Mori 8.85: Gah, Lag in My A-Game!

Week 43/Wednesday

Conan: So why didn’t I get to be in the toddler collages, huh? You were using a separate save file anyway, right?
W: So sorry, sweetheart, but six sims was a perfect number for collages, seven sims not so much.
Conan: Well, you’ve missed your chance, you know, because I’m moving out today. I’ll be an elder in three days, so it’s time to get a move on.
Rukia: You’ll be at The Old Salt House in San Myshuno, right? We’ll go visit, for sure!

Kyoya: Not to disrespect my elders but I’m the only productive sim around the house today.
Because I need to evolve five plants for Freelance Botanist, I text Auntie Hinata.
I ask her to fertilize some plants for me, but she never responds.

That’s because the gorgeous Hinata’s been standing like this for the past four hours.
I’m ready to throttle her, but get Rukia to fertilize the plants for Kyoya instead.
Okay, Hinata is fine now after several hours of tweaking/fixing my game. *sighs

Shota: Why are we up here fishing?
Ignis: Yeah, this ain’t a dynasty, so I thought fishing is for sims Watchette wants to ignore…
Shota: I gotta admit, though, it’s cool to chill with Great-Grandpa Ze—he looks kinda like that guy from BTS.

Ze: You think I look like him, too? Actually, I get that a lot.
Anyway, Kyoya probably needs to earn some satisfaction points, then you’ll all head for a gym, I bet.

Rukia: Why am I mentoring my darling Taisuke on the guitar?
There’s nothing for you two to do tonight, so I’m trying to keep you busy.
Taisuke: I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’m very grateful.
Every vampire heartthrob could use mysterious smoke swirling about the ankles.


Kyoya: I’m so excited about my first day of high school.
Shota: What are you doing, Ignis?
Ignis: Making a handsome face for my fans. I can be cute, too, you know!

Kyoya: We invite two of our cousins over after school. My cousin Roland Mori looks like his dad, Asa Crabtree, with Auntie Miku’s lips.
His turquoise-green eyes are so intense!

Rukia: Lorena grew up into such a lovely teen! One thing I don’t understand, though.
How did Lorena end up a redhead when Hinata has blue hair and Drew’s a brunette?
She has red hair because, uh…ask Pippin? Lorena is really a knock-out!

Hinata: How time flies! Grandpa Ze passed away last night after fishing with the twins. Grandma Tami must be heartbroken!

And this afternoon, Papa shows up to our club gathering with grey hair. Well, a quick trip to the closet can fix that!

Kyoya: As much as I love being a vegetarian, this grafting is boring and repetitive. Why am I doing this?
Rukia: To earn enough points to buy, let’s see, Steel Bladder, Carefree, Never Weary, Incredibly Friendly, and Beguile.
And sorry about not preparing plants to evolve in advance.

Taisuke: Hurry and finish grafting that second section so we can go to San Myshuno!

Ignis: Just me, working out while adoring fans gaze at my perfection.
Jin: Dream on, you scrawny little beanpole! You got the smug look down, though.

Taisuke: That’s the attitude, son! You gotta love yourself.
Kyoya: *hums Can’t touch this

Grim: I wish someone could mentor me in Fitness, too. *pouts
Rukia: Hey, Papa tried already and you don’t have that option, okay? Sheesh.
Grim: Look at that! Someone forgot their yoga mat out front! Wheeee!

Shota: Aaarrggghh! Where are all the teen girls? All the cute ones are my cousins!
And the young adults are all…ugh!
Hey, tomorrow is Ladies’ Night so maybe we’ll meet someone new.
Shota: What do you mean by “we,” kemo sabe?


Hinata: After four kids, I’m still crazy about my dreamboat Drew.

Taisuke: See? This is how you wear a suit! No fuschia pumps, no two-tone sneakers! Straight black leathers, yo!
Rukia: Are you going to eat with those gloves on, dear?

Hinata: It feels so wicked to be going out for lunch while the kids are in school!
Drew: Their grades don’t matter anymore. *shrugs
Rukia: That sounds so nihilistic, but why the heck have we waited so long to do this?
Taisuke: It’s so nice to get out of our athletic wear for a change!

Hinata: Look, Miku and Asa are here, too! Now I feel bad we didn’t invite them in the first place!
Rukia: There’s always next time, sis. Those two are sure looking happy together, eh?


Shota: Well, this is a lovely spot. Why am I here?
When I initially found the place, it was so magical with fireflies flitting around in the muted light of dawn. But you took 3 hours to get here, so now they’re gone. *weeps

Kyoya: What’s going on with my plants, Auntie Hinata? Aren’t you helping me?
Hinata: I am, Kyoya. I’ve been spraying bugs both up here and in the sunken garden.

Kyoya: But it’s been three days since my teen birthday, you know. I’m already Level 9 Gardening but I’m stuck at Tier II cuz there aren’t any plants to evolve.

Hey, you’re fishing, Ignis!
Ignis: You know me, I’m the serious and diligent sim, always silently skilling.But what happened last night? Weren’t we all going on the prowl for Ladies’ Night!
That was the plan, but you boys took six hours to finish your homework yesterday. By the time you were done at 9 pm, I’d forgotten all about Ladies’ Night.

Ignis: So are we going out tonight for Singles’ Night? We met a lot of ladies last Saturday. None of them were attractive, but still…
Yeah, we’re very definitely going out to meet the local talent tonight.
But for now, I need to take a break from your households and all the spike lags.
And I think I hear Noctis calling out to me.

Author’s Notes

Current Status of the Gen09 Heir Vote
Ignis: 2 points (YA in 6 days)
Shota: 6 points (YA in 6 days)
Kyoya: 6 points (YA in 10 days)

Game Lag
My game is incredibly laggy now, but I’m determined to play out this challenge to the end.
I’d planned a “special project” for this legacy but my game files are so glitchy that I’ll be saving it for my next Sims 4 project.

When I think that this legacy challenge will end in four or five more chapters, I’m sorry that the Gen09 and Gen10 progeny will not get their moment in the sun like their predecessors.

The Inimitable Ze

Rest in peace, my very beloved Ze, secondary spouse of the Gen06 Heir, Tami. You’re the sim who convinced me that my male sims needed long eyelashes.

Your discovery at the park, the hospitals, the helicopter, the sexy bandages, those pouty lips–no sim has ever commanded so much of my love and attention!
Also, you were giving vampire kisses before the game pack even hit the rumor mill. (Yes, I’m seriously gushing over a clump of pixels, a very attractive clump!)

My sultry, charming Ze—I will miss the heck out of you. Thank Carl, I have a bandaged, teen version of you in My Library, hehe.

As always, thank you for reading. Less ranting in the remaining chapters, I promise!

Mori 8.86: No Waifu, No Laifu (Part I)

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