DD 2.11: Stranger in the Night

The Sanada Apocalypse: Dystopian Dearth

Week 8/Day 50 (Sunday)

Satoru: We open today with a shot of our Bathrobe Beauty, Erika, on the treadmill in our mini-gym, armed with a smile and a steely determination to shed those pounds.

Kenta: Congrats on your promotion yesterday to Level 7 Author, Dad!
Satoru: Well, I’m done with the skill books. That’s been my number one priority these past weeks.
I might look them over again and try to write a Bestseller for each category.

Kenta: Or you could just take it easy.
Satoru: You’re right, son. I got my first notice from Grim this morning.

Kenta: I see you dyed your hair—the silver highlights are cool. By the way, how do you like my latest makeover?
Satoru: Your everyday outfit is perfect for you, but you don’t think the blond hair is too much?
Kenta: Nah, the Jpop idols have been doing it for over a decade, Dad! And it makes the Maxis hair look like new, right?

Satoru: Watchette, why is my son wearing guyliner?
Hey, just a little! The Jade lips were overpowering the rest of his face, so…
Kenta: By the way, who’s that weird lady in the blue bathrobe over there. Someone you know?
Satoru: Never saw her before in my life…

Kenta: Check out my party wear—it’s the same as before but looks completely different with blond hair in a different style, doesn’t it?
Satoru: I like the way you’ve been working out while still keeping a slim profile.
Kenta: I know, right?  Watchette made me a Neat stay-at-home, which probably means I would have been doing lots of cleaning in my sportswear.
Satoru: Hahahaha, but now you’re too skinny. Nice plan!

Kenta: You know, I’ve been looking for the right time to say this for a while.
You’ve been a really wonderful father and an amazing founder, Dad!
Satoru: Thanks, Kenta. It’s been a good life! And it’s a lovely evening tonight, isn’t it?

How was your first night in the Entertainer career, Satoru?
Satoru: Well, I went to work in a Very Playful mood, thanks to Dad’s gummybear pancakes and to swapping jokes with Erika.
So you moved your computer stuff?
Satoru: Yeah, it’s over in the opposite corner of the room now, overlooking the street.
Watchette, I really love this space you created for me! It’s like a celebrity crib!
Well, you can show your appreciation by flying through the ranks of the Comedian career, sweets.

Day 51 (Mon)

In the early morning hours, Jade becomes an elder.
Sasuke, Satoru, and Tatsuya celebrate energetically behind Jade, while the others simply stand there staring—party poopers!

Strictly Business Gnome: Move over, Trashcan, there’s a new sheriff in town! Please call me SBGnome.
Trashcan: Oh no, you di’int, Watchette! Tell me this ain’t true! I gotta share this porch space with an attention hog?
SBGnome: An attention hog? That would be your role, wouldn’t it?
I’m here to symbolize the fact that the Apocalypse Challenge is all about clearing careers.
I’m the one sending everyone off to school and work, then welcoming them home every day with an inner smile!

Trashcan: *mutters: I thought that was my role!
SBGnome: Trashcan, you just continue standing there next to the mailbox, looking pretty, okay?
And by the way, after paying their $6,798 bill, the family pays off $29,838 to the mob.
*whispers: Hurry and clear the Villain restriction and expand the house, Watchette!
Get me away from this needy Trashcan!
I’m working on it!

Tatsuya: This Kleptomaniac trait is a killer since we can’t visit other lots!
I spend most of my work day with a tense “Need to swipe” moodlet that destroys my work performance bar.
I’m Level 9 Mischief now, though, so I seem to have graduated from swiping produce to swiping metals.
Too bad! Non-local produce is more valuable than metals right now.
Tatsuya: Anyway, off to do my four interviews and articles, or maybe woohoo with Yuki because I’m in such a poor mood…

Yuki: Poor Tatsuya! His job is so much more demanding than mine!
I’m a Level 8 Pro Gamer, so I play video games for several hours every night as my daily task. You’re jealous, right?
Last night, I completed the Computer Whiz aspiration and earned the Webmaster trait, too!
Using my new new Socialize/Make Connections interaction, I hope to max my career by early next week at the latest.
SBGnome: Have fun at work, Yuki!  *waves

Day 52 (Tue)

Jade: Late last night, Satoru told me that his age bar is full.
I wonder how many more times we can all enjoy chatting over breakfast like this?
Yes, it’s strange to have fried fish for breakfast but Erika and Kenta are trying level up their fishing and cooking skills.

Satoru: Around 11 am today, I checked my age bar and saw that it’s bubbling.
This past week, I’ve been trying hard to prepare my beloved family for my absence.
Is there anything I’ve left unfinished?
Sasuke and I worked on his fitness for a while, but I don’t want him getting too fatigued for work tonight.
Instead, he asks me to mentor him in Handiness.

Yuki: I’m off today. My Video Gaming skill is already Level 9 but I need to max it for my career.
That’s why I’m spending the day alternating between Video Gaming and Meditation.

So, what game are you playing, Yuki?
Yuki: The Refuge.
Ooh, you arrived at a new village! I love discovering a new village! Wait! What’s happening?
Why did you just zap that guy? What is that weapon? Is it an Ultimate Weapon? 

Yuki: Can we not have this convo right now, Watchette? I’m playing a Pro Tournament.
Would you please go watch someone else for the next three hours? I’m a loner and you’re ruining my concentration….

Day 53 (Wed)

Tatsuya: Only three more days until my adult birthday and I finally get promoted to Level 8 Journalist!
This promotion took three days of running around interviewing people and writing articles on them.
(Well, okay, yesterday, four out of five of my interviewees were family members.)
I’m swiping different things from Walrus Books (where I work), too!
I swiped an uncommon metal on Monday and a rare element on Tuesday. Frankly, I prefer promotions.

Jade: Hey, hot stuff, could I interest you in a little sumpin’ sumpin’?
Satoru: Yeeessss! Oh, Jade, how could you tell my fun meter’s tanked from mentoring Kenta and Sasuke all day long?
Jade: It’s not just for you, dear. I worked really hard to get one last raise before I retire, so I feel extremely stressed right now.
Satoru: Why are we still downstairs talking?

For all their excitement, they both ended up with negative moodlets from “mediocre woohoo.”
Unlike Satoru who completed the Bodybuilder aspiration, poor Jade ended up dangerously exhausted as well.

Hey, Tatsuya, I see you arrive home with your usual “Need to Swipe” tense moodlet but today you are wearing a smile for a change.
Tatsuya: Yep, I finally got promoted to Level 8 Investigative Journalist!
I was feeling a little anxious, seeing as I have my adult birthday and Daia has her teen birthday this Saturday!
That’s great news, Tatsuya. And nice to see you in your everyday outfit. No offense, but your journalist outfit…ugh.
Tatsuya: I’m off to go round up those interviews!

How are you doing, Daia? Why are you looking so embarrassed?

Daia: I dropped my tray in front of everybody at the cafeteria today. I’m going to be embarrassed for the next eight hours!

Yuki: Arrgggh, I maxed the Video Gaming skill this morning and got promoted to Level 9 APM Queen tonight, but the stress is taking its toll!

What? You want to know what APM means?
Actions Per Minute—haven’t you ever watched a Starcraft tournament video with a Starcraft fanatic?

Day 54 (Thu)

Sasuke: Did you hear I got promoted last night? I chose the Comedian branch, of course, and I’m now a Level 5 Jokesmith!
One of Mom’s co-workers came to visit tonight. Her name’s Siobhan Fyres and we’ve become, how do I put this, very close.
And look at The Tricer back there! He totally approves! Oh wait, no….that’s his sleeping face.   :(

Day 55 (Fri)

Jade: Kenta, you’ve maxed Painting and Fitness; you also cook and you’re handy.
You’re the perfect Neat sim. What’s the point in asking me to mentor you in Logic?
Kenta: Well, I’m just trying to become as indispensable as possible. And I think Watchette is digging me more since my blonde look.
If I add another mentoring skill, she’s less likely to move me out as soon as Daia maxes Diamond Agent.
Jade: Whatever the reason, I’m just glad you’ll eventually inherit three of Satoru’s mentoring skills.

Look at you, Yuki! You’re a Level 10 Champion Gamer!  You are just awesome!
Yuki: I know, right? Thanks to the eSport Gamer unlock, our lives will get a little easier.
We can use phones, computers, TVs, tablets, and gaming gigs!
Well, we don’t have room for a gaming gig now.
But as soon as our living space expands, we can place the super-primo gaming gig I earned as a career reward!

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go buy some stuff!
Or so I thought. In fact, we can only buy the worst-quality item in every category plus there’s little space to place more stuff. Penguin TV, anyone?

Day 56 (Sat)

Tatsuya: A little past 1 am, we have a double celebration for my adult birthday and Daia’s teen birthday.
I can’t believe our little girl is a teenager already!
There she is right in the middle of her transformation! No separate shot of me, since I’m looking pretty much the same (on the very right).

Daia: Hey, Watchette, how did I end up with pink hair?
Your original hair color is black, so I changed it to pink for one of your everyday outfits and your party outfit.
But when we left CAS, I discovered your hair turned pink for every outfit. Do you hate it? I was too lazy to go back to change it.

Daia: I love this hair!!! May I keep it while I’m a teenager? I promise to go back to black hair when I’m an adult. Please?
I secretly hoped you’d want to keep it, hehe. Are you heading up to Sasuke’s room?
Daia: Yeah, I think it would be cool to learn how to play the guitar.

Heeeyyy, dude!  Who the heck are you and why are you sneaking around, uninvited, in my uncle’s room?
Stranger: *caught by surprise while admiring Sasuke’s portrait by Satoru
You tell him, Daia! Well, actually, don’t! I’m the one who invited him here.

Stranger: Sorry, I snuck into your house before the birthday celebrations. It’s kind of an occupational disease.
My name’s Kage (Ka as in Spanish “casa” and ge as in “get”), which means Shadow.
I’m the cat burglar your Watcher created last week for a tournament challenge she’s been playing lately.
She gave me a few days off, so I thought I’d drop in and see how the other half lives.
Daia: Look, Mr. Kage, you should have just knocked on the front door, you know?
Cuz if we share the same Watcher, we’re practically extended family.
But, seriously, you’re a cat burglar?
Kage: Why would anyone lie about that?
Check out these photos I took while I nicked a van full of swag from a mansion over in Windenberg!
Daia: Lol, dude, you stole their statue and even the kid’s computer? Hahahaha

My name’s Daia—it’s a Japanese shortening of the word Diamond, cuz I’m a teen now but I’m gonna be a Diamond Agent!
Kage: I’m honored and very pleased to meet you, Daia.  (But too bad you’re still a teen!)
Daia: Would you mind changing out of your cat burglar outfit? And I’d like to see your face, so no sunglasses, okay?
Kage: This better?
Daia: Oh, your hair is lavender! We definitely share the same Watcher! (Awww, too bad he’s already a young adult!)
By the way, are you single? (Oops, did I just say that out loud? Gah)

Kage: Daia, it’s so strange how the colors of our outfits match!
I hadn’t intentionally planned that, because I’m still undecided about how to move forward with this challenge.
I’d dressed Kage about a week ago for the forum tournament, but you two look as if I’d dressed you at the same time!
It’s probably because you both have pastel hair colors.

Daia: Can we take a commemorative photo? You know, just so I’ll remember you? (as if I could ever forget….)
Oh my! (he put his arm around me!)
Daia came out so adorable and the two of them are simply gorgeous together, in my humble (and superficial) opinion.

Kage: Oh look, the sun’s up already! I need to run, Daia. See you around, kid.
Daia:K, bye!  *watches him walk away (even though the shot below is from the front, hehe)
What do you think of Kage, Daia?  You two seemed to hit it off really well!
(And, yes, yet another age-inappropriate pairing—seems I just can’t get the timing right!)

Daia: Will I ever see him again, Watchette?

It really depends on your grandfather’s longevity. I want to move in someone to clear the Oracle career as soon as there’s room in the house.
Then, once Sasuke clears the Comedian career and Oracle is also cleared, we could move him into the world.
If you’re still interested when you’re a young adult, you could ask him to move in.

Daia: I see, that’s very complicated. Plus, Grandpa’s age bar has been bubbling for four days, since Tuesday morning.
We’ll just have to wait and see.


As explained above, I created Kage for a tournament challenge using the kleptomaniac trait at Carl’s Forum.
Compared to a Wonder Child, who ends up with 26 days (child + teen stages) worth of skills, aspiration reward traits, and store-bought traits, Kage is considerably underpowered.
After playing him for 20 sim-days in the tournament challenge, I’d like to give him a Potion of Youth at the end of his young adult stage and import him to this challenge, once the relevant restrictions have been cleared (Comedian and Oracle).

I really can’t say if he will become the Gen3 (Daia’s) spouse or not; everything depends on available household space and how quickly the Oracle restriction can be cleared.

Actually, I had planned to ask you readers about adding Kage to the family.
After having watched Daia and Kage together, though, I can no longer be dissuaded from marrying him into the family, hehe.
If not to Daia, then to Daia’s daughter.
(By the way, his visit to the Sanadas took place in a separate non-challenge file, in case you were wondering.)

And we haven’t forgotten Paolo and Siobahn! They’re still waiting in the wings—I’m having difficulty deciding which restrictions should be lifted first.
All the restrictions as well as the skilling-centered and promotion-focused gameplay no doubt make the Apocalypse Challenge more fun to play than to read about.
So thank you very much for reading!

DD 2.12: Jade’s Final Journey


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