WtW 1.3. More Funds = Less Fun


 Week 2/Sunday 

How quickly time flies! Today is the start of our second week in Brindleton Bay!
I cannot delay the inevitable any longer! It’s time for my weekly medical checkup.

Ken checks me in using a touch-sensitive screen in the reception area.
The room’s decorated with a painting of dogs playing Jenga, I mean, Don’t Wake the Llama.
I never realized that creatures without opposing thumbs could even play that game!

Ma’am, are you a bonafide veterinarian cuz I don’t see your license on display!
(I hope she’s not one of those interns-in-training….)

Our practitioner gives me a clean bill of health, but my pet declines the Preventative Shot.
Not because we’re cheap, I’ll have you know.
It seems a bad batch of preventative vaccine serum is floating around these days.

We’re hoping my pet can complete The Curator aspiration. So far, he has 18 out of 25 frogs.
I believe we have enough to continue breeding frogs while woodworking.

I must commend my pet for his endearing frugality!
He’s not hungry now but he packs a sack lunch to take with him to our next destination!

We don’t stay long at the Art Quarter’s Casbah Gallery.
One of its lot traits makes Ken inspired when he needs to be Focused.

It’s back to Desert Bloom Park we go!


Now that my pet has left for school, do you mind if I vent a little?

Quite frankly, my quality of life has plummeted since Ken has learned woodworking!
Of course, I’m grateful that he’s boosted our household funds. We’re now sitting pretty at $20,522.

Because he’s so focused on our challenge requirements, however, he has no time for me.
Day and night, it’s woodworking and frog breeding, frog breeding and woodworking.

Even worse, he’s considering Fabulously Wealthy as a back-up aspiration. Such hubris!

And that’s why he’s started gardening to farm points for the Marketable trait!
I’m going to demand at least one full hour of playtime every day, starting from today!

Of course, Ken comes home enraged with an eight-hour “I’m Not Okay” (Angry +50) moodlet.
In addition, he has a ten-hour “Annoying School Day” (Angry +1) moodlet.

In his defense, Ken probably still suffers the after-effects of his traumatic childhood.
Sheesh, why didn’t I get a cat instead!?

But nothing’s too good for my pet!
I immediately contact Mayor Whiskers and petition for the construction of a spa which miraculously appears.

I realize too late that the aromatherapy massage probably won’t overcome his anger!
And “Scribbling furiously” in his journal would only shorten his anger by two hours. *sighs

Just when we’re about to leave, my pet pops a whim to “Try to calm down in mirror.”
And that does the trick! His Angry 50+ mood gradually vanishes!

Caleb: Do you mind, kid? I need to get a glass of water!

After some gardening and dinner, we arrive at the Willow Creek Library.
Another half level in Gardening and he can buy the Marketable trait!

Have you noticed a recent dearth in shots of me frolicking on the seashore?
Yep, seashore frolicking has become very scarce these days. *whimpers softly for some attention

How sad that my pet can’t discern when I want attention and when I need to go potty!
Some days I regret adopting this human and moving to Brindleton Bay.
*trudges outside mournfully

Truth be told, he used “Let outside” rather than “Ask to go potty.”
Since I’m an independent dog, what I really needed is some me-time!

Look at me go, the night breeze flowing past my perky ears!

Running like the wind refreshes my soul and reminds me of who I am!
I don’t “need” my pet to enjoy strolling outdoors, but I do prefer his company.

I’m starting to feel bad about how hard he’s worked on “our” goals.

Returning to the library, I find Ken multi-tasking in the bathroom.
Isn’t he just the cleverest, most adorable pet you’ve ever seen?

How could I ever regret my decision to build a life with him?
*hums: I’m never gonna let you go, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you

Ken: Hey, Chai, did you just rickroll our readers?
Chai: Nah, there’s no video link, just the humming.


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