Mori 8.83: Dem Shoes, Though

Week 42/Sunday

Taisuke: Rukia, sorry you couldn’t join us at the ice cream parlor this evening!
Rukia: No problem. You know geeky me. I just played video games with Papa and Uncle Conan.

Taisuke: Let’s avoid Monday morning’s last-minute rush by renewing our vows tonight.
Rukia: Thanks! This week’s my final lap in the Management career.

Taisuke: Hey, Shota. What are you up to out here by yourself?
Shota: Remember I’m a loner, Papa? I’m trolling teh forums.
Taisuke: What!? Your Mischief is already Level 06!? You should level your Charisma now.

Shota: Why do I even need Charisma? Why can’t I just enjoy my life, Papa?
This will all be over a week after Kyoya’s young adult birthday, at the very latest.
Taisuke: Charisma is good for impressing the girls, son. *winks
Shota: I’m all over it, Papa. *speeds off like a bolt of lightning


Conan: Hey, I hear that Andrew gave birth to a son this morning. Congrats!
Hinata: I’m so stoked that we finally have a son! I hope he grows up to resemble Andrew!
Conan: Smart idea to take a break from dating today for Andrew’s sake.
Hinata: Well, apparently, the dating burden falls most heavily on you and me.
Conan: Yeah, Rukia & Taisuke did Soulmate separately and have the most gold-medal dates.
Hinata: Let’s call them GMDs, shall we? Papa has 11 GMDs with Mama.

Conan: I’m not even married. It’s so unfair that I’m forced to date like you couples!
Hinata: Oh puhleeze. Your generation only had Jin’s 7 GMDs before this. After Grandma Tami finished Party Animal, your generation didn’t throw a single party!

Taisuke: I got a promotion. You’re looking at a Level 7 Councilman!
I dunno, I kinda miss the heels. I was getting used to being taller than everyone else!

Tetsu Ikeda: Councilman Finch, I really appreciate your thoughtful policymaking.
I’d be honored to give my vo-o-o– *suddenly ages up to an elder in mid-sentence

Taisuke: Well dang, Mr. Ikeda! That was very poor timing, indeed!

Taisuke: Mr. Ikeda, just because you’re elderly doesn’t mean you can’t vote. You don’t want my brand-new suit and loafers to go to waste, do you?

Jin: Well, aren’t you looking like the cat who ate the canary!
Rukia: You know it! I brought home my last promotion! You are in the presence of a Level 10 Business Tycoon, Papa.
Jin: You rock, dear daughter. Now the only career left is Politician.


Ignis: Remind me again when our teen birthday is?
Shota: Saturday morning. Yeah, as cute as we are, I’m bored with being a kid, too.
Ignis: Watchette promised me better hair after my teen birthday. I can’t wait!

Taisuke: Surprisingly, I’ve got quite a flair for winning sims over and getting their votes.
Even if I’m dressed in this mafioso double-breasted suit and cruddy loafers.

Good afternoon, Nobuya Ikeda. Long time no see! *enthusiastically promotes policies
Nobuya: Oh, Councilman Finch! Of course, you have my full support!
Taisuke: (I could do worse, you know? I could be wearing his lime-green shoes.)

Taisuke: Now that I’ve completed my daily task, would you mind if I change?
Nobuya: No, of course not, Councilman Finch. Whoa, is that look what I think it is?
Taisuke: Very astute, Mr. Ikeda! I’m play-testing this outfit for my watcher’s new sim.
Tetsu: A lookalike sim of the white-haired Ken Kaneki from the manga/anime Tokyo Ghouls?
Taisuke: Mr. Ikeda, I could use a sharp aide like you. What about working for me?

Rukia: Look at my boys so hard at work! What are you doing?

Taisuke: I’m trying to find out how many votes I’ve secured so far. Is there a computer option, like the “Donations Collected” feature for Charity Organizer?

Kyoya: Moi? I’m preparing to mix emo potions for Whiz Kid.

Conan: I’m still unhappy about Ayaka Ikeda concealing the fact that she’s an alien. So I’ve started seeing someone new. Her name’s Ayaka Sakamoto.
Yeah, it’s weird that they have the same first name.
For some reason, our simverse has a surplus of sims with Japanese names but not Japanese looks.
Anyway, Ms. Sakamoto is my best option at this point.

Conan: It’s great to see you again, Ayaka. Thanks for coming over after work.
Ayaka: No worries, cutie. My workload at the Police Station was pretty light today.


Ignis: Watchette, we need to talk with you about something real important!
Kyoya: Yeah, what’s the big deal about old people on dates?
Shota: Seriously, all you do is take kissy pictures these days! We’re the stars here!

W: Sorry, I made a few miscalculations because this is my first (and last) legacy. Your family’s pulling all-nighters to cover for my mistake and finish with the dating.
Don’t you think they deserve a few screenshots for their courageous efforts?

Ignis: Um, yeah, okay.
W: Don’t worry! You three will be back in the spotlight very soon!

Andrew: I feel like I’ve been transformed into Hinata’s love slave. Eh, I could suffer worst fates!
Hinata: You know you love it, Andrew!  And thanks for not distracting me with long stories and dumb jokes while we’re in the zone.
Andrew: Looks like your family’s getting closer and closer to 600 medal points!

Jin: Hinata has the fewest GMDs so while she catches up, Watchette rewards the rest of us.
Conan: Where have you been hiding these again?

Rukia: The geek in me is willing to meet a daily GMD quota to play on a motion gaming rig every day!

Taisuke: Hello, Madame Speaker. This is Taisuke Finch of Windenberg.
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful about today’s promotion to Level 8 Representative.
But would you please confirm that the grey-and-pink sneakers are part of my promotion package?


Rukia: Hinata tells me that we only need four more gold-medal dates to reach 602 medal points.
Taisuke: Wow, already?
Rukia: This past week, Papa, Uncle Conan, and Hinata have been dating night and day with Rally the Troops.
Taisuke: Well, you’re the Gen8 Heir. You and I should def do the last four dates, right?
Rukia: Oh, I don’t know, Tai. Are you feeling naughty? (What’s that face he’s making?)

Taisuke: Me? Never!
W: Rukia, how do you keep that little wasp-waist of yours after three kids?


Ignis: Land ahoy!
Shota: Shiver me timbers!
Kyoya: Um, I don’t know any pirate-speak…
W: Kyoya ages up next Wednesday, so he takes a vacation day along with the twins.

Taisuke: I bring home another promotion, which makes me a Level 9 Elder Statesman.
On the other hand, what has my work wardrobe stylist been smoking?

And by the way, I need six more votes for my final promotion.

Rukia: We did it! With our last gold-medal date, we reached 602 medal points!
Taisuke: We also both finished the Soulmate’s romantic interactions along the way.
Rukia: Thank you, my beloved Romantic husband. With you, the dating was never a grind!
Taisuke: Did you know? You and I hold the Mori Legacy’s record for most gold-medal dates! We’re naturals!

Jin: Who’s the boy, Conan?
Conan: This is my second son with the closet alien, Ayaka Ikeda.
His name’s Kyle, the younger brother of the blonde-haired Lionel. He just aged up today.

W: Yes, I’m being completely irresponsible with all the nooboos being born everywhere.
This legacy challenge is winding down to a close, though, so I’m just enjoying sims genetics. Indulge me!

Week 42/Saturday

Ignis: Early Saturday morning, Shota and I get our “celebrate birthday” notices and cake up right away.
Besides being a Music Lover, I’m also Neat with the Nerd Brain aspiration.
W: Ignis is such a poker face—how long did I wait for a smile?

Shota: I age up immediately after my bro Ignis.
I’m not only a Loner, but also a Kleptomaniac with the Chief of Mischief aspiration.
W: This one’s going to be a blast to play.

Author’s Notes

First of all, why did the twins age up with such square jaws?

Secondly, thanks to an almost non-stop dating marathon by Jin, Conan, and Hinata at the last minute (but mostly Jin and Conan), the Mori’s reached 602 medal points, achieving 9 out of 10 points in the Popularity category. We will NOT be trying for 1,000 medal points.
Our score is now 96/101.

Thanks for reading!

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