TD 6.44: Guacamo Es Guapo?

When we last met, I’d turned Charity Bjergsen back into a vampire and married Ramiro Mendez instead.
We’ve been married for three days now!
I don’t regret asking him to read up on Parenting during our first free day last Wednesday!
He’s turned out to be quite the attentive father!
I now live with Ramiro at Tail’s End in Brindleton Bay, together with Scamp, Mama, Auntie Unru, and brother Deft.
You remember that Guacamo and Paize came into our lives, too, don’t you?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen 6, Bull Lee

Week 30/Saturday

When I run to Paize Lee who’s crying her heart out, I discover I can “Find out what’s wrong.”
How did nobody in my family ever notice this interaction before?
On the other hand, we use “Ask what’s wrong” on Scamp all the time.

In my defense, I just reached Parenting 6 two hours ago, so this parenting social is new to me.

Week 31/Sunday

I do appreciate that the Artifact Association continues to send me relics to authenticate.
They have provided me, a stay-at-home dad, with quite a tidy income.

To my utter dismay, however, any relics I authenticate for them doesn’t count toward my collection.
Not that I need to complete the collection, but it’s the principle!

I’m so proud of what Ramiro and I have brought into this world.
Look at our little heir, Guacamo Lee!
Only two days old and his face already bursts with personality!

Scamp: I’m so happy we moved here instead of to Windenburg Island, Bull!
Bull: You’ll still probably live there eventually, Scamp.
But I have to agree with you. I’m glad I chose Ramiro!

We should get back, Scamp! Ramiro will be home soon.

Bull: Hey welcome home, Ramiro! Congrats on your first promotion! (6 points)

I know everyone but me already thinks the “Find out what’s wrong” social is old hat.
But look how adorable! Paize Lee wants to socialize!


Do you remember Mama’s half-brother Finn Anand?
I inadvertently become good friends with Guacamo and Paize this morning. (8 points)
So I hire Finn as a caterer since I know he’s a vegeterian. (7 points)

He arrives dressed as a caterer, meditates a bit, then cooks some grilled cheese sammies.
Then he leaves, without even bothering to finish two dishes he’d started!
Finn’s totally useless, forcing me to hire another caterer. (6 points)

For some reason, both our kids age up with gaudy sunglasses!
That’s our boy Guacamo. He’s mad because of his low hunger and unwanted sibling.

Scamp: Apparently, Guacamo believes he is imitating me.
If that is truly the case, I need to get in contact with my agent asap.
I’m going to need some serious help with modifying my personal image!

Scamp: Ralph and I are on the porch chatting about old times when he ages up!
It sure is tough watching everyone around me grow older!
Maybe I could share my Age-Down Treats with Bull?


I recently removed one of my clubmates plus Papa is now an elder.
For these reasons, I peruse my acquaintances in search of new clubmates.
And I come up with Duran Duran!
That’s the father Argimiro Duran on your right with his teen son Ricardo Duran.

I met the father during one of my trips to Selvadorada.

The kiddos have breakfast while I read to them.
I have a feeling that Guacamo might age up resembling Ramiro, but with my eyes.
And, yes, their room is very cluttered with “stuff.”
I don’t have the heart to get rid of everything…yet.

If you’re familiar with Our Cozy House, you know it has three children’s bedrooms  upstairs.
I’ve had to extensively remodel the second floor which now has:
*A bedroom shared by Mama, Auntie Unru, and Deft;
*A hobby room for Ramiro and I; and
*A Focused Room.

Look at that expression on Guacamo Lee’s face!
I can just tell that he’s going to be a character!

In the evening, Deft earns a promotion (7) then I master Parenting. (9 points)
It’s not that unexpected, I guess.
Nobody helps out with the kids except Ramiro, but he has a full-time job!


Bull: Feeling overwhelmed, I decide to hire a gardener. (8 points)
Gardener: So many bugs for such a small garden!

I spend some time rearranging the house again.
The toddlers have been moved downstairs to the master bedroom.

Guacamo spends a lot of his time feeling angry.
Presently, he’s no longer grungy but his bladder, hunger, and energy bars are red.

After carrying Guacamo to a potty, I bathe Paize Lee.
My maxed parenting is no help in doing a good job with our toddlers.
Like Guacamo, Paize is also generally unhappy except for her fun and attention bars.

Of course, just when I think I’ve caught up with all the kids’ needs, Scamp runs away.

Ramiro: Tonight, I bring home a promotion to Athlete 2. (9 points)
Nobody even comes out to congratulate me!
The entire household is grieving the absence of that attention-hog, Scamp!
That dog has the worst timing!


Early this morning, Scamp comes home without looking at all penitent.
Mama and Auntie Unru are so happy, they run down in their PJs to welcome him back.
Of course, Scamp looks a filthy and flea-infested mess!

Bull: How could you do this when you know I’m struggling with the toddlers?
Scamp: I dunno. I just feel like nobody cares about me…

Bull: Well, listen carefully, cuz I’m only saying this once.
I’d been planning to try to move a future spouse into the Delgato House.
You pull a trick like this one more time and you can just go live with Mario Bello later.

Scamp (gasps): Are you blackmailing me into good behavior?
Bull: Why would you say that? Who wants to live right near the beach, anyway?

Bull: Around 10 am, just as Deft is leaving for work, I become good friends with Auntie Unru.
That’s the 10th point, folks! It’s time for our next free day!

Unru: So THAT’S why you wrote me an excuse note last night to miss work today!


Free Day #2 (10 points)
Designated skill (2): Veterinarian 2-3
Promotion (3): Ramiro/Athlete 2-3, Deft/Scientist 5
Good friends (4): Ramiro Mendez, Guacamo, Paize, Unru
Maxed skill (4): Bull/Writing, Parenting
NPC hire (-3): Caterer x2, Gardener x1

Household Ages
Unru: 2 days to elder
Iconica: 5 days to elder
Ramiro: 6 days to adult
Deft: 16 days to adult
Bull: 19 days to adult
Guacamo Lee: 4 days to child
Paize Lee: 4 days to child

TD 6.45: Infalli-Bull

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