Rivals 8.87: A Prolonged Pregnancy

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (4/4)

Week 8/Friday

Ayato: I’d planned to work from home today but accidentally choose to go to work.
Ruki is so close to being ready for his birthday and I wanted to be home for that.

Masato: *recommends self-esteem exercises, offers mental relaxation tips, and gives heartfelt compliment

Ayato: I feel terrible about missing Ruki’s birthday!
Masato: You’ve only got two more ticks until your last promotion, Ayato.
Focus on your job, man. The rest of us will look after Ruki!

Masato: Hey! Why do you sit down to read there when Ruki’s about to age up!? Get that book out of the way!

Bella: Huh?

Masato: Happy birthday, Ruki! Congrats on earning the Happy Toddler trait!
Bella: Ruki ages up with the Cheerful trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Masato: What are you looking so grumpy about, Bella?
Bella: Pfft, I know I’m only in this shot because Ayato’s left for work!

Ruki: Well, this hair is not bad but what’s with this loud, uncouth shirt?
Masato: Haha, that shirt is probably for bowling, Ruki.

Bella: Ruki’s eyes may be green like Ayato’s but they’re shaped like mine!
He also has my bigger lips.

Bella: Makoto’s teacher phones to say he made an inappropriate drawing and caused an uproar in class.
Masato: Why did they call you? I’m his father and my Parenting skill is maxed!

Bella: Maybe because I volunteered three times with Makoto yesterday?
Anyway, I told his teacher that we encourage creativity here, so Makoto wouldn’t get punished.
Masato: Thanks, Bella.

Bella: Masato, you seem more in the loop than I am. May I ask you something?
Masato: Sure, go right ahead, Bella.

Bella: I can see why Ruki learned Thinking for his teen aspiration of Nerd Brain.
But what’s the point of his learning Imagination and choosing Artistic Prodigy?

Masato: Oh, you noticed that? That, my dear, will be unveiled next week!

Bella: Hello, Mortimer? It’s me, Bella. How have you been?

And the children? And how are the grand-children?

I’d love to meet them, but you’ll have to invite me during your week. I’m kinda busy right now.

Who me? Oh, I’m doing okay. I’ve just been thinking of you lately, that’s all.

Ruki: Papa finally gets home so I can get a makeover. I hated that yellow shirt!

Laura: You are slaying this aspiration, Ruki! You’ll be done by late tonight!

Ruki: Thank you for taking a day off to help me, Auntie Laura!

Masato: What are you doing out here, Ayato?
Ayato: I just thought I’d try to get in better shape.
It was embarrassing to lose to Bella and that Leticia when I sparred with them.

Masato: I know what you mean, bro. I’ve started jogging everyday myself.

Kendall: Thanks for offering me a fertility massage, Masato.
Masato: No problem. I told Ayato that if he invited you over, I’d give you another massage.

Ayato (whispers): Whoa, she’s huge, Masato! Why hasn’t she gone into labor yet?
Masato (whispers): You’re asking me? Haven’t you been counting the days?

Ayato: Apparently, I don’t know to calculate the due date for a townie sim.
I’d thought she’d conceived soon after The Big Switch when our week started.

I guess she really did have indigestion from the Indian food after all!

Alfonso: Nice! Ayato’s treating us to a midnight meal at Korma Chameleon!

Ayato: Actually, no. Kendall lives here right next door.
I wanted to see her home before we all head out.


Ayato: By the time we arrive at Desert Bloom Park, it’s exactly midnight.
Laura: Why are we here? Why not the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno?

Ayato: Because Ruki only needs to play for five hours and max Creativity; he doesn’t need to max Violin.
Laura: Well, he started playing around 11 pm so he should finish Artistic Prodigy around 4.

Ruki: Did you see this violin, Papa? Uncle Alfonso crafted it just for me!

Poppy: Sheesh, what does it take to get a little attention around here?
Finally, Uncle Ayato remembers I exist and comes to teach me Numbers.

Ayato: Your mother’s mentoring my son Ruki and your father’s cooking you something to eat.
You don’t mind learning from your Uncle Ayato, do you?

Ruki: I complete Artistic Prodigy around 5 am. I’m ready to age up!
But instead, Makoto and I invite all the children he doesn’t know already to the park.
He finishes Social Butterfly and I’ve made a bunch of good friends, including the founder!

Uncle Masato lights the candles on the cake he baked and brought from home.
It’s time for me to become a teenager!

Ruki: I’m hurt that everyone starts walking off before I do my birthday leap.
But then I realize that someone has died!

Bella: That’s Lio Zanna, the founder’s son and Massimo’s twin brother.

Ruki: After I finish ageing up, I immediately fly in bat form to the covered room.
I’m now a Cheerful Music Lover with the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Papa, can you tell when I’ll be having a makeover?
Aren’t these denim shorts and cowboy boots from one of Watchette’s dance extravaganzas?
Arrggh, and this hair!

Ayato: We can’t do anything until the Grim Reaper is done reaping Lio, son.
At least, you’re safe from the sun here, Ruki.

Masato: And you two can avoid the 12-hr Sad +2 “In the Presence of Death” moodlet.

Ruki: We finally get home around 8 am. You know I’m dying for a makeover, but first things first!

I join the Fast Food career then consult The Well who guarantees me a promotion next shift!

Serena: Congrats, Ayato! Your position as this challenge’s best-looking male sim goes unchallenged!

Bella: That’s odd! Ruki has Ayato’s eyes and my thickish nose but whose lips are those?
He actually aged up with your lips which looked beyond awful.
So, I used “Change Sim” to quickly replace his huge mouth with a thinner mouth.

Serena: Sorry, Ayato. I guess Bella wasn’t such a great genetic donor after all!
Ayato: Eh, kinda too late now, don’t you think?

Ruki: Hey, hey, people! I’m standing right here!

Laura: Do you have a moment to pose for me, Ruki? I just need two poses.
Ruki: Only two?

Laura: Yeah, one in your normal form and one in your dark form.
With my recently patented method, I’ll be using the two portraits as reference to paint higher-value portraits.

Ruki: Patented, eh?
Laura: You know it! Our rivals can’t use this method or I’ll sue!

Ruki: Reading three books for Nerd Brain feels like it’s taking such a long time!
I’m a Music Lover, so I should listen to music on my earbuds while reading.

Alfonso: How’d you get those earbuds!? I want a pair, too!
Thanks, Watcher. These are way cooler than listening to the speaker right in front of me!

Ruki: Papa, I’m getting bored just sitting and reading.
Ayato: You don’t need to complete a vampire aspiration, but would you like training?

Ruki: Yes, please. The sooner I get full sunlight resistance the better!
Ayato: I doubt if you’ll have time to achieve that by the end of Week 9.

Ayato: Leaving Ruki to finish his third book, I head back to the yoga mat.
And that’s when I notice my heart strolling by.

My darling Kendall, you look positively stunning tonight and so…not pregnant!
Kendall: I’m pretty sure I’m glitched. If your watcher hadn’t repaired her game, I’d probably still be pregnant.

Ayato: So how are you? I can’t believe you gave birth to twins!
Kendall: When are you going to come meet them, Ayato?

Ayato: Ruki just had his birthday this morning and tonight’s The Big Switch.
So sorry, but not this week. But I’ll definitely visit with Ruki in Week 9.
I’d like you two to get to know each other.

Laura: No museum-worthy portrait yet today but I’m just getting started!

Ruki: Well, I’m about ready to make The Big Switch, Papa!
Thanks to Alfonso’s excellent mentoring, I’m going to whizz through Nerd Brain!

Alfonso: Darn Skippy, I’m an excellent mentor!


Final Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
Career: Politician/Politician (Level 5)

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna 
Traits: Inquisitive;
*Completed move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Nobuya Yamaguchi, Ritvik, Srivastava, Shaurya Nair
*Incomplete move-out requirements: 
Teen career: Fast Food (Level 1)
“A” in high school: “C”
Aspiration: Nerd Brain (Tier II of IV)
Skills: Logic (Level 4) and ? (Level ?)
Portraits (2): $0 (normal: $, dark: $)
Collection (7):
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Coming Next: A recap of Gen4 and Gen5 accomplishments plus what’s to come.

Rivals 9.88: The Home Stretch

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