TD 6.43: Whose Yo Daddy?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull LeeWeek 30/Wednesday

Surprised? Believe me, I’m finding this all really hard to digest myself!
You wanna know what happened? Good, because I’ve been dying to share!

Last night, I cure Charity Bjergsen of her vampirism then we stargaze to become better friends.
When I get my birthday notice just after midnight, I bring Charity home with me.
You’re familiar with that part because I told you as much last time, right?

Everything’s been going as planned. Once I’ve aged up, my future will fall into place.
First, I’ll turn my neighbor Mario and that new guy for future Lee heirs.
Next, I’ll romance Charity till she agrees to marry me and is eating for two.

Still, in my heart, something doesn’t feel right. It’s like something is missing…

Bull: What should I do, Scamp? Do I follow the path that Grandpa Jet laid out for me?
Even though it feels wrong for me? My heart sends me a different message.

Scamp: Jungle Dawg always says, “Follow your heart!”
You’re the heir now, Bull. You can live your life however you want!
Bull: Thanks, Scamp! I really needed to hear that! What would I do without you?

Charity: Would you mind moving your wet nose, dawg?

Bull: Once I’m done doing what I need to do at the mirror, I age up with my twin brother Deft.
I return to the living room where I turn Mario Bello and then Charity Bjergsen.

Charity: Um, you just cured me a few hours ago but, since we’re friends, okay.
I’ll let you turn me back. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a family tradition, like with Vlad…

How funny that Charity should mention Vlad, because his house is my next stop.
Since Vlad is immortal, anyway, he might as well continue his role as vampire introducer. *shrugs
Vlad: I wish you people would make up your mind!
Bull: Dr. Evan Hayashi, you ready to return with me to the land of the living? *mixes vampire cures

Once it’s daylight, I return to the home of Mr. Hot-and-Mysterious.
Ramiro Mendez is a young adult living in the Whiskerman’s Wharf district of Brindleton Bay.
Meeting him for the second time, I begin wooing the active, hotheaded, unflirty Ramiro.

Ramiro might be unflirty but ssssshhhhh! Just between you and me, he’s a bit of a pushover.
He even scolds once for behaving inappropriately, but I quickly nip that in the bud.

You’re probably wondering why I’m proposing in my red-silk heart boxers.
A little earlier, while trying to move our romance faster, I asked him to try for baby a few times.
He’s the modest type, I guess, changing back to his everyday outfit after each “try.”

And, by the way, Ramiro accepts my proposal!

Of course, we elope immediately. (Scamp and I are eager to move in with my love!)

And now that Ramiro is locked down as my spouse, I go take a pregnancy test. Yes, me!
Obviously, I’d have preferred not being the one to get pregnant, but dem’s da rules.
Teen heirs are the only ones who can customize gender.
So, yeah, in the spirit of that tacky ole song…I’m having his baby.

I dash back to Ramiro to share the big news.
He may not look it right now, but he’s as thrilled as I am to be starting a family together.

After a quick trip to Granada Place to tie up loose ends, Scamp and I move in with Ramiro.
We live in Our Cozy House (by MaxisCreator_01) at Tail’s End in Brindleton Bay.
I’ve also invited Mama, Auntie Unru, and Deft to live with us.

Check out our magnificent ocean view!

So, now you’re caught up with what’s been happening with me!
Let’s get back to the business of our first free day, shall we?

Between bouts of nausea, I sell off all my harvestables, paintings, and artifacts.
I mail back two authenticated artifacts and, with my club, plant 50+ cowberries.
As result, I add $90,000 to our household funds. (6 points) #GetsStuffDone

Scamp: I dig this neighborhood, Bull! There’s so much to do around here!
Bull: Look at you, smiling like a beam of sunshine! We’re going to be so happy here, JD!
But what you really need right now is a bath. How’d you get so filthy?

After bathing Scamp, I give a successful archaeology lecture to Ramiro and Deft.
And that completes my Archaeology Scholar aspiration. (8 points)
Thanks for the appreciative applause, Ramiro dearest!

Scamp: It was so fun hanging out together during your teen years, Bull!
Bull: Yeah, I had a blast, too! Don’t be sad when I get busy with the children, Scamp.
When they get older, they’re going to love you just like I do!
And, look, we’re good friends now! (9 points)

Ramiro: For an evil sim, Bull sure has a lot of love!

I complete a half dozen whims, ending by hugging Ramiro and telling him a joke.
Combined with completing my aspiration earlier, I’ve earned 1,000 satisfaction points. (10 points)
Yay! It’s just after 11 pm and we’re ready for our first free day!


We pass the free day planting the garden, skilling, and doing daily tasks.
Deft and Ramiro join the Scientist and Athletic careers, respectively.
Unru will continue working as a scientist; she’s now inventing stuff for this household.

After gardening, I’ve been reading up on parenting. Good thing Mama’s staying home to help out.
Ramiro aspires to build a Successful Lineage. Maybe he’d prefer to stay home than work. We’ll see.


Iconica: So, Bull, you’re watching the Kids Network on TV and eating carrots?
Are you and Ramiro hoping for twin boys?
Bull: That’s the plan, Mama!

Unru: Way to pass Charity off on your son after he becomes the Gen7 heir, eh?
Bull: Oh puhleeze! If you had to choose between Ramiro and Charity, who would you choose?

Unru: You got me there! Though Ramiro does seem to have anger management issues.
Bull: What do you mean? I’m aware that he’s hotheaded. So what’s new?

Unru: Yesterday morning, he set my satellite dish to Neighborhood Hive Mind: Angry Town.
You should have seen your father and Scamp, Bull. They were both furious for hours!!!
Bull: Hey, nobody’s perfect!

While waiting for Ramiro to get off work, I gain 2 levels in the Veterinarian skill (2 points).
He returns feeling tense from his first day of work.
After I run out and welcome him home with a hug, though, he feels happy again.
And when he feels our baby kicking, he feels very, very, very happy.

I’m happy to say that Ramiro and I are now good friends. (3 points)


I max writing while writing an excuse note for Ramiro so he can join me at the hospital later. (5 points)
I’m so very disappointed in Scamp! He chooses the instant I go into labor to run away. Grrr!!!

No receptionist shows up, so I’m unable to check in.
But, after 30-40 minutes, I suddenly switch into a hospital gown and get that red-heart patient mark. Weird.

Dr. Evan Hayashi: Oh hey, it’s you! I never expected to see you on my delivery table.
Bull: *panting
Dr. H: Thanks so much for curing me the other day. I’m enjoying life more these days.
By the way, you’re not thinking of turning me back into a vampire, are you?
Because…blah blah blah
Bull: *feels way too much pain to chit-chat
Ramiro: *freaks out very noisily

Dr. H: Do you mind, father-to-be? It’s impossible to focus when you’re squawking like a dying goose!
Ramiro: Arrrrggghhhh, it’s too much! I can’t stand it! I need aaaaiiiiiirrrrr!!!!!!
Dr. H: Sorry, Bull. He’s gone.
Bull: You’re fine. He’s usually adorable but he was really working my last nerve just now.

Bull: I did everything I could to give birth to twins, Ramiro. *feels dejected
Ramiro: No worries, darling. We have several options.
Bull: You’re right! Off I go!

That’s our son Guacamo Lee, the seventh-gen Lee heir, on your left.
On your right is Paize Lee, our adopted daughter.
I simply can’t wait to see what they look like as toddlers!

Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 385 points
Household funds:  $20,000
Designated skill: Veterinarian
Skills: L10 Painting/Gardening/Archaeology/Vamp Lore, L9 Painting, L8 Writing, L7 Handiness, L6 Cooking
Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar (Tier IV)
Job: Painter (for L4 easel only)

Free Day #1 (10 points)
Satisfaction points (1) +1,000 points
Good friends (1): Scamp Lee
Household funds (6): +$90,000
Maxed aspiration (2): Bull/Archaeology Scholar

Current Score (5/10 points)
Designated skill (2): Veterinarian 2-3
Good friends (1): Ramiro Mendez
Maxed skill (2): Bull/Writing

TD 6.44: Guacamo Es Guapo?

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