in front of a mirror. I’m Level 8 now and it’s so very boring!
Maybe I can persuade Papa to take us all somewhere in the afternoon.
W: Oh Conan, I’m really going to miss your cute little self when you become a teenager!

Ze: While I’m practicing bar tricks, Conan tells me he wants us all to go out somewhere this afternoon.
He’s right, you know. Tami and I don’t want our kids to spend all their lives at home, just grinding away.
But where’s a fun place for the whole family? Which place allows everyone to meet someone their own age?

Ze: We take a break to visit Center Park in San Myshuno, hiring a service NPC to staff the Japanese Food Stall.
Salma: Thanks for inviting me along on your family outing, Ze.

Tami: It was actually my idea, Salma. I didn’t get the chance to properly express my gratitude to you.
Thank you so much for helping out our legacy.
Salma: Awww, it was nothing. I just moved in and left for work twice from your house.
Ze: Conan, why are you using a fork to eat dango? They’re served on skewers.
So you should just pick up a skewer and eat the dango from the skewer.
Conan: I’m really confused, too. Why did I get a message about poor chopstick control when I’m using a fork?
Takumi: On the way home, we briefly visit the Fashion District to check out the Romance Festival.
Yuta: Sadly, everyone else at the festival is either an adult or an elder!
Tami: I spot Auntie Dulce and Uncle Danny there, too. They still make such an attractive couple!

Yuta: What can you tell me about my romantic destiny, Romance Guru?
Romance Guru: “Vibrations show a tall dark stranger in your near future.”
Yuta: That’s no good! I’m old school, so I prefer to be taller than my love interest…

Jin: What about my current relationship, Romance Guru?
RG: A match made to last the ages.

Week 34/Sunday

Takumi: Although Jin can’t move forward with Soulmate, he is learning all the mentor-able skills.
While I continue helping Yuta with his Bestselling Author aspiration, Ranma mentors Jin in painting.
Ranma: Where’s Tami? She could be mentoring Jin instead of me.
With my Fresh Chef trait, I should be cooking up a reserve of never-spoiling meals and desserts.
I don’t intend to live here forever!

Ranma: Why is that massage therapist still here?
Takumi: You mean the one that Maya hired 8 days ago? She’s still here?
Ranma: Yeah. Watchette even moved one of the massage tables to the front yard, hoping the massage therapist would see it and go home.

Takumi: What would happen if we go to Household Management and delete her?
W: Deleting her resulted in the autonomous spawning of a new massage therapist NPC on the Mori lot.
Tami traveled with the NPC to an empty lot in Newcrest and left him there, but he’s back at the house.

Monday Tami: You’re looking fiiiine this morning, darling. Where are you off to?
Ze: I’ve decided not to quit my job yet after all.
Once the boys start working, I want to check how much of a job performance boost my “Represent…” social gives.
W: What a gorgeous couple! *sighs happily


Takumi: So many family members passed away in the last two days.
Our father Yuki is no longer with us, although Mama Banana lives on.
Ranma: Our cousin Paolo (son of Banana’s older brother Donato) and Dulce’s husband Danny Shino-Miller have also crossed to the far shore.
Also, you and I aged up to elders yesterday.

Takumi: Whoa, it’s a little past 8 pm. Time for Conan’s birthday party! Blow out your candles, pumpkin head!

Conan: I’m walking behind Mama dressed as a fairy. She’s acting all lovey-dovey with Papa as usual.
That witch kissing Uncle Ranma must be his wife! I wonder who that redheaded cheerleader is?

Conan: I can’t believe we’ve never met before, Great-Grandma Banana!
Banana:  I remember your mother Tami inviting me over several times when you were younger, but the timing was always inconvenient.
Conan: Look here! Check out these photos of me when I was in grade school!


Please Vote for the Gen7 Heir!

Here’s a collage of CAS portraits of the three potential heirs and their father.
Ze has a longer face than his sons—he absolutely smolders!!!
I must confess that I’m a little disappointed that his sons don’t look more like him.
All the boys inherited their mother’s nose and cheeks, yet Conan looks so different from the twins.
Conan, why do you have such a thick neck?! His eyes are most like Ze’s.

I hope the very feminine look of the three sons will be an advantage for the next generation of girls.
Anyway, now that I’ve sped up to reach the boys’ teen birthdays, I’ll slow down a bit in the next update so you can get to know them a little better.

Stats of the Potential Heirs


Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist (Bro)
Maxed aspirations: All childhood aspirations
Maxed skills (by teen birthday): 7 (Mental, Creativity, Social, Logic, Charisma, and Piano; Violin L6)
Adult aspiration: Bestselling Author
Adult career: (Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler)


Traits: Neat, Music Lover (Outgoing)
Maxed aspirations: All childhood aspirations
Maxed skills (by teen birthday): 7 (Creativity, Mental, Motor, Social, Logic, Charisma, and Violin; Fishing L5)
Adult aspiration: Soulmate
Adult career: (Secret Agent/Double Diamond Agent)


Traits: Vegetarian, Cheerful (Good)
Maxed aspirations: all childhood aspirations
Maxed skills (by teen birthday): 8 (Motor, Mental, Creativity, Social, Logic, Charisma, Violin, and Piano; Fishing L2)
Adult aspiration: Nerd Brain
Adult career: (Detective)

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