TD 4.31: An Annoying Alien

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 21/Sunday

Jet: Our third free day starts at 7 pm today.
I have Iconica ask Saanvi to teach her numbers and then shapes.
Not because we’re necessarily gunning for Top-Notch Todder; Saanvi needs to boost her parenting skill.

Advaith: Don’t forget that she has the lowest cooking skill in the house, besides the toddlers and pets.
Saanvi: Did you just throw me under the bus!?

Jet: Brother Lone’s just one level away from bringing home the Deluxe All-Seasons Easel!
Lone: Why are you so hyped about that? You did fine with Auntie Theresa’s Easy-Breezy Easel, or whatever it’s called.
Jet: I don’t work anymore, so I sort of live vicariously through your career promotions…

Lone: By the way, why does Aarohi paint so much? She’s an internet celebrity, not a painter.
Jet: Maybe she’s trying to help out? Who know? *shrugs

Advaith: Thanks, Jet, for stockpiling items for me to sell today.
Jet: No problem, Advaith.
Advaith: Harvesting the garden earns me the last $5,000 needed to finish Fabulously Wealthy.

Jet: What next, Advaith? I suggest Mansion Baron instead of The Curator.
Advaith: Why? I thought The Curator was easier.
Jet: We don’t have a complete collection yet. It’ll take you forever!

Advaith: Lucky for me that Lone is a loner! It means I get my own room.
My bedroom’s in the basement. No windows but I get natural light via the pool. It’s sweet.

Jet: I love having more time to myself on free days. Let everyone else take care of the housework!
Here, Scamp ponders the metaphysical significance of a pig with wings, another painting by Aarohi.

It’s great being able to give Gent and Scamp more attention!
You wanna brushing, Gent?

By the way, Gent runs away quite frequently. I’ve no idea how to prevent it.
Despite my hectic schedule, I make sure to give him a daily hour of attention.
What am I doing wrong?


Jet: We get the twins’ birthday notices around 10 am, but I’m busy bathing Scamp at the time.
Saanvi is off playing with the dollhouse or something, so I age them both up myself.
Surprisingly, Iconica earns Top-Notch Toddler, while Unru earns Happy Toddler.

Iconica: Nooooo, don’t take a photo of me with this hair!
Jet: Just say hello to Evan Hayashi. I want to see what your relationship with him is.

Iconica: Fine. We’re acquaintances but why are we strangers? I’m not strangers with the rest of your clubmates.
By the way, readers, the inset shows Evan Hayashi before Jet gave him a makeover.
He had the coif with the bald spot. He likes the new hairdo but refuses to change his shirt.

Here’s a collage of the twins with me (as a child) and Saanvi.
Iconica is an art lover and Unru is self-assured.
Both girls have Saanvi’s big eyes. Who do you think they resemble at this point?

Iconica’s lips look so much like mine, don’t you agree?
On the other hand, Unru generally looks more like Saanvi.
Of course, only time (and their teen birthdays) will tell.


Jet: Sadly, we’ve returned to our normal lives since yesterday evening.

Clubmate Kari Alonzo recently aged up to young adult. She’s a creative, materialistic vegetarian.
Kari and I share the Lees’ first pollinator (Masaya) as our grandfather, making us (half-)cousins.

Even so, I consider both Uncle Evan and cousin Kari as keepers (aka prime vampire material).
They live in nice homes, making them viable spouse options who may or may not bear fruit.

Gent: Yes, I have to wear a stupid cone of shame for a few days after a squirrel bite.
Apparently, I’ve been cured of my “excess cuteness.”
Hah, as if that particular excess of mine could ever be cured!

Jet: Due to Advaith’s low energy, I offer him a Need Fixer an hour before his shift starts.
But he refuses!
He accepts after a few friendly overtures, though, and I gain a level in Mischief.

These cloned serums are untested but they definitely work! I tried them myself first!

Gent: Jet stored the toybox and dollhouse this morning, so Saanvi has no recourse but socializing with the plushies or chess.
She breaks that up with naps on the sofa. I mean, at least, I prowl for feathers!

Jet: THIS is how you get serious about Logic!
When Uncle Nimb phones to ask me out, I’m in the observatory at Logic 8.

I decline then turn around and invite him to come over. Thanks for mentoring, Uncle Nimb!

Jet: Congrats, Advaith, on your promotion to Junior Tinkerer. (12 points)
Advaith: Thanks. Feels like it took forever!

Jet: I’d just reached Logic 9 when I get the summons.  Thank Carl for Gent and Scamp!
I politely ask Senior Pollination Technician #3 to abduct one of the uncontrolled sims next time.
They don’t look after the entire household like I do.

Jet When our heir, Iconica, hits Mental 8, I check how Unru is doing. She’s only Mental 6?

On second thought, Iconica’s lead is partly due to her Top-Notch Toddler trait.
Also, Unru’s self-assured and often gets confident despite all the room’s focusing boosts.


Do you remember my telling you that Saanvi and I share the dog-lover trait?
Last night, I saw her playing with Scamp for the first time ever.
This morning, I see her playing with Scamp again.

If Saanvi would simply play with Gent once a day, I would consider her immensely helpful.

Just before the twins get home from school, I max Logic. (14 points)
This will probably come back to bite me in the plumbob, though.

“Someone” has totally forgotten that the twins will be earning points for their grades this week.
Darn, I’ve gotten too used to Jet being a one-man show!

Jet: Asking Saanvi to read that parenting book on the last free day seems to be paying off.
Today, she autonomously helps Unru with her homework. *chalks up another point for Saanvi

Jet: I refuse to give up on my quixotic pursuit of the elusive UFO fruit!

My brother Lone might look like one of the park’s crazy sims.
In fact, he’s a tired and hungry Level 8 Professional Painter now. Congrats on the promotion! (15 points)


Jet: Around 3 am, Scamp ages up to an elder in a whirl of pink sparkles.
But you can’t keep a good dawg down. He immediately leaps into the pool for more aquatic fun.
I gotta say that nobody in this household  loves the pool like Scamp does!

After Scamp, I light some birthday candles for Advaith who cakes up to an adult.

By the way, I’m facing a huge dilemma here. Do I feed Scamp an Age-Down Treat?
Or should each heir be able to choose whether they want pets and, if yes, to adopt their own?

Iconica and Unru bring home a B this afternoon. No surprise there! (17 points)

Jet: After encouraging the twins for their good grades, I influence them to do their homework.
After I’m done helping them with their homework, I influence them to experiment on the science table.
Look at me go in sparkly full-on Super Parent mode!

This is absolutely outrageous, you hear? Stop being such a sore loser, SPT #3!
I got abducted last night, too, but didn’t bother to mention it.
So, tonight makes my third abduction in three days.

Scamp and I were walking quite far from the house and I was just about to ask Scamp what’s wrong.
What if he’s hungry? What if he’s tired? What if he’s not feeling well?
This goes way beyond infuriating.


Jet: It’s already early Friday by the time I get back.
Scamp loyally (and hungrily) has waited for me the whole time at that same spot.

When we return home, we find that Lone has painted yet another masterpiece.
This one is worth an incredible amount: $17,630!
I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never had a sim paint such a valuable painting.


Good boy, Scamp! You’ve just learned how to shake!

I’ve 95% decided to give Scamp an Age-Down Treat. What do you think?
I realize he’s a glutton and a troublemaker, but he’s my Scamp.
While I was abducted last night, he didn’t budge from our spot though I was gone for hours!

I’m not sure what to do about Gent. He runs away every several days then returns a day later.
If he’s that unhappy living with us, maybe Iconica should get her own pet?

By the way, Iconica maxed her Mental skill yesterday afternoon. (19 points)
Unru is still at Mental 8, but that’s fine. She’s the spare, not the heir.

And this afternoon, I become good friends with my clubmate Kari Alonzo. (20 points)

It’s time for our fourth free day already!
And just think, the twins will celebrate their teen birthday in eight more days!


Free Day #4 (10 points)
1 point carried over
Promotions (4):
Career (2): Lone/Painter 8; Advaith/Scientist 3
School (2) : Iconica/B, Unru/B
Good friends (1): Kari Alonzo
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (4):
Skills (4): Jet/Logic; Iconica/Mental

TD 4.32: Doncha?

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