Rivals 5.51: Massimo’s Bait and Switch

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Massimo Zanna (1/3)

Previously in Week 4:
   • Morgan Fyres gives birth to twin girls, Vitoria and Laura;
   • Due to Morgan’s prolonged discomfort and tension, Massimo (the Gen2 Zanna heir) asks her to be just friends;
   • Massimo maxes his Pro Athlete career, leaving only his Master Vampire aspiration as his last Vampire Bloodline requirement;
   • The Gen3 Zanna heir, Vitoria, earns the Happy Toddler trait, ages up to a child, then completes the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
   • On Saturday, Vitoria celebrates her teen birthday and becomes a Creative Music Lover with the Curator aspiration;
   • Jung Storey, Vitoria’s future spouse, has been combing the simverse for the ideal wife for his future son with Vitoria.

Week 5/Sunday

Massimo: As soon as The Big Switch occurs, I complete my Master Vampire aspiration.
Thankfully, the “Survive 20 additional days as a vampire” counts even the days when my household is inactive!

Since all the teen heirs have been completing their move-out requirements in a week or so, the Good Vampire aspiration is not a viable option.
But, anyway, I’m now done with all my Vampire Bloodline requirements.

Paola: Vitoria, I need you to pose for me so I can start painting you in both of your forms.
Vitoria: Well, okay, but I’ve started Week 5 with almost a 3-day head start.

Paola: I know the Zannas are aiming at a speed victory, but I’d still like to have gorgeous portraits!
Vitoria: Thanks, Paola! Don’t stress too much over portrait value.
Then again, a combined portrait value over $10k would be fantastic, just for insurance.

Vitoria: I ask the Wishing Well for a promotion with my new Barista career.
And I get a boost to Level 2 Bean Blender.
Not bad at all, considering the work shift is weekdays from 6-8 a.m.!

Vitoria: I wish my mother Morgan would stop dropping her action queues to chat with my future husband.
She’s been loitering around Jung Storey as if…but no, she wouldn’t dare do that, would she?

Uncle Lio’s been indiscriminately feeding lately, so Watchette’s given him the Guilty Drinker trait.
Sorry, Uncle Lio, but when I move out, I’m not taking you with me! You’re too uncivilized!

Massimo: Hold your horses, folks! This is not what it looks like.
I mean, yes, I am about to give the very married Bella Goth a passionate kiss.

Massimo: My mother, the founder, wants Bella Goth to marry the Gen4 heir (Vitoria’s future son).
Before that can happen, though, “someone” needs to convince Bella to leave her husband.

Ideally, that responsibility would fall on my father Caleb, but he’s no longer a playable sim.
So just when I’ve made a romantic commitment to Moss, I’m called on to lay this bait and switch for my future grandson!

Bella Goth’s been known to produce lovely children in alternative simverses, which is why Mama is stubbornly insisting on Bella.

Massimo: Why me, you wonder?
Heck if I’m going to ask Jung to romance Bella when he’s going to marry Vitoria!
Jung needs to stay focused on keeping my baby Vitoria happy.
You want to know about the tent? Erm, the tent helps to raise our romance bars faster…

Vitoria: What you think, Jung? Am I a little chubby? Paola gave me an Insta-Lean Potion earlier.
Should I drink it, Jung?

Vitoria: Oh, well, I guess the Insta-Lean Potion didn’t work. Don’t I look just as chubby, Jung?
Jung: You know what I think? I think you need to hurry and have your young adult birthday, sweetheart!

Vitoria: Whoooaaa! Talk about feast or famine! I didn’t want to become THIS skinny!
Jung: Don’t you worry about it, Vitoria! It’s much easier to add muscle than to lose fat! You’ll be fine!

Massimo: I’m almost done turning Bella.
Come to think of it, I haven’t sipped on a human since I turned Morgan weeks ago!
Run along now, Bella! I’ll check up on you in several days.

Vitoria: I’ve invited Grandma Serena over. Oddly, I have to introduce myself.
I ask her for vampiric training before going back to practicing mixology.

Massimo: Since I maxed my job last Saturday, I quit my job and play with Laura.

Laura: Remember me? I’m Laura, Vitoria’s twin sister. Nobody pays me much attention.
Nobody, that is, except Papa! He’s absolutely the best Papa ever!

He’s also super fit and always drinks Energy Juice before playing with me.
Papa can play with me several times in a row, without getting sore or tired! He’s so much fun!

And in case anyone cares, my birthday is on Tuesday…

Vitoria: I’m so glad we’re getting this chance to get to know each other, finally.
Serena: Well, it’s not only quite delightful, but also one of your move-out requirements. Nice try, though.

Vitoria: Do you have any advice for me, Grandma Serena?
Serena: Yes, dear. Don’t wait until your child is a teen to invite me over.
Start inviting me over as soon as your child ages up to a toddler.

On another note, your resemblance to me pleases me immensely!
*whispers: I mean, really, look at the difference between your father and his brother Lio!

Vitoria: I’m off to such a strong start this week! Both my portraits are already done!
I’m a Level 2 Barista and have a B grade at high school.

And it’s only Sunday night so far, but I’ve already completed The Curator aspiration!
Time to get serious about skilling!


Laura: Papa, I’m so worried about my future!
Massimo: What do you have to be scared about? You’re daddy’s little girl! I’m always here for you!

Laura: But look at Grandpa’s sister Lilith and your brother Lio!
They both want attention so badly but, in the end, everyone dislikes them. Will I be like that, too?
Will all the rival heirs want to become my enemies?
Massimo: You are just as gorgeous as your twin sister, little Laura.
Be friendly but be yourself. Don’t force yourself on sims when you’re thirsty. You will be fine, love.

Massimo: Tomorrow, my little Laura will become a child! Time flies so quickly!
It’s only been nine days since I became a young adult and moved out on my own.

And now, Vitoria is already close to halfway done with her move-out requirements!
But you, darling Laura, you will still be my little girl for a while longer.
How can I learn to become a good father when my girls are growing up so fast?!

Vitoria: Once it’s dark out, we visit Korma Chameleon for a light dinner.
I’m here only for the Snagglefluster but I bring the whole household along.

Well, Mama has to stay home with Laura but I even invite Uncle Lio.
He doesn’t want to become persona non grata everywhere and is trying to turn over a new leaf.
*whispers: I’m still not taking him with me when I move…

Paola: It’s so nice to see everyone in their party outfits for a change!
And it’s really nice to get out of the painting studio now and then. Thanks for the invite, Vitoria!

Massimo: The service here at Korma Chameleon has really gone downhill.
There’s an empty table for four next to Vitoria, and yet I’m forced to sit here in the corner alone!

Vitoria: I’m done drinking my Snagglefluster but we can’t leave Korma.
Lio: I know! Can you believe that there’s a vampire break-in going on? It’s not one of us, is it?


Laura: I age up while my sister Vitoria is at work.
I have just enough time for a makeover after she gets home and before she leaves for school.

My parents are always in their sportswear these days because they’re often meditating.
I’m not sure why, but Mama hardly ever looks happy.

Vitoria: Who exactly was the vampire who broke into Korma Chameleon last night?
It couldn’t have been any of us, since we were all seated and dining. None of us were doing the funny walk, either!

I almost missed work this morning! We had to switch control to Mama and have her summon us home!
Anyway, I do max my Barista job this morning but don’t have time to finish my homework before leaving for school. Grrrrr!!!


Laura: I don’t understand why I’m so chubby! As a toddler, I maxed Movement.
And now, I’m a Rambunctious Scamp with Level 5 Motor skill, but I never slim down.

Massimo: Don’t you fret, sweet Laura. You’re adorable just the way you are.
If you want to be a twig like Vitoria later, I’m sure your Auntie Paola would be happy to give you an Insta-Lean potion.


Vitoria: Though I started out with a two-day lead, I won’t be able to move out tonight!
Where did the time go? Did I spend too much time on my museum collection?
I still need to max Mixology then make my four good friends and two enemies!

Even if I manage to move out Friday night, all our Gen4 nooboos will be born on Day 1 of Week 6. Pffftt!

Vitoria: I quickly visit Grandma Serena to place my paintings in the Zanna Museum.
Of course, my most valuable portrait in normal form is the one where my face is concealed!

Anyway, the Zanna line has the highest museum value as of Week 5! Cool, right?

Vitoria: I’m taking another day off from school. I’ve made myself a Prose & Pop.
Now I’ll start practicing drink mixing and bar flair until I’ve maxed Mixology.

No, no! I should start making good friends and enemies as soon as school’s out.
I can always level Mixology in the middle of the night, when others are sleeping.

Jung: I was shocked to hear that my master Serena wanted Bella Goth as the Gen4 spouse.
Then, what relief I felt when Massimo stepped forward to “procure” Bella.

Can you imagine the awkwardness if I had to live with Bella as my daughter-in-law after having seduced her away from Mortimer?
That’s a big sacrifice Massimo had to make for the family! Let’s hope Moss never hears about it!

Massimo: I turned Bella three days ago on Sunday, but forgot to check up on her yesterday.
When I invite her over this morning, she transforms right on our front porch!

Anyway, I’ve advised Vitoria to choose Bella and another male vampire as two of her good friends.
Vitoria plans to move in Jung and her twin Laura, but two more adult vampires could offer considerable support.

Well, I’ve persuaded Bella to break up with Mortimer and to become my vampiric offspring.
The stage has been set for Vitoria’s generation and beyond.
Once Vitoria moves out, will there be time for me to seek my own happiness?


Current Week 5 Status: Zanna Line

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Completed requirements: All done!
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
Garden (6 plants): done
Career: Athlete/Pro Athlete (Level 10)
Master Vampire aspiration: done

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
Completed move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Communication & Imagination)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Aspiration: The Curator (done)
Portraits (2): $15,197 (normal: $8378, dark: $6819)
Teen career: Barista (Level 3)
“A” in high school: B
Collection (7): Paintings/$13,025 ($3204, 2601, 2026, 1779, 1209, 1202, 1004)
Incomplete move-out requirements
Skills: Painting (Level 10) and Mixology (Level 5)
Good Friends: (Serena Zanna; 3 more)
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Rivals 5.52: Mixology Takes Forever

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