Rivals 4.45: She’s Off and Running!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Massimo Zanna, Part II)

• Morgan’s jealousy causes her to be constantly tense, so Massimo asks to be just friends (they were not engaged or married);
• Vitorio and Laura Zanna age up to toddlers on Tuesday morning;
• Jung Storey, who will eventually marry Vitoria (the Gen3 heir) gets a head start on spouse hunting for their child;
• Massimo becomes a Grand Master Vampire with full Daywalker capabilties; and
• Jung quits his Painter job to become a Scientist.


Massimo: In the middle of the night, we all go tense when Paola discovers a fire.
Her door is locked so we can’t help but she extinguishes it herself.

I never knew that a ceiling light could spontaneously combust! Weird.

Massimo: The fire wakes up the girls, so Vitoria asks me to help her with potty.

Vitoria, we’re trying to reach the end of Week 4 in this update, so please refrain from being so adorable!
We don’t want an update full of toddler spam!

Lio: In case you’re interested (or even if you’re not), here’s a shot of our completely grafted garden
The front row is for fruit, veggies, and flowers.
The back row holds our herbs grafted with dragon fruit, UFO plants, and alien flora. Kaching, every single day!

Massimo: Don’t take it personally, Morgan.
Jung, Paola, and I need to be at our peak conditions for what we are doing.

See? Lio is also taking one for the team, too!

Vitoria: Mama tells me that this vampire will someday become my groom.
He’s not so great at reading to children. That hissing really spoils the immersion.
Otherwise, though, I think I can work with this.


Massimo: Every minute of the day, you’ll find my girls looking painfully adorable.

We visit Desert Bloom Park so I can boost my Charisma.
Jung becomes a Grand Master Vampire while training with my father.

That’s wonderful news for Vitoria, because Jung can continue training her after she moves out.

My co-workers tell me they’ve seen Wyatt Owen around town with the Dineros and the Somas.
I’m not sure what to think of that. We might do better by our Gen5 heir than Wyatt.

Still, I need to raise my charisma so we chat away.
I also remind him that he would regret two-timing us (even if we’re not sold on him completely).

When Jung leaves for work, I realize that I’m off today. Why not go to Nacho Mama?
A brief moment of confusion ensues upon arrival.

Apparently, some non-waiter renegade shows up wearing the waiter’s uniform.
Look at the two of us with the cook! We make a little trio of red and black!

You are wondering why I’m here, no doubt, since I have a withered stomach.
Just here for the Snagglefluster, folks.

What a shock to see Jacques Villareal dining with that food critic.
Isn’t he The Brains of a secret, evil criminal organization?
For some reason, I’d always imagined him with someone much edgier than her…

Maybe she invited him to request an arranged marriage between her son and his daughter?
Nah….that couldn’t be it!


Lio: In the wee hours, I roam the neighborhood, detecting the personality of every sim I meet.
And then I feel a jolt of electricity when my gaze falls upon her!
Even though she’s a lazy slob, we’re both music lovers! Could she be “The One” for me?

Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m probably destined to live a lonely life like Auntie Lilith.
You don’t have to be lonely, Lio. But have your fun while I’m with the other houses, okay?

Laura: Look at me! I’m just as cute as Vitoria but I’m in fewer pictures! Boo!

Massimo: I take the girls to visit Mama, but they can’t interact with her at all.
Vitoria eagerly does flash cards with her Uncle Lio.
Laura gets frustrated by Paola’s poor flash card skills and throws a big tantrum.

Massimo: When I lecture Laura on her misbehavior, she gets so sad.
Instead of comforting her, though, I can “express love” because I’m family-oriented.

Massimo: Morgan did a terrific job of boosting Vitoria to Level 5 Imagination while I was working!
Only another half level in Communication and she’ll be ready for her birthday!

Massimo: My dragonfruit matured tonight which completed my garden!
I’m putting the cowplant away until Vitoria’s completed her requirements.
There’s no doubt that the other plants will all stay healthy until then!


Massimo: Vitoria and I work on her communication skills.
And just past 3 am, papa’s little girl ages up to a child.

Massimo: Here’s my little girl, the Gen3 Zanna heir Vitoria!
That’s me as a child next to Morgan.
Vitoria really takes after me and my mother, don’t you think?

Vitoria: Wow, this is so cool, Paola!
I get to draw in your super-exclusive painting studio while you encourage me!

It makes me feel so special that I drew a macaroni rainbow, just for you!
By the way, is everyone locked out of this room or are you locked in?

Jung: I had such high hopes for Kyra Gupta as my future daughter-in-law!
She’s already a Grand Master Vampire and she’s a chef at Shimuzu restaurant.

But tonight, I learn that she’s not very intelligent.
She’s breaking into our house!  Can you believe that? Our house! What nerve!

Massimo and I also considered Candy Behr cuz she’s so pretty, but she has reward traits already.
Are married women out, because I can think of one who’s a total package…

And yes, we’re still talking about my daughter-in-law.

Massimo: At Level 9, I’m only hoping that the Wishing Well would max my performance.
Imagine my surprised delight when I max my career tonight instead!

Moss Dinero is a Level 7 Art Critic and Akira Soma (Gen3 Soma heir) is still a toddler.
Looks to me like the Zanna dynasty is officially in the lead right now!

Vitoria: Right around 10 pm, I finish Artistic Prodigy and light my birthday candles.
Everyone takes forever to drag their feet to the kitchen.
Then, only one of them even cheers to congratulate me. Sheesh!

Well, here I am, looking a lot like Papa and Grandma Serena!
(Come to think of it, I’ve never even met Grandma Moira.)

My aspiration is The Curator, so those dig sites better be ready and waiting!


Week 4 Status: Zanna Line

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
Garden (6 plants): done
Career: Athlete (Level 10)
*Incomplete requirements:
Master Vampire aspiration: Tier IV

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Communication & Imagination)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete move-out requirements
Teen career: Barista
“A” in high school:
Skills (2):
Aspiration: The Curator
Good Friends: (Serena Zanna; 3 more)
Portraits (2):  (normal and dark forms)
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)
Collection (7):

Week 4 Comparison

The Zanna line pushed ahead to the leading position this week.
• Gen2 Heirs: Moss Dinero is ahead in terms of requirements, but Massimo is ahead when viewed from career and requirements combined.
• Gen3 Heirs: Vitoria Zanna is a teen, Mina Dinero is a child, and Akira Soma is a toddler. Nuff said.

Coming next: Week 5 with the Dineros

Rivals 5.46: Gonna Send Ya Back to Schoolin’

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