Rivals 7.72: A New Strategy for Portraits

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (2/4)

Week 6/Monday

Laura: The chemistry between Alfonso and me soars off the charts!

Laura: He is too cute for words!
He’s a genius geek and very smart yet he’s got this incredibly shy and naïve side.
I seriously doubt that I could be any crazier about him!

Now that we’re officially an item, however, I need to get back to painting!

Masato: Once school’s out, I invite my son over and help him with his homework.
What’s your aspiration, Makoto? We can help you with skilling, maybe.

Makoto: I’m pretty sure that Satoshi and his obsessive fishing cheated me out of any progress in an aspiration.
For one thing, no one can even remember what aspiration I have!

Makoto: Excuse me, dude, but would you mind not hitting on my dad? I have a mother, you know!
Alfonso: Sorry, but I’m not actually hitting on him! I’m feeling flirty because of my girlfriend, Laura.
But she went inside to continue painting, leaving me in this Very Flirty mood.

Makoto: Oh okay, so all that pinkness is not for my dad? It’s all good then.

Laura: Why no, Ayato didn’t actually pose for me, Paola.
I chose “Paint from Reference” then took a photo of one of your paintings over there.

Paola: Very clever, Laura. I wish I had thought of that!  I still need to paint a dark form portrait of Ayato.
Perhaps your trick could help me paint a masterpiece portrait based on a non-masterpiece.
That way, I wouldn’t need to interrupt his writing by asking him to pose.


Laura: My first day of high school, at last!
Ayato: Hey, it’s only my second day of high school, you know!

Laura: Yeah, but I’m the twin sister of your mother, Ayato!
As a spare, I never get to age up early so my teen birthday took forever!
Ayato: Well, good thing you’re coming with me when I move out, then, eh?
You, Alfonso, and I will all celebrate our young adult birthdays on the same day!

Bella: How is this whole situation even fair?
Laura gets the vampire cure and enjoys being all lovey-dovey with her new boyfriend!
Meanwhile, I’m forever stuck in the basement, either gardening or practicing yoga.

Vitoria: Precisely! I won’t have you constantly chatting up Jung and Masato.
And whenever you drop or complete your queue, you make a beeline to whichever one is available.

Bella: But I’m a Romantic! I can’t help myself!

Vitoria: And that’s exactly why our watcher keeps you confined in the basement.
Whereas Ayato can easily find someone to replace you, where would you go if he turns you out?

Bella: As if I could be so easily replaced, girl! I’m gorgeous and family-oriented.
Also, I have full sunlight resistance, maxed gardening, and Level 8 Parenting.
Replace that, Vitoria!

Vitoria: Bella, I’ve been so busy with my own requirements that I hadn’t noticed how much you’ve improved yourself!
Just stay away from Masato and Jung, okay? Otherwise, Ayato will lose interest no matter what you offer.

Masato: I only occasionally offer vampiric training to Ayato during his writing breaks these days.
Once Makoto leaves for school, my gluttonous self has nothing better to do than cook, eat, and get nauseated.

Who should walk by in the midst of one my vicious cycles but my beloved Ulrike?
I run to her side and immediately pledge my eternal love!

Masato: What do you mean by “this tent is a neighborhood eyesore”?
Who do you think you are, the East Newcrest Homeowners’ Association?
Go take it up with Serena Zanna! On second thought, don’t you dare!

This is merely a temporary installation, kind sir. It will vanish within the hour!
I don’t want to risk offending my gentle lady by taking her to my coffin.

Paola: Welcome to our portrait factory!
I have high hopes for this new method, using the portrait on the far right for reference.

Laura: For my Painter Extraordinaire aspiration, I’m not painting Classical paintings which is our watcher’s modus operandi.
Instead, I’m only painting from reference, based on another portrait of Ayato on the wall behind me.

Vitoria: Ladies, is it possible to patent this strategy to prevent the other bloodlines from stealing it?

Ulrike: Oh Masato, because we are both mere helpers, I hadn’t dreamed that you would propose!
Masato: So much more I wish to do for you and with you, my lady.
Please be mine forever!

Masato: You deserve a fabulous wedding, darling Ulrike.
In this challenge, however, only the Dineros throw weddings as part of their bloodline requirements.
I’m pretty sure Serena the founder and the Zanna heirs have never hosted a wedding.

Ulrike: Masato, enough said. I’m delighted to elope with you and become your wife!
Does this mean that I’ll be moving into Ayato’s new household?

Ayato: Begone, plebian part-time job! You are beneath me! *phones to quit his Level 3 Retail Employee job


Ayato: Let’s be honest about this request for advice here.
Everything about me has been planned out by our watcher from the get-go.

Bella: Oh come on, honey! Nihilism does not become you.
Go ahead and choose “Pick something you like.” Pretend you have options!

Bella: Now that we’re BFFs, will you give me access to your room?
Ayato: Nope.

Bella: Why not?
Ayato: Because I’m working on my museum collection now and you’d distract me.
If you really want to help, please go max out your Parenting skill.

Bella: I can do that! *runs off


Ayato: I have tentatively chosen my two museum portraits.
Of course, nothing’s set in stone until I’ve placed them in the Zanna museum.

Considering Laura just started painting on her teen birthday on Monday, it’s quite surprising that she painted my most valuable dark-form portrait.

Ayato: Whose idea was it, anyway, that I complete Social Butterfly instead of Artistic Prodigy?
Alas, I have failed miserably to produce any worthy novels.

Since it’s already Thursday morning, I will try for one more novel worth $300+ then turn to my other requirements.
I’m sure my last five levels of Charisma will take hours and hours!

Ayato: On the plus side, I am now a Prime Vampire.
That’s right, folks, I’m only two ranks away from becoming a Grand Master!

Ayato: While I’m cleaning up the kitchen, I suddenly enter a Mean Phase. Why?
I’d have preferred an Inspired Phase or even a Tireless Phase.
Why are all the teenage phases so negative?

Laura: Eh, join the club, Ayato. I’ve been in the Loud Phase since Tuesday.
Don’t worry. Watchette has kept my mood so topped up that I never have any downtime to act out.

Laura: Hi, sweetheart. Yeah, I’m not attending school anymore.
Alfonso: What’s up, doll? You caught me during my lunch break. Miss me?

Laura: So…I couldn’t wait to tell you that Ayato has 95% chosen a painting of mine as one of his two museum portraits!
Alfonso: Way to go, Laura! That makes you the next portrait painter, doesn’t it?

Laura: Yep, it means that neither Paola Pizzazz nor Ulrike Faust will be moving in with Ayato.
Alfonso: Wait, don’t tell me! Let me do the math: Ayato + Bella = 3, Masato + Makoto = 2, and…and…and…
Laura: Bingo! *laughs happily

Ayato: I can’t believe how many days and nights I’ve spent confined in my room, writing!
I take time out to harvest and evolve the garden. Just one more harvest and I’ll be able to graft!

Bella (mutters): How does everyone except me learn to garden so quickly!?

Ayato: This is how I see the rest of this week.
I quit writing once my collection of novels exceeds $2,000 worth (yes, I am that untalented), then I max charisma, and make two enemies.
After placing my museum items on the founder’s lot, I’ll be ready to move out.

Current Week 7 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, Arun Bheeda
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 3)
Portraits (2/2): $20,623 (normal: $10,891; dark: $9,732) [subject to change]
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Charisma (Level 5)
Collection (7): ?
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)


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