Rivals 4.36: I Need a Bad Girl

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Moss Dinero, I)

Previously at the end of Week 3:
   • Moss moved into the 30×20 Asphalt Adobe lot with Aaradhya Kumar.
• Krishna Bheeda, who ages up into a stubbled teen Ballywood heartthrob, and his parents move in with Moss.
• Moss and Aaradyha get married, throwing a gold-medal wedding party.
• Aaradhya gives birth to a girl, whom the game has named Kendra Kumar but she will soon be renamed.


Caleb: Serena, my beloved, have you noticed that Massimo has started singing?
Serena: Yes, my darling. But why does he sing with a cigar in his mouth?

Caleb: You know that Morgan Fyres has the Good trait, right?
Serena: Yes, so what?
Caleb: Morgan shut our son down for coffin woohoo last night.
Haven’t you ever seen Usher’s live performance of “Bad Girl” featuring Beyonce? It’s on Youtube.

Moss: Since the Zannas and Somas get new houses, we get a new one, too!
Aaradhya: We get a bit of a scare when our nooboo goes invisible!
I could still interact with her because I rolled the whim, but she was getting really hungry and I couldn’t choose to feed her!

Moss: Yeah, none of us could click on the bassinet, either.
I totally panicked! After saving, exiting, then repairing the game, however, the nooboo reappeared.

Arun: In case you forgot, I’m a Level 10 Scientist now.
I’d like to make a few serums and maybe a single cloning machine before I quit for good.

Jessminder: I’m trying to avoid another promotion until I learn the Snagglefluster recipe.

And, yes, our garden’s been moved downstairs so we can have a larger house!

Krishna: I contribute to household funds by crafting camping mascots.

You see how the woodworking table is enclosed by an ugly, indoor fence?
It keeps out everyone but me. Our watcher is such a control freak!

Aaradhya: I continue with the Painter Extraordinaire.
Moss and Jessminder have been taking turns mentoring me. It’s been great!

Moss: I just checked your Painting level and see you’ve reached Level 7 Handiness! How did that happen!?
Aaradhya: Yes, I know, but I have no idea, especially since only Krishna can use the woodworking table.

Moss: We’re getting ready to go out until quite late tonight, so we hire a nanny.
When Daichi arrives, he pauses at the top of the stairs into the courtyard.

I can almost hear Daichi thinking: “Hookah or nooboo?”
Aaaannnndddd he heads for the nooboo. Smart choice, Daichi!

Jessminder: I’m going to casually collect the magic beans.
Casually, in the sense that I won’t be trying to change the Plantsims’ moods.

Moss: Hey, Sergio! Are you selling stuff today at the Flea Market?
Sergio: Nah, I’m just here with Joaquim who’s selling fossils over there.

Moss: I thought you’d be the spouse of Megumi, the Gen2 heir.
Sergio: Hmmmph, so did I!

Moss: Well, when our Gen5 heir is born, we might ask you to marry her, if you’re still a bachelor!
Sergio: That’s ages from now!
Moss: Not really. Our Gen3 heir will be a toddler on Wednesday. Anyway, think about it.

Jessminder: I can’t remember if we’ve learned how to prepare all the Indian dishes or not.
So I eat one again along with Arun and Aaradhya.
Watchette, does this mean you’re buying us a Chef’s Station?

Arun: So, Aaradhya, when did you become a Spice Hound?
Aaradhya: That and my Level 7 Handiness are both mysteries.

Aaradhya: I think this seat’s swatches will go better with our little Hookah Lounge!
Moss: Hey, I hear that you’re not an alien after all.

Aaradhya: Yes, how embarrassing for me, right?
I mean I was forced to write that “I want a human/alien hybrid child” update!

Moss: Nah, you’re fine! It’s not our fault that the Return Home Menu mechanics have changed!

Aaradhya: After dining at the Spice Market, everyone but Jessminder leaves for Granite Falls.
I want to learn that woodworking schematic!

Krishna: We also find our three missing herb plants and enjoy some fishing.
Jessminder: I’ll never get that Snagglefluster opp if you’re never home while I’m working!


Jessminder: Arun, why is Daichi standing like that?
Arun: The reason, I guess, would be that he’s stuck.

Jessminder (eyes him doubtfully): Do you think Daichi’s really stuck?
Or could he just be pretending he’s stuck, so he can do nothing yet still get paid?

Moss: I bring home a promotion on my first day of work and branch to Art Critic.

I can understand why Diego Lobo’s in that image, but why Lily Feng?

Jessminder: We already have 3 out 6 beans and this dude is Aaradhya’s old flame.

What? How dare he give me that ole “I’m not in the mood” spiel?!

I’ve vowed not to waste time changing moods. But what can I say? I’m hotheaded!
And oh look! I never knew I had a mean “Rile up!” social. How cool is that?

Jessminder: After I beat him up, the dazed Plantsim still won’t give me a bean!

Oh well, not a productive use of my time, but still fun!

Moss: What a luxury to have three painters!
Aaradhya: I’ve joined the Painter career to try and get the Level 4 easels. It’s the thing to do!

Moss: Since you love the outdoors, darling, you’ll have your own outdoor space soon.

Arun: I’d completely forgotten that I still need 2 bestsellers to complete Bestselling Author!

It would be nice for Moss and all to have Books of Life, so I’m writing novels again.

Moss: It’s great that you’re enjoying some night fishing, Krishna.

What we really need you to do right now, though, is pump out those camping mascots!
Krishna: I was actually farming for satisfaction, but you’re right! Our top priority is house value!

Moss: I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have a son.
Aaradhya: I would love to see what our son would look like!

Aaradhya: That same evening, I learn that I’m eating for two!
Darn it, why did I take my pregnancy test in the only bathroom without wall coverings?

Moss: That’s great news, honey! So, our nooboo arrives a day after our daughter becomes a toddler?

Moss: We add a fountain to our courtyard.
Maybe a pond would be better…but what happens to the basement if I add a pond?


Aaradhya: We get our daughter’s birthday notice around 6 am.
We’ve named her Mina which means (according to Google) fish in Sanskrit.

While I wait for Moss to age her up, I again appreciate this fabulous rug of swirling ramen.
What? You want to know how I know that it depicts bowls of ramen?

That’s easy–look at the slices of green onion,  naruto (whirlpool-patterned fishcake), and charsiu pork!
Not a vegetarian dish, but still a great-look rug!

Moss: While I play with our now-toddler Mina, Aaradhya goes to plan her outfits.
Look how cute my wife is with her first-trimester baby bump!

Aaradhya: And here is our little verdant girl wonder!
She aged up with black hair which I, of course, dyed a dark green!

Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal

*Incomplete requirements
Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party (needs 2 more)
Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier III)
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 4)
Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
Children: Mina and another on the way

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed requirements: None (Hey, gimme a break! I’m only a Day 1 toddler!)

Rivals 4.37: A House Full of Win

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