TD 1.3: To the Shores of Triple-Lee

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 1/Friday

Once Akira and I are done taking care of our boys, Akira goes straight to bed.
But I travel to the Lost Garden of Healing to make a wish.

It takes two $1,000 offerings but I get a promotion to Level 4!
I’ve got a lot of catch up for breakthroughs so I better get started.

Liberty: Must you sit beside me while trolling teh forums? Your cackling is quite distracting.
Miko: This is payback for my new frumpy PJs!
By the way, we should be friends, you know. We’re both geeks!

Liberty: I know! But we’re at 9 points now, so no tenth point until Saturday morning.

Liberty: Really, Darling! You’re still awake, too?
Darling: Yeah, must be the nap I took in the evening.

Miko: Hey, I like your braids! You’re using extensions, right?
Liberty: Please go to bed, you two. I need you both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come morning!

Darling: But I’m not sleepy right now.
Liberty: Okay then. *encourages Darling to do homework

Darling: Honestly, I’m happy that Liberty cares that I do well in school.
And I love my short braids. Don’t miss those dumb hats at all. Not even a tiny bit.


While painting math diagrams, I reach Logic 6 for the tenth point.
Our first free day lasts until noon tomorrow.

Akira: After a little programming, Liberty and I head for Desert Bloom Park.
Miko’s at work and Darling stays home to nooboo-sit.

Finally, I get to work on my Curator aspiration!

Liberty: Meanwhile, I build a rocket ship with Bjorn Bjergsen and our landlord Rachid.
Hmmmm, I wonder if Rachid could mentor me in Handiness…

Miko: I earn my first career promotion which, naturally, doesn’t count on a free day.
As soon as I meet up with Liberty and Akira, I quit my job.

Oh well. Watchette’s more focused on Akira’s career than mine, anyway.
My neat trait and I might as well stay home to help with childcare and cooking.

Week 2/Sunday 

Akira: Several hours before our free day ends, Liberty and I head for the Flea Market.
After buying up most of the crystals for sale, my collection still lacks 4 types.

Akira: That’s when I notice this guy standing near the bubble blower.
Have I been living under a rock? I’ve never noticed that we can trade collectibles!

Akira: When I ask to trade crystals, I have to follow him around the corner.
It all feels slightly black market to me but whatever.
Trading only gets me a duplicate crystal.

Liberty: But I’m able to trade for a new type.
We want to stay and try to complete Akira’s crystal collection but our free day is almost over.

Liberty: Yesterday evening, I got the “almost birthday” notice for the boys.
That’s why I’m thinking that they’ll be ready to age up tonight.

I join and call a gathering of the Upper Crusts club, hoping that they will help me stockpile meals for our soon-to-be toddlers.

When I have Darling buy a skill book, I’m surprised that she can buy a vampire tome.
In fact she read all of Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. 1 in one sitting.

Liberty: After the other Upper Crusts members go home, Hugo stays behind and chats with Darling.
Theirs is an unlikely friendship.

Liberty: Akira has surprised me by his attentive parenting.
Miko has climbed to Parenting 3 with much reading and urging by Watchette.
In contrast, Akira has reached Parenting 3 autonomously.

Akira: Well, they are my sons.
Also, I want to show the world (or, at least, this forum) that picking me was the right choice, Liberty.

Liberty: Around 9 pm, their birthday notices arrive one after another.
Alone, I take 2.5 hours to age them each up, give them makeovers, and lead them to food.

The first to age up is Cirius Lee, the Gen2 heir.
He’s an independent toddler whose favorite color is brown.

Next comes Dud Lee, a clingy toddler who favorite color is blue.
He immediately feels sad about meeting siblings he doesn’t want.

I can tell he’s going to be the most difficult toddler.

Mot Lee is Watchette’s personal favorite.
You’ll always find him wearing shades of orange.

His hair is so awesome!
Watchette almost hauled everyone back to the dresser to give the hairstyle to Cirius  instead.
But Mot Lee is the wild child. He really deserves that unruly hair!

Cirius: Hey, where did you guys get that food? I want some, too.
Mot: There’s more over there in that case yo.
Clingy: *feels too sad to socialize

Liberty: As for me, I’ve totally got this.
My Parenting is Level 6, while Give a Second Wind is a Level 5 social.
I intend to focus on Cirius and hope the others will help out with Dud and Mot.

Also, I’ve gotten the needed breakthroughs for my next Scientist promotion.
I want my boys to thrive, yet I want to keep my job. Maybe I’ll just take some leave.

Liberty: Remodeling this dinky apartment, however, did set us back a pretty penny.
The second floor has changed the most.

Here’s what it originally looked like before my arrival.

We’ve since added another bedroom, a third bathroom, and a playroom.
If it all looks rather cramped, that’s because it is.

Once the boys can crawl up and down the stairs, we’ll do more remodeling.

Liberty’s First 10 Points
Skills (3): Liberty/Logic 4-6
Good friends (1): Darling Walsh
Satisfaction points (1): +1,000
Promotions (4): Liberty/Scientist 2-4; Akira/TGuru 2
Wishing Well (1): Promotion wish

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