Legacy Score

Succession Laws
Gender: Strict Equality (each heir must a different gender from the previous heir)
Bloodline: Strict Traditional (only natural born children are eligible to become heirs)
Heir: Democracy (chosen by reader vote; Random, if no votes)
Species: Tolerant (a child’s species has no bearing on their eligibility as heir)

For short descriptions of every household member by generation plus a link to a family tree with portraits, go to Meet the Sharebears.

Score (the score is updated after a new chapter is posted)
10 points can be earned in each category, except for the Extreme Start point which is merely a handicap rather than a scoring category.
2 optional points can be earned with the Parenthood pack. (5 March 2018 update).
3 optional points can be earned with the Seasons pack (24 June 2018 update).
For a detailed explanation of the scoring for each category, click here.

Family: 5/10
– 4/9 heirs have aged up to young adults; Gen3 Edamame/Jaxton had/adopted 10 kids
Creative: 5/10
– Memorialized 4/9 founder/heirs & their primary spouses
– Colt Altman maxed 2 Creativity aspirations.
Fortune: 9/10
– Family worth: $2,133,563/$2,100,000
– Gen4 Jaga bought every perk for a vet clinic
Love: 5/10
– 4/9 primary spouses with 12/27 unique traits
* 1/Self-Assured, Cheerful, Cat-Lover; 2/Glutton, Vegetarian, Ambitious;
* 3/Squeamish, Loner, Lazy; 4/Insider, Outgoing, Dance Machine
– Gen1 Sherilee Sharebear maxed both Love aspirations.
Knowledge: 10/10
– Maxed 144+/144 skills and maxed all skills at least once (including Flower Arranging)
Athletic: 9/10
– Maxed 55+ aspirations
– Max all aspirations at least once (Missing: 4 aspirations)
Nature: 8/10
– 17/13 collections; 6/6 emotional painting types
– 17/23 careers; 18/37 career branches; 14/14 aspiration rewards
– 11/10 death types (overheating, fire, cowplant, sunlight, drowning, pufferfish, hysteria,
old age, overexertion, cardiac arrest; death by flower)
Food: 9/10 (10th point = reach Culinary/Chef 10)
– Gen1 Sherilee (founder) purchased/fully upgraded the most expensive fridge & stove
– Gen1 Jose Alejandro Rios maxed both the Master Chef & Master Mixology aspirations
– Gen1 Jose also mastered Cooking, G. Cooking, Mixology, and Baking.
– Gen1 Jose cooked the highest-quality Alaska Cake
– Gen2 Mariko Okada got fat from eating the family’s cooking
= Gen1 had 8/6 sims sit down to eat at the dinner table during a party
– Gen1 Jose served a max-quality Espuma Agria during a date
– Gen1 Jose served both max-quality Espuma Agria and Caprese Salad during a party
– Gen1 Jose prepared Minestrone using perfect-quality Basil and Tomatoes.
– Gen1 Jose maxed the Mixologist career and Gen? xx maxed the Chef career.
Popularity: 7/10
– 202/200 medal points
– 10th point = Gen4 Legacy Club earned all possible perks
Deviance: 10/10 (80/80 Potions of Youth stored on lot)
Parenthood: 2/2
– Earned each character value trait once: 10/10
– Gen4 Cuatro Sharebear aged up with 5 negative character traits
Seasons: 1/3
– Gen4 legacy household reaches gold celebration status for Founder’s Love Day
– Not yet: One of two legacy holidays reaches a total of 5 traditions
– Not yet: An heir reaches gold celebration status for a 5-tradition legacy holiday
Penalties: 0
Handicap:  1/1 (Extreme Start)
TOTAL:   81/106

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