Mori 9.91: She’s Having Mah Baby

Week 45/Monday

After moving Ignis out to The Lighthouse, we return to the happy couple and find their socials are stuck again.
Let’s see what the others are up to.

Taisuke: Help me, Watchette! I’ve been trying to clean up after the party but Lorena keeps trying to chat.
Doesn’t’ she realize I’m her uncle? Make her go home!
Go to the garden where Rukia and Hinata are, Taisuke. Lorena surely won’t follow you there. [/i]

Kyoya: Now that we’re unfrozen, I rebuild momentum with my trusty bow!

Kyoya: My dearest Maki, as much as I would love to smother you with roses and all things lovey-dovey, we don’t have the luxury of time.
Maki: I’m just happy for the time we do have together and I don’t mind that the legacy ends.
You won’t be able to watch me grow old while you’re still a young man.

Kyoya: *attempts to go to sleep
W: *cancels Kyoya’s Sleep interaction
Maki: *autonomously asks Kyoya to woohoo
W: *cancels the woohoo interaction for both of them

Kyoya: Grrrr, rowr!  Huh, wut?!
Focus, Kyoya, focus! No sleeping, no animal impressions, no funny faces!
All you want to do is try for baby!  Earth to Kyoya…can you hear me?


Seven sim-hours have passed since Kyoya and Maki entered this room, so it’s now past midnight…

Maki: Yay! After only one try, too! I can’t wait to share the big news with Kyoya!
Maki receives the Eating for Two message at exactly 12:53 am, so she’ll probably go into labor around the same time on Friday.
Unless the timing has changed, then it would be the same time on Thursday…

Kyoya: Oh, Maki! This is wonderful news! I’m so hyped about becoming parents!

Maki: Me, too! Me, too!
Kyoya: Though I’m a tad disappointed we can’t keep trying for baby…

After breakfast…

Rukia: Perfection, thy name is Taisuke.

Kyoya: Are you doing what I think you’re doing?
Maki: What? I found Watchette’s save files for Final Fantasy XV so I’m just taking a look around.

Maki: Check it out! Her crew is already level 43 and Noctis rides a pale-blue chocobo!
Kyoya: Are you kidding me? Watchette will kill us if she learns you’ve been messing around with her game!
Sorry for this detour, readers, but I recently learned how to save in-game screenshots on my PS4 to a USB drive, hehe.

Maki: Who are those two guys?
Kyoya: Oh, that’s the dispossessed Prince Noctis with his good friend and strategist, Ignis.
Maki: Now I get your father’s hair and brother’s name, but there’s hardly any resemblance otherwise.
Kyoya: Enough, enough!!! Hand over that controller, please.

Maki: You take the controller away from me but now you’re…fishing?
Kyoya: This is so cool, Maki! Noctis caught this huge fish and all his bros came over to congratulate him!
This game’s unbelievably addicting, though, so let’s close it before anyone catches us.
Maki: Fine, let’s watch some music videos instead.

Kyoya: You never cease to amaze me, Maki! This is a historical first!
You’re the Mori House’s first female resident to watch a music video that’s neither Jpop or Kpop!
Maki: Oh please! My usual taste runs kpop and jpop, but who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake in his Suit and Tie music video?
The man’s got moves! And don’t get me started on his singing!

That evening…
Kyoya: I’m sorry to be proposing to you in our living room instead of somewhere more special, Maki. But I just can’t wait…will you marry me?
Maki: Somewhere more romantic would have been nice, but..Yes! *leaps into his arms

I’m not sure why I never noticed (or cared enough?), but Kyoya proceeds to rock Maki in his arms. It’s so incredibly cute!


In the afternoon, Kyoya throws a wedding party at San Myshuno’s Center Park.

Kyoya: Maki, even though I was just a high-schooler when we first met, you became my best friend.
And when we dined together at Iyashi, you drank that Cupid Juice and showed me your flirty side.
I’ve been crazy about you since the first night we met.

Maki: You are so very dear to me, Kyoya.
That night we met, I was just a bar fly in Oasis Springs and my life had no direction.
Well, it did have a direction: I was heading toward spinsterhood, never to experience love or family in my life.
But you saw past my Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans) and boots with the fur (with the fur), and you trusted me.

Jin: It means so much to be able to attend my grandson’s wedding, Taisuke.
I appreciate Maki being so quick to conceive, ensuring that I’ll be alive to witness the end of this legacy challenge!
Taisuke: I don’t share your history in the Mori Legacy, of course, but I’m proud to have played a part, Jin.
Jin: Oh, and take good care of my Tiger of Sweden suit, you hear?

I now pronounce you husband and wife. *throws confetti

Taisuke: I set up my portable DJ booth and put down some dance floors to one side of the wedding aisle.
Shota: Where are all the lady guests, I wonder. I see your daughter Rainn.
But it looks like Grandma Yuki and your daughters Lorena and Jill didn’t show.
Hinata: Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with them. Is your girl Mariko coming?
Shota: She is, but it seems she’s running late.

Jin: Pssst, Kyoya. You need to get Maki away from here!
Kyoya: Huh?

Jin: Shota’s very pregnant girlfriend Mariko just showed up, wearing the same dress as Maki in a negligibly different shade.
Kyoya: Thanks for the heads up, Grandpa.

Kyoya: Maki, let’s slip away for some privacy. I know the perfect place.
Maki: Ah yes, a last kiss to conclude my perfect wedding! Thank you, sweet Kyoya.

Kyoya: It’s too bad The Dancers won’t be wearing these costumes anymore in this legacy challenge.
Shota: Yeah, apparently, Papa’s hair won’t fit under the cowboy hat, that’s why.
Kyoya: Well, I think I pretty much rock this look. Maybe I can add it to my party outfits?
Shota: You don’t look half bad, bro. Have you considered wearing contact lenses?

Kyoya: You think the readers are disappointed that Maki didn’t give birth in this chapter? Was the chapter title misleading?
Shota: Well, you know Watchette didn’t want to skip from your birthday to the Gen10 Heir’s birth.
Kyoya: Oh, so this shot of us dressed in the cowboy costumes is kind of like fan service?
Shota: Yep.
Shameless, I tell you! Just shameless!

Author’s Notes

I hope you don’t mind these digressions leading up to the end of this legacy challenge.
Having Maki just move in and pop out an heir seemed so unfair to both Kyoya and Maki, so I’m giving them a little story time.

The good news is that the next chapter will start close to the time Maki goes into labour (unless Kyoya and Maki sway my determination by doing something that is must-share cute), so the end is very, very near.

Mori 10.92: A Not-So-Grand Finale

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